The Bloodline System - Chapter 550: Tension Between Both Sides

Chapter 550: Tension Between Both Sides

Chapter 550: Tension Between Both Sides

Tapping on the saved coordinates, a bright flash of light appeared around him as he leaped into the air again and disappeared in mid-air.


The instant Gustav disappeared, the Zalibans and red jackets within the underground structure regained control of their bodies.

As they stood to their feet, they looked around the vicinity with fear in their eyes, still wondering what happened a while ago.

-"Who was that man?"

-"What kind of power was that?"

They voiced out in confusion. Meanwhile, the rest of the Zalibans moved towards Junior commander Folan to help him up.

He was in a very bad state with his left arm and shoulder down to the chest area were completely disintegrated. 

"See what you did to our Junior commander!" One of them shouted out while pointing a cannon-like weapon at the red jacket glowing with yellow light in the battle earlier.

"Keep quiet lackey, If it wasn't for you lots we wouldn't be in this situation. Why is one of your men after our boss?!" A thin, masculine voice could be heard from underneath the mask as the red jacket also pointed his weapon back at them.

"That person isn't one of us. As you can see he attacked us as well," Region Leader Khan voiced out as he stood in the midst of this brawl.

"That doesn't change the fact that he was able to get here because of you lots," Another red jacket voiced out as he also pointed his weapon at the Zalibans.

At this point, both sides were about to confront each other as the atmosphere turned tense.

Sahil crew outnumbered the Zalibans six to three since Junior Commander Folan was down. Still, even though Region Leader Khan didn't participate in the battle earlier, he was among the most powerful mixedbloods present. Even stronger than Junior commander Folan. Junior commander Folan would have been able to do a better job at fighting since he was stronger than all the red jackets in the vicinity, but he could not defend himself from the blast earlier due to being frozen by Yarki just like the others.

"Now let's all be civilized here, we agree this is a mistake on our part but as you can see, our side has the most casualties," Region Leader Khan voiced out as he gestured at the two Zaliban troops with scattered body parts and Junior commander Folan on the ground.

He didn't want this to turn into a battle between the two sides, mostly since the successful deal would be cancelled, and they were also outmanned. He might be stronger, but with the coordinated attacks of the six, they would lose.

"We ha..." One of them was about to speak when Jabal, who had been behind all this time, interrupted.

"We're leaving," He said while tapping the button by the side of his head.

"Hmm?" The others stared at him with a look of confusion.

It seemed he had been communicating with someone just a while ago.

"Mr Khan, we shall contact you sometime soon to talk about the state of our partnership," Jabal said as he turned to the side and started walking forward while bringing out a piece of equipment.

The others brought down their weapons and followed after him. He wasn't the main boss, but whenever the main boss was unavailable, he was always in charge, so they had no choice but to follow.


A greenish light shot out from the equipment and covered all six red jackets. In the next moment, the light disappeared along with all seven of them, Jabal included.

The Zalibans fed Junior commander Folan a recovery pill. They carried him along with them as they moved in the direction of the wall they had appeared from when they first arrived here.

Fortunately for them, it was still functioning, and they phased through, appearing back in the building they had used as a channel point to get here.

However, the moment they arrived within the building, they could see the chaos that had been inflicted on this place.

Krryyhh! Bam! 

Crumbling sounds could be heard as they spotted parts of the building that had collapsed and parts that had cracks and giant holes all over.

All this was because the gateway was still active when they were battling earlier, causing most of the attacks to phase through, which ended up colliding with the building.


Meanwhile, Gustav was within the room he rented on his first day here. He sat on his bed with a look of contemplation.

Everything that went down today kept replaying in his mind, and he couldn't help but sigh.

He never underestimated Sahil after hearing so much about him and seeing reports. However, he never expected Sahil would be so cautious and smart that he would implement things like that.

The whole situation played out well. The mission was practically failed at this point, and anyone would have fallen for the trap of planting the tracking device in the wrong person.

If he didn't have God Eyes, there would be no way to salvage the situation since Sahil now knew that people were after him.

His next step would be to hide even more cautiously than before or leave the city.

Of course, he could decide not to leave since he knew the tracking device was placed in the wrong person. He had no idea that Gustav could track him using his life sign.

Gustav had never seen a more cautious fellow that literally questioned every little detail. If it were to be someone else, they might not bother with the change in color of the eye.

Even after Gustav stated the power level of all his crew members, he still decided to run a check on their internal structures.

The whole situation got messed up from the point where Jabal spotted him. Gustav hid well enough for no one to see him while he was saving Sahil's life sign, and it only took about three seconds for him to get it done.

A very short time frame where no one would be able to spot him, but Sahil just happened to be able to sense energy from any source the moment it was emitted.