The Bloodline System - Chapter 549: Siege On All Sides

Chapter 549: Siege On All Sides

Chapter 549: Siege On All Sides

Gustav swerved towards the side and dashed across the place, trying to dodge different kinds of attacks.

"He's pretty fast, but outmanned." Sahil said with a smile just as one of the red jackets threw his jacket away, revealing a pair of cannon-like arms.

Another one transformed into a yellow beam of light and held up a riffle-like weapon that started getting charged with the yellow light before firing forward.


"Time to go," Sahil stared at the void stone in his hands with a satisfied smile as his body started turning illusionary once again before disappearing completely.

A loud bang reverberated across the place as the yellow beam travelled forward, packing immense force with it.


Gustav bent backward, causing it to pass above him, as his clothes flapped intensely and his hair blew backward from the generated


Two of the Zaliban troops trying to attack him from behind got blasted into smithereens as it collided with them.

It tore straight through their bodies wind, causing their arms and legs to get blasted towards different parts of the environment while the beam kept travelling forward till blasted a massive hole in the wall by the side.

Before Gustav could raise his body up, one of the red jackets with cannon-like arms was already descending upon him from above.

Being unable to dodge in his current position, Gustav pushed himself upwards and threw a fist as he ascended.


Both forces collided, causing a blast to resound in the vicinity as a purplish force radiating with immense energy swept across the vicinity the instant the collision was made.

Gustav's body shot backward along with the other person. Two more red jackets were flanking him from the sides with their attacks as his body was still catapulting through the air.

He did a flip in mid-air and slammed his hand on the ground, causing his body to ascend upwards as he dodged the projectiles.

However, just as he ascended, two of the red jackets were already aiming for him.

He spun in mid-air, dodging one attack but the other who had already leaped up swung his foot towards Gustav's body.

Gustav was only able to react by raising his hand in front of his chest in an 'x' format to block the attack.


The leg, which was laced with a rocket booster, slammed into his arms, causing Gustav to be blasted about a hundred feet backward, headed for the ground.

As Gustav's body was headed for the ground, Junior commander Folan suddenly appeared behind him with his palm shooting forward.

A star-colored beam could be seen on his palm as it travelled across the air, making sizzling sounds.

While Gustav was spinning his body around to deal with this, the red jacket brimming with yellow light shot out another beam towards him while the other one with cannon arms was also approaching from the side.

Dodging all these at the same time would be impossible since all of them were on the same strength level or a little higher than Gustav.

At this point, Gustav closed his eyes for a moment.

It was as if all the actions in the world had paused just before he opened his eyes.

A pinkish flame had appeared within them.


A massive ray of pinkish energy suddenly blasted forth from his body, covering the entire vicinity in a manner of moments.

Everyone instantly fell to their feet as Gustav spun in mid-air with a milky-colored blade in his arm.


He swung the blade towards the yellowish beam causing it to get slashed in half, but he was still pushed backward by the force, as both halves of the beam passed by his side and slammed into the ground behind.


A massive explosion rang out as Junior commander Folan who happened to have fallen to his knees behind Gustav, got blasted across the place with his left arm completely disintegrated.

He couldn't scream as he had lost control of his body, but the visible look of pain could be seen in his eyes as his body slammed to the ground hundreds of feet away and remained stationary.

This time Gustav released his Yarki fully because most of them had power levels higher than him, and he didn't really have the time to restrain it like he used to due to being put in a very difficult position. The entire street outside had been covered up by the pinkish energy, and everyone was within it were falling to their knees.

Within the underground structure, the Zalibans and the red jackets, every single person was on their knees with looks of fear on their faces as they stared in Gustav's direction.

Gustav breathed in deeply before breathing out, causing the Yarki to start reducing in size.

At this point, he had caused a scare across the entire street.

He stared at the ten people around him on their knees, and the two corpses blasted nearly to pieces by the sides. They were trying as much as possible to regain control of their bodies, but it was futile.

Gustav turned around and dashed towards the wall on the far end.


His body blasted through the wall as he arrived underneath a pile of rubble and more destroyed building parts.


He leaped upwards, blasting through the covering of rubble, and appeared in the air above the half decimated streets.

While his body travelled across the air, he spread out his perception, trying to sense if Sahil was still in the vicinity, but just as he had expected, Sahil had completely disappeared.

All he could see from above were citizens running from place to place with visible looks of fear on their faces as they spotted his body cutting across the air like a streak.

He landed on a building far ahead and continued dashing forward as he tapped the spatial bracelet on his wrist.

Ā«Location: Region Thirty Two - El Caso's placeĀ»Ā 

Tapping on the save coordinates, a bright flash of light appeared around him as he leaped into the air again and disappeared.