The Bloodline System - Chapter 548: All Hell Breaks Lose

Chapter 548: All Hell Breaks Lose

Chapter 548: All Hell Breaks Lose

"Just one more thing..." Sahil stated while bringing out a triangular piece of equipment.

"What are you playing at again, Mr Slick? You have to stop this if you don't want to ruin our newfound relationship," Junior commander Folan voiced out once again with a tone of annoyance.

"Relax My friend, don't worry this is just a device for examining my crew," Sahil explained before turning around and started heading towards the gang of six behind.

"I just need you all to hold on for a few seconds. Don't worry I am no longer asking any questions or pointing fingers," Sahil added before arriving in front of the seven.

The group from the Zalibans stared at Sahil's actions with confused looks.

Gustav was suddenly feeling a sense of crisis as he stood in place.

"We just agreed that there will be no more suspicions after the previous question. We should be taking our leave now," Gustav voiced out.

"Hmm you're right Junior Commander Dart, but how about we just give him a few seconds to complete his examination," Region Leader Khan stated.

"Him examining his crew doesn't affect us in anyway so we can tolerate this," Junior commander Folan added as well, deciding to just watch.

Gustav had no choice but to keep quiet at this point so as not to arouse any more suspicions.

Sahil tapped the weird triangular device in his hand, and it shot out some blue rays that scanned all six of them at once.

Their bodies were shown with translucent light, displaying their internal structure as well.

The device kept making weird scanning noises for a few seconds before showing a green light.

Sahil nodded at this and turned around with a smile before moving back towards the position of the Zalibans.

"I apologize for the inconveniences my friends, I am finished with examining the state of my crew bodies," He voiced out as he arrived in front of them.

Just as Junior commander Folan was about to respond to that, Jabal interrupted.

"Boss you haven't checked me," He said respectfully.

"Oh yes that's true," Sahil said before turning to face him with a light chuckle.

"One moment," He said to Junior commander Folan before tapping the device again.

It shot out the same rays as before scanning Jabal.

At this point, the crisis Gustav felt in his mind was pushed to a whole new level.

'What exactly does that device do?' Gustav asked the system internally, hoping it wasn't what he thought it was.

("How strong if the camouflaging power of the tracker?") The system responded with a question of her own.

'One of the most powerful in the world... It hides within the blood vessels and mimic's that part of the body,' Gustav responded.

("If that is the case there should be no problems unless this device has the Ulti stone as part of it's build,") The system stated.

'What's the Ulti stone?' Just as Gustav was asking this, the device finished scanning as well.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Beeping sounds suddenly started to reverberate across the place.


Everyone stared at the device and then at Jabal who's body was still shining a translucent light.

His left wrist area had a red light position in a part of it.

«"Tracking Device Spotted!"»

The voice of an AI rang out at this point, causing everyone's eyes to widen with shock.

Gustav began to circulate his bloodline as this voice rang out, 'Shit... How does this guy have everything,' 

The six behind instantly raised their weapons and pointed them towards the Zalibans.

"So this was your plan? You lots wanted to track my movement?" Sahil voiced out as he turned to face Gustav specifically.

The Zalibans troops behind also pointed their weapons forward at Sahil's crew, ready to exchange fire as well.

"We know nothing about this! You can't just assume that we're responsible," Junior Commander Folan voiced out.

"He is responsible, he is the only one who Sahil made physical contact with from the beggining. Is this something the Zalibans planned together or is it a solo act?" Sahil questioned.

As Junior Commander Folan heard this, different thoughts suddenly started appearing in his mind as he turned to the side to stare at Gustav.

'Red eyes, no snoring for the past two days., no having fun with any girls like we planned before except for our first day of arrival..completely sleeping underneath the duvet without messing up the covers before the next morning without pulling face from underneath during the entire night...' Junior Commander Folan's eyes widened as he analyzed all this and stared at Gustav.

"Who are you?" He voiced out.

At this point, everyone knew there was something up with Gustav as Junior commander Folan voiced that out.

"Now, let's all calm down... There is no proof that this was done by me," Gustav spoke, still trying to salvage the situation.

"He definitely planted it..." Jabal voiced out as everyone began to surround Gustav.

"I don't think this man is a part of us Mr Slick. I promise the Zalibans is not behind this. I just realized the numerous ways in which he's different from my partner," Junior commander Folan stated as he began to channel his bloodline.

"My trust in you lots have completely dwindled, take him down!" Sahil commanded, causing everyone to start firing at Gustav.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, Gustav knew there was no salvaging the situation.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Every single beam and projectile being shot towards him suddenly slowed down as he turned to the side to face Sahil's direction.

'If I can grab onto him...' Gustav said internally as he dashed forward.

Right before everyone's eyes, Gustav sped forward like a phantom causing all the blasts to slam into the wall behind, which in turn teleported the blasts to another location.

Just as Gustav was about to touch Sahil, his body turned illusionary as he faded away.

Sahil appeared about a hundred feet behind.

The Zalibans were had confused faces at this point as they spotted Gustav in front.

"What speed! That's not Junior commander Dart! Attack the imposter!" Junior commander Folan voiced out, causing everyone to dash forward as well.

Sahil watched from the other end, too, with a look of understanding as he commanded his crew to also deal with Gustav.