The Bloodline System - Chapter 547: Arousing Suspicions

Chapter 547: Arousing Suspicions

Chapter 547: Arousing Suspicions

"I have to go deal with something too," He added while turning around to head towards where his henchmen were stationed.

Meanwhile, the Zalibans turned around to leave, moving towards the wall area where they had appeared on their arrival here.

While Gustav was moving forward along with them, he positioned himself at the very edge and looked down.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His eyes turned scarlet and green with a hint of gold surrounding the irises.

Gustav suddenly turned his head to the side to stare backward.

His sight zoomed in on Sahil, who was walking away with his back facing them.

[Life Signs Identification is operational]

His sight zoomed in on his head area with speed seeing through it and spotting a shape on his forehead area.

[Saving Life sign '):(' ]

[Life sigh '):(' has been saved successfully]

The instant this notification appeared in his line of sight, Gustav closed his eyes instantly and turned to look forward.

All this was done in three seconds.

[God Eyes Has Been Deactivated]

Upon opening his eyes, they had returned to normal.

Just as they reached the wall area, a loud shout was heard from behind.

"Hold it!" This voice was similar to that of Sahil. Still, Gustav could instantly tell that it was the lookalike, Jabal, even though there was only a slight difference.

The Zalibans paused their steps and turned around with looks of confusion.

"What is it?" Region Leader Khan questioned.

"What did you do?" He asked while moving forward.

Sahil was also alerted at this point and turned around to see what was happening behind him.

"What are you talking about?" Junior commander Folan asked.

"I saw you look backwards a while back with red eyes and now your eyes have returned to normal. I sensed a weird energy from that direction which was why I was able to spot you just before you closed your eyes and looked forward," Jabal voiced out.

Gustav was frozen internally as he heard that, 'How did he sense the power of God Eyes?' Even though he was startled, he still retained his composure.

"Red eyes? No one has an ability that triggers res eyes in our midst... Region Leader Khan do you?" Junior commander Folan voiced out.

"No I don't. There must be a misunderstanding," Region Leader Khan responded.

"I saw him... If he didn't do anything why did he look back? And why did I sense that weird energy?" Jabal stated while pointing in Gustav's direction.

"There must be some sort of mistake haha junior commander Dart doesn't have such abilities," Junior commander Folan laughed lightly while staring at Gustav at the side.

"Hold on.. Jabal never lies. He doesn't have a reason to since he'll soon be dead one of these days anyways. He's the sixth of his kind already," Sahil said while walking forward.

"Also, he is keen to sensing energy no matter how hidden. So long as an energy emitted, it's like a beacon to him. This is also one of the ways he's able to protect himself from danger," Sahil arrived a few feet in front of the Zalibans after saying this and stared at Gustav.

"If I did something there should be some kind of proof then... I don't see anyone getting blown up or dying from anything," Gustav finally spoke.

"Then why did your eyes emit such weird energy? And why does your partner not believe you have an ability that triggers your eye color to change?" Jabal asked in quick succession as the suspicious look on his face increased.

Knowing that Sahil trusted his lookalike very much and everything he stated so far seemed logical, he figured he had to choose his next words wisely. He couldn't lie about his eyes changing color.

"My partner does not know if it because it's a new ability that I obtained recently and I was just testing it out," Gustav spoke with a straight face void of any distress. 

"You gained a new ability?" Junior commander Folan couldn't hide his surprise as he voiced out.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded at Folan, not knowing that at this point, Folan had started to question this whole scenario.

"Hmm? And why do you feel the need to test it out on my surbodinates? You gazed in our direction with this if I'm correct?" Sahil questioned with a suspicious look as well.

"I can use it to determine power levels... I was curious to see what the power levels of your surbodinates were," Gustav said as he activated God Eyes one more time, causing his eye color to change.

Everyone was able to see his eyes clearly at this point.

"If I had done anything harmful, I'm sure it would be taking effect by now... Is anyone feeling strange?" Gustav stated while donning a look of ridicule.

"When did eye color change become a thing of alarm?" Gustav added, faking an expression of annoyance.

"This is highly disrespectful towards my partner. We just concluded a successful negotiation Mr Slick. Don't let your unfound insecurities ruin our present relationship," Junior commander Folan spoke up as well after deciding he would question Gustav about the ability later.

Region Leader Khan nodded in support as well.

"While I do apologize for this, I take everything seriously my friends. It is why I have managed to stay alive for this long," Sahil said with an apologetic look before turning to stare at Gustav again.

"Do you mind identifying the bloodline rank of everyone of my surbodinates?" He questioned.

Junior commander, Folan and Region Leader Khan, were about to speak again, but Gustav raised his hand to stop them.

"I have no issues with that so long as after this you throw no further suspicions at me," Gustav stated while Sahil nodded in response.

Gustav went ahead to mention the bloodline rank of all seven people in a red jacket and even included the power level of Jabal as well.

Sahil nodded with a smile on his face, "Well done... You have mentioned all this correctly,"

The Zalibans had looks of relief as they heard this.

Junior commander Folan was about to say something, but Sahil cut him short.

"Just one more thing." Sahil stated while bringing out a triangular piece of equipment.