The Bloodline System - Chapter 546: The Real Sahil

Chapter 546: The Real Sahil

Chapter 546: The Real Sahil

"Good job," This man said before collecting the documents from the one kneeling.

The one kneeling stood to his feet and took off the scarf wrapped around his face revealing a slightly different look.

Both of them looked quite similar, but the one that had been speaking to them all this time with a scarf covering his face had a three inches scar on his chin area.

The moment the Zalibans noticed the two, they were instantly able to tell that the one they had been negotiating with all this time wasn't the real Sahil.

The real Sahil had been standing behind all this while pretending to be a lackey while this look-alike handled everything so far.

"What is going on her Slick SL?" Junior commander Folan voiced out from behind with a confused expression, just like everyone.

"My friends, I apologize for the confusion," The Sahil dressed in red Jacket handed the weapon in his grasp over to his lackey and started walking forward.

"This man here is Jabal. My look-alike," He said while pointing at the fake Sahil.

He approached the chair and took a seat in front before crossing his leg with a smile of satisfaction etched on his face as he noticed their expressions.

"You see, I take a lot of precautions to keep myself secure. My look-alike handled everything so far to prevent any form of trap or ploy that may have been aimed at me. Jabal is my insurance. He is trained and ready to die in my place just in case any hazardous ploy had been orchestrated. I apologize once again for the lack of trust but I've been in this business for many years. It's hard to trust anyone even my business partners," The real Sahil said with a half apologetic and half prideful gaze.

"It's alright we completely understand... Now that you can see that no trap was set, will you sign the documents?" Junior commander Folan went straight back to business after understanding the situation.

Although he and the others felt this was way too much precaution taken, it was understandable when they tried putting themselves in his shoes.

"Yes, I will sign them now. I will not say, "this is not a deal," even if I am drunk," Sahil responded with a peal of light laughter before he started sorting through the documents.

Only Gustav knew just how smart this whole set-up Sahil planned was.

'The tracker is in the wrong person,' Gustav voiced inwardly.

He now understood what they meant by saying Sahil was very slippery to catch.

They were all fooled from the start thinking they were negotiating with the real Sahil. It had been set up so well. The voice and the facial description all matched the images, so no one could tell that it wasn't him even though he was using a scarf to cover part of his face.

The problem now was, the look-alike would not always move with Sahil. According to what Gustav had read about Sahil, he mostly moved alone except when he was delivering merchandise or needed protection for negotiations like this.

His travels from place to place were always alone, along with his hideout. He was always by himself, and even his subordinates could not tell his location.

This was all backed up by facts because the MBO had caught a lot of his subordinates who wouldn't be able to tell of his location even though they were directly working under him.

The moment this negotiation was over, Sahil would obviously disappear again by himself while this look-alike would most likely be sent to another location.

Back at the base, they already saw this as a completed mission, not knowing that they'd be going after the wrong person.

"Here you go," Sahil raised the documents after signing them, and one of his henchmen moved over to pass it to Junior commander Folan.

Junior commander Folan sat in place and scanned through the documents and, after a while, nodded.

"With this we have a successful negotiation," Junior commander Folan voiced out with a smile and stood to his feet.

Gustav also stood to his feet at this point with region leader Khan, and they moved closer to him.

"May our partnership last long. With this you don't have to worry about the other side receiving any merchandise from me. The Zalibans will be responsible for winning the war," Sahil said as he proceeded to shake Junior commander Folan.

Gustav also moved forward and shook his hand as well, retaining his normal composure with a smile.

He stared into Sahil's eyes for a moment, 'I'll have to use it,' Gustav said inwardly as he ended the handshake.

"You have to be careful. It would be suspicious if anyone saw you,") The system warned internally.

'I don't have a choice here. This is the only way,' He responded while moving towards the side.

("Just make sure to look around you properly. No one must see you using it,") The system voiced internally.

Region Leader Khan also shook hands with Sahil as well, and both sides prepared to leave.

"To show my enthusiasm... Daryl," Sahil called out to one of his henchmen and held out his hand.

The henchman moved forward with a blue ring in his grasp and placed it on Sahil's palm.

Sahil tapped the ring, which emitted a projection displaying stacks of boxes where weapons and other different kinds of technological materials were kept.

"This is enough advanced supply for a hundred troops. I'm giving this for free," Sahil said before handing the ring over to junior commander Folan, who then handed it to Gustav.

Junior commander Dart was always the one handling things like this, so it was normal he gave it to him.

Gustav wore the ring on his finger to ensure its safety as they thanked Sahil for his generosity.

"This was a great meeting, Whenever you need items you can just consult Jabal over here like you've been doing before. Everything will be sorted out by him," Sahil stated.

Junior commander Folan nodded in understanding before asking,

"How do we leave?" He looked around, not seeing any exit.

"The same way you came. The gateway is activated now," Sahil said before turning around.