The Bloodline System - Chapter 545: Mission Complete?

Chapter 545: Mission Complete?

Chapter 545: Mission Complete?

Behind him was a group of seven dressed in red jackets, all armed with dangerous-looking weapons.

-"Where are we?" 

-"What's going on?"

The guards following them turned around to touch the wall and realized they couldn't go back.

"Welcome my friends," He voiced out as the outline of a smile could be seen on the scarf covering his face.

"Slick SL, good to finally meet you," Junior commander Folan voiced out along with Gustav, who also retained his composed form and greeted as well.

They all shook hands with him, Region Leader Khan included.

Zing~ Zing~ Zing~

Several chairs and a table appeared in their front, and Sahil gestured at them to take a seat.

Sahil sat about ten feet away, leaving sufficient distance between himself and the Zalibans, but a table was positioned in their midst.

"Where is this that you have brought us to?" Region Leader Khan asked with an intrigued look.

"That's not important, let's get down to business first. Getting back to the region won't be a problem if you lots didn't set any traps for me," Sahil responded still with a smile.

Gustav and Junior commander Folan stared at each other for a moment before nodding.

Gustav proceeded to bring out the diamond-like storage device that belonged to Junior Commander Dart.

He sorted through the belongings and brought out the documents first before standing to his feet.

The men behind pointed their weapons at him, causing him to pause his movements.

One of them moved forward and took the documents from Gustav's grasp before handing them over to Sahil themselves after opening it and scanning through its contents.

Sahil nodded in satisfaction as he received the documents and started flipping through the pages one after the other.

He slowly read through the contents, and even though it was hard to read his expressions due to his face being covered with a scarf, Gustav could see the excitement in his eyes.

After a few more minutes, he finished flipping through the pages completely and raised his head to stare at them.

"Is this true?" He inquired with an excited tone.

"Every word written as you can see is backed up with signatures from the higher ups," Junior commander Folan responded.

"Wonderful! Where is the item?" He asked again.

Gustav raised his hand to show the void stone, which was on his palm.

Before any of the men behind could move forward, Sahil stood to his feet and moved towards Gustav to grab the stone himself.

The instant he grabbed the stone from Gustav's hand, an invisible spider positioned on the top of the stone instantly burrowed into his hand unbeknownst to him.

He didn't feel anything as this unknown thing invaded his body. He inspected the stone with a delighted expression while moving back to his seating area.

Gustav smirked internally, 'Tracking device successfully planted...'

Sahil was still looking excited as he brought a device out of the blue and scanned the stone.

The outline of a grand smile appeared on his face underneath the scarf as he voiced out, "It's genuine. The void stone,"

'Did he just say the void stone?' Region Leader Khan was shocked as he stared at the greyish-colored stone in Sahil's grasp.

The others behind were just as surprised seeing Sahil being given this unpurchasable item.

"Of course it is Slick SL. Now, do you accept our offer?" Junior commander Folan said with a smile.

"Definitely, definitely, I agree with this." Sahil responded as he grabbed hold of the documents again.


Back at the base in Ruhuguy City, a beeping sound could be heard within the main tent as all four officers gathered around the main monitor.

"Oh my goodness... The young lad did it," Officer Gooseman said with a surprised look.

"He managed to place the tracking device on Sahil? It has only been six days..." Officer Milly Brown voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

Officer Tron and Louis also stood by the side with looks of surprise as well seeing the tracking device go online.

"But didn't he say he was in region Thirty Two... How does the tracking device show region twenty seven?" Officer Milly asked.

"Yeah, he did say that... Maybe he changed locations," Officer Louis responded.

"He still hasn't reported in and it's been two days. This is probably why," Officer Tron added.

"The most important part is he has completed the mission. With such speed too, magnificent," Officer Gooseman said with a delighted tone.

They now realized that they had truly looked down on Gustav, and he wasn't like the other cadets.

"The next step now is withdrawal. We will need to contact him for that," Officer Gooseman added.


Back in the underground structure, both parties were still conversing on a few things.

"If I had found any secret hidden communication device on any of you, I would have assumed this was a ploy, but now I don't have any worries..." Sahil stated as he stood to his feet.

Inwardly, Gustav thanked his stars that he left the communication device he had been using to contact the base back in his room. When they got here, Sahil had already scanned everyone using one of his advanced technology devices. If anyone had a hidden communication device that was functioning at that moment, he would be alerted. The communication device Gustav used to communicate the base was always functional.

"Now that everything seems legit I can transfer this to my boss," Sahil voiced out as he turned around and moved backward.

His words caused their faces to lit up with confusion as they stared at Sahil's actions.

To their surprise, he approached the person standing in the midst of these seven people dressed in a red jacket and knelt.

Just like the others, he was also holding a weapon and wearing a mask. He didn't seem any different from a mere lackey, yet Sahil was kneeling in front of him.

While they were staring with confused looks, this person removed the mask covering his face, and the looks that were revealed underneath were that of Sahil.

"Good job," This man said before collecting the documents from the one kneeling.

The one kneeling stood to his feet and also took off the scarf wrapped around his face revealing a slightly different look.