The Bloodline System - Chapter 544: Meeting Sahil

Chapter 544: Meeting Sahil

Chapter 544: Meeting Sahil

However, he suddenly recalled something.

'How do I deal with Angy's situation?'

He remembered injecting something given to him sent to him by Yung Jo into Angy when he met her in a secluded environment.

Angy felt the prick, but she thought it was an attack due to the syringe not being visible.

He had no idea what the contents of the syringe were, but he knew it was nothing good, and since he was after dealing with Gustav at that time, he didn't care if she would be harmed.

Now it was an entirely different case, and he didn't know if she was okay or not. So far, he didn't see any traces or signs that something was wrong with her.

Endric didn't want this to be another reason for him and Gustav to battle again, so he decided he would look into it.

He couldn't just go back to contacting Yung Jo because he had said everything he knew about the whole past scenario and pointed out those he could. Right now, he had no means of contacting Yung Jo, and even if he did, he wouldn't want to because this just opened him up for another round of manipulation.

He walked away after deciding to watch over her for any signs and ask her later if anything was up with her.

So far, even though they weren't really on speaking terms, they were no longer hostile to each other as well.


Within region thirty-two in Leoluch city, Gustav spent the entire day moving around with junior Commander Folan.

They had to check out different parts of the region for any possible spy movements to ensure no plans to sabotage them or anything the next day.

This region was being controlled by two groups, but there was the possibility of Infiltration from the enemy groups with the intention of causing sabotage.

All in all, they were just being cautious.

Gustav used this to mark out several spots and make escape routes in his mind if anything went wrong in his personal plans.

They later returned back to their room in El Caso's place. They moved to the pub area to get some drinks with the regional leader, who happened to be accompanying them.

They talked and had fun for the rest of the evening.

Region leader Khan asked to see what the offer to Sahil entails. Still, Junior Commander Folan had to shut him down there, saying it wasn't to be disclosed in public places.

They would have to wait till the next morning to contact them with the location for them to meet.

It was only at the defining moment that he would find out. Region Leader Khan saw both Junior commanders exchange glances and understood.

Late at night, both of them returned to their room while Region Leader Khan left, saying he had some personal issues to attend to.

Gustav could hear during his communication with someone using a communication tool that they were looking for a missing person.

His mind flashed to a particular person when he heard this part of the conversation, but he wasn't really bothered. It would still take some time before anyone could catch on to anything that had happened relating to his manslaughter on the first day he arrived here.

The night went by just like that, and another day arrived.

The day before, Gustav had to excuse himself for about two hours to complete his daily tasks. He was lucky jun, or commander Folan didn't suspect anything except for the fact that he had been sleeping without snoring recently, which he made fun of.

Gustav was hoping he would get the chance to take care of his daily tasks today. This would only be possible if everything went as planned.

Around six am in the morning, their communication device rang, and junior commander Folan proceeded to answer it.

As expected, it was from Sahil who proceeded to give them a location to meet within ten minutes. He mentioned that if they were even a second late, he would be gone.

The skies were still dark at this time, but Gustav and Junior commander Folan had been expecting this, so they had been awake for a long time.

"Junction 23rd, the Mayne center," Junior commander Folan spoke through the communication device to region leader Khan.

Region Leader Khan gathered a group of five to meet with both of them at the location mentioned.

Gustav and Junior commander Folan quickly moved towards the location mentioned that happened to be located somewhere around the edge of region thirty-two.

A ride was already waiting for them outside, so it took no more than six minutes to arrive there, leaving them with about four more minutes left.

They arrived at a five-storey structure that looked like a medical facility.

Sahil contacted them again upon their arrival and directed them on where to head to.

Region Leader Khan and four Taliban officers dressed in full black followed them from behind as they moved around the place, going from corridors to corridors.

They arrived at a particular place that led to a dead-end where only a wall could be seen.

"There's nothing here," Junior commander Folan voiced towards the communication device.

"Keep going," Sahil responded from the other end.

The workers in the vicinity even told them this place led to a dead end, but they had to follow Sahil's instructions.

"I sense a spatial and gravitational energy..." Gustav voiced out as they approached the wall.

"I don't sense anything..." Junior commander Folan had a look of confusion on his face.

Just as they were only six feet away from the wall.


Everyone got teleported away.

Gustav only saw everywhere turn white for an instant, and the next thing they knew, they were in the underground section of a party ruined building.

Only the holes above and on the walls provided a source of light. The vicinity looked quite dead, and up ahead, a man wearing shades with a scarf covering his face could be seen standing in place.