The Bloodline System - Chapter 543: Coming To A Decision Regarding Sahil

Chapter 543: Coming To A Decision Regarding Sahil

Chapter 543 - Coming To A Decision Regarding Sahil

He could only see this weird foggy-looking thing when staring at the stone using God Eyes, but he couldn't see it after deactivation.

Gustav deactivated God Eyes for the third time after not still being able to see through the stone and placed it back on the table.

'Do you know what this thing is?' He asked the system internally.

("Scanning components now,") The system responded as bright reddish rays of light shot out of Gustav's pupils.

After a few seconds, the rays of light shooting out of Gustav's eyes formed a holographic projection that started computing information on this stone.

'Void stone?' Gustav saw the name appear along with several images of this stone taken in different places worldwide.

'One of the rarest materials in the world necessary for building the most powerful technological devices in the world,' Gustav kept reading the list information internally.

'So rare that it had been deemed illegal for sale by the world government, so other organisations are not able to lay hold of it besides those under the world government. If found in any part of the world by mistake, one is expected to report to the nearby authorities for them to have it taken away. Could lead to a life sentence if found in possession of... Blah blah blah... I want to know what exactly this does.' Gustav decided to skip most of the information that emphasized how rare this material was.

'Supposedly one of the most important materials responsible for the creation of the item given by the Slarkovs to the human race thousands of years back as a gift,' This was the last thing Gustav read at the end of the list of information.

There was still no detailed explanation of what exactly this stone did or how to use it, which made Gustav feel baffled.

But at least now he understood that this was a precious item that couldn't even be purchased with money.

Recalling that Sahil was not just an advanced arms dealer but also a technologist working under someone. They both shared a history of crime, so Gustav understood this was likely an item they would want to lay their hands on but are unable to due to the whole situation regarding the void stone.

Now that they would hand over something that not even money could help them lay hold of, Sahil would definitely agree to their demands.

Gustav felt this whole situation might lead to something bigger and worse in the future if Sahil managed to lay his hands on this.

On the bright side, he could get close to Sahil and place the tracking device on him now using Junior Commander Dart's identity.

This would be mission success for him, but from the information he had gotten on Sahil, who happened to be a master in the art of escaping, there was no guarantee that he wouldn't notice the tracker before leaving this place, so even if it ended up being a successful mission all his work might end up going to waste at this point.

If Sahil got all this and still managed to escape after everything, who knew what he would build next. It might even rival the most dangerous weapons or devices currently in the world government possession.

At this point, Gustav made the decision...

"I'll catch him myself..." He muttered underneath his breath with a strong gaze.

("Seems like a plausible decision, but you have to be extremely careful... What do you have in mind?") The system supported Gustav's decision but wanted to ensure he came up with a good plan to manage this.

'It won't be immediate since people from both sides will be around. Everyone will be on guard during the meetup... I'll still have to place the tracker on him first,' Gustav said internally with a contemplative expression.

("How do you intend to place the tracker on him?") The system asked.

'I'm the one with the documents and the stone... Which means I'll also be the one handing it over,' Gustav responded with a smirk.


Hours later, Gustav was laying on Commander Dart's bed, pretending to be asleep while junior Commander Fabian was on the other king-sized bed by the side.

Junior Commander Fabian arrived about an hour earlier. He brought Gustav to speed on the things that had gone down so far and the reports they were getting from outside region thirty-two.

Both sides had received a lot of casualties, but according to Junior commander Fabian, their side happened to have inflicted more damage, and the higher-ups were starting to plan an operation to eliminate the higher-ups of the other side.

Lucuis was mentioned to have gone missing on an assignment. Still, the way Junior commander Fabian mentioned him, he was discarding any kind of insinuation that Lucius was in trouble.

According to him, there was no way anyone would be able to handle Lucuis, so he was probably deep in the enemy base sabotaging them at the moment. If only he knew that Lucuis had already been sent to the afterlife by Gustav.

Gustav had already finished making plans for catching Sahil, but at the moment, he wanted to regain his energy since keeping Shapeshifting activated for a long period burned a lot of bloodline energy.

He was currently hiding under the duvet after Shapeshifting back to his original look while pretending to be asleep.

Junior commander Folan still wanted to have fun this night, so he invited some girls over. They were all chilling at the pool area so as not to disturb Gustav in the room.

There was still another day to go before Sahil reached out to them with the location.


Just like that, another night went by, and today was the sixth day of Gustav getting to the city.

Back in camp, it had already been a week since he left.

Unbeknownst to him, the others were already missing his presence and would occasionally glance at his door area whenever they passed.

This included even Endric, who would get all sentimental the moment he passed by.

'I hope we can form a bond one day like we had when I was very little,' This thought appeared in Endric's mind as he passed by Gustav's door again.

However, he suddenly recalled something.

'How do I deal with Angy's situation?'