The Bloodline System - Chapter 540: Angy's Situation

Chapter 540: Angy's Situation

Chapter 540: Angy's Situation

"Hmm... This is quite a dilemma, Angy. You're going to have to give me a list of everything you came into contact with in the last four months," He voiced out in response.

"In the last four months? It's impossible for me to recall everything I came into contact with in the last four days, talk more of four months," Angy responded with a look of indignation.

"Hmm true, that was unreasonable of me to ask for. Not everyone is blessed with super intelligence and retentive memory like me," He said with a look of contemplation.

'Is he really flexing right now?' Angy said internally with a tired glare.

"The problem with this thing is, if I use my removal method there's a chance that your legs might never be operational again since it has eaten deep into your legs internal muscular build," Dr. Levi said while moving around with a disturbed look.

"They already missed it twice due to its ability to mimick the look of your cells... If you hadn't come to me directly for your third check up those screwups might never have found it," He added with a look of repression.

Just as Dr. Levi had stated, Angy had already been here twice for checkups, but none of the scanners and monitors were able to notice anything wrong with her, so the doctors in charge of her checkups said nothing was wrong with her. They assumed it was just an allergic reaction to something she had eaten and would eventually stop.

The painful attacks she had when waking up in the morning had been coming in more frequently lately, so she still came for checkups again. This time, she decided to meet Dr. Levi directly after remembering her last time here for bloodline strengthening with Gustav.

"This might also be a negative side effect to bloodline strengthening surgery you underwent months back... Although it's supposed to be 100% safe, complications are not completely unavoidable," Dr. Levi kept prancing around the place as he spoke.

He turned around and moved close to the holographic monitor to study the weird parasite within Angy's body again.

"I'll need you to be coming everyday for checkups until I find a way to deal with this," Dr. Levi said while typing a few things down.

"Alright Dr Levi. Is there anything I should do in the meantime?" Angy asked as she sat up.

"Hmm, just avoid using your speed too much. Use it moderately from now on," He instructed.

"My speed? But how would I train without that?" Angy asked with a conflicted expression.

"You can, but use it moderately. Do not push yourself until I have found a way out of this predicament," Dr. Levi explained.

It was quite a hard pill for Angy to swallow since she had decided to push herself to become very powerful before Gustav returned, but she had no choice but to nod in response as she stood to her feet.

"Alright," She muttered with a defeated expression before leaving.

Dr. Levi stood in the same spot for minutes, examining the reports from Angy's tests.

"This is really bad. If I don't find a way to get rid of this soon, she'll lose her bloodline," Dr. Levi mumbled underneath his breath with a worried look.

"The more she uses her speed. The more this thing saps away components from her bloodline..."


At the same time that was going on within camp, Gustav had already found himself in the room of the two junior Commanders, Folan and Dart.

He was currently dressed in a tight white dress, full-faced make-up with red cherry lips, long brown hair, exuding a seductive charisma. Of course, he had taken the form of the beautiful lady he called over to his room the other night who went by the name Cassandra.

He was currently seated on the bed beside one of them.

"Cassandra... You're looking sexier than even the night before," Junior commander Dart stated as he trailed his finger up Gustav's right thigh.

Gustav's trembled inwardly in disgust as he felt the fingers running up his thigh and subconsciously reached out to grab his hand.

"Now now Dart, you know I like having a little bit of fun before we go into the main deal," Gustav said with a seductive female tone as he gently caressed the hand and lifted it off his thighs.

"Mhhmm, I totally enjoyed our fun yesterday... You're so much interesting than my boring wife," Junior commander Dart responded with a sneaky-looking smile.

"Ah yes I will make today even more fun," Gustav said while winking.

He was glad he didn't lose composure and inwardly thanked his stars that he was able to stop those hands from going any further.

("Looks like the universe wants you to get disvirgined one way or the other,") The system suddenly voiced in his head with a burst of laughter.

Gustav; "..." 'You little...'

Gustav nearly cussed at the system again, but he calmed himself and breathed in.

"What do you have in mind?" Junior commander Dart asked.

"You'll have to follow me to find out," Gustav said while standing up and walking sensually towards the door.

Junior commander Dart stared at the backside of the beautiful female in front of him, which vibrated with every movement, going up and down.

He nearly whistled as he stood to his feet with a delighted expression.

"Folan, I'll be back. I need to take care of something," He said while standing to his feet and following after Gustav.

"Hmm, have fun," Junior commander Folan voiced out from across the room, where he was also busy with a beautiful and barely dressed lady.

As they walked through the corridor, Junior Commander Dart caught up with Gustav and asked.

"Where are we going?"

"To my apartment... I have some fun tools we can use to make things even more interesting," Gustav responded.

Images appeared in commander Dart's mind causing him to look forward to this even more as they moved towards Gustav's apartment.


A few minutes later, they arrived there, and Junior commander Folan sat on the bed as he waited for Gustav to bring out the tools he mentioned.