The Bloodline System - Chapter 539: Having Gustav Watch Graphic Content

Chapter 539: Having Gustav Watch Graphic Content

Chapter 539: Having Gustav Watch Graphic Content

"Yes..." Gustav responded affirmatively.

("This is just the same thing. To be a professional you have to get used to seeing anything and everything. This could really become something that might have a negative effect in the future if you keep running from it,") The system explained.

Gustav sighed once again and stood to his feet before moving towards the table where the projection was displayed.

Gustav was glad the sound system wasn't very effective.

His face showed immense discomfort as he watched the graphic was displayed.

'It... It... It seems things are getting intense...'


Around midnight the base reached out again to get another daily report, which Gustav proceeded to cut out some information before explaining how he got to the current.

The Officers from the base were greatly shocked after hearing that Gustav already had a lead on Sahil and was planning how the meet up in two days.

They had expected that it would take longer than this, but Gustav had once again surprised them.

They came up with a good plan for Gustav to approach Sahil in the next two days.

They had given Gustav information on the two men currently residing in the upper room where he was observing.

Junior Commanders Folan and Dart were the henchmen of commander Fabian. They still gave Gustav some more private information he needed to know about these two.

They had no idea that Gustav wasn't going to follow their plans since he already had his.

His plans had a higher tendency of working out due to the hidden abilities that they didn't know he had.

The communication ended sometime later after Officer Gooseman commended Gustav's progress.

Gustav later moved out of his room after checking the footage and headed straight for the teleportation elevator.

He arrived at the last floor a few moments later. He had already changed his looks before he left his room, taking the form of a suave-looking 6'2 handsome young man dressed inexpensive clothing.

After arriving on the corridor of the last floor, he noticed a beautiful young lady dressed in a tight red mini gown heading towards the direction of the teleportation elevator.

Gustav's next move was to head for her.

"Excuse me young miss could I see you for a moment?" Gustav said with a smooth tone as he arrived in front of her.

She paused her footsteps and stared at him up and down with a look of satisfaction.

"Yes? How can I help you?" She asked with a smile.

"Can you come with me? I just need a few moments of your time," Gustav said while winking at her and showing a charming smile.

She returned the smile before responding, "I think I can spare a few moments,"

'He must be really loaded. I guess today is my lucky day. Twice in a row,' She bit her lip while thinking before following by Gustav's side.


A few minutes later, both of them were in Gustav's room, sitting on his bed.

Gustav's room was only two floors lower, so even though it wasn't up to the standard of the ones on the last floor, it was also very luxurious.

He had hidden anything that could cause suspicions.

The lady who seemed to still be looking around kept asking Gustav different questions.

"Let's get down to business," Gustav finally spoke as he placed his hand on her face and turned it to face her.

"You haven't sho..." Before she could speak, she suddenly felt a prick on the side of her neck.

Her eyes turned hazy, and the next thing she knew, she blacked out as her head fell limply towards the back.

Gustav's left hand was currently pressing on a particular part of her neck area, which she didn't spot because she had no idea when Gustav's hand traveled towards her neck.

She had already started passing out before she felt the prick.

Gustav released her body completely, letting her fall onto the bed with her back.

"Hmm she'll be out for nothing less than twenty four hours. That's enough time to get done what I need to do," Gustav said with a low tone as he searched her body for items.

After taking all that was on her being, his face transformed into hers, and he moved towards the mirror area to check it out.

'There won't be any issues with this except for applying makeup,' Unlike hers, Gustav transformed face was without any makeup, causing him to look a little different. Still, he didn't see this a problem.

Gustav saw the communication device in the lady's storage device, which was given to her by Junior commander, Dart who was very interested in her and wanted her to come over again the next day.

Yes, this lady happened to be one of them that visited the room of the two junior officers.

Gustav had decided to mimic her identity and infiltrate their room when the day broke.

All he needed to do now was work out his acting skills, use proper makeup and dress sexily.

This was the first time he would be trying to use the identity of a female, so he had to make sure it was fluid enough to avoid any form of suspicions.


Hours later, the day broke, and Gustav put in all the necessary procedures before leaving their room around 11am.


Within a laboratory, Angy sat on an exalted medical stretcher in a thin medical fabric as rays of light scanned her entire body.

A middle-aged-looking man with a few grey beards and a one-eye spectacle covering his left eye stood in front, observing the holographic monitor where her internal structure was displayed.

"Hmm? Just what is this thing?" He muttered with a contemplative look.

"I have cross-referenced its anatomy with every known parasite to exist but it's like it doesn't exist, yet it does," He added.

Angy, who was laying down, heard him muttering some of these words and voiced out, "What's wrong Dr Levi?"

"Hmm... This is quite a dilemma Angy. You're going to have to give me a list of everything you came into contact with in the last four months," He voiced out in response.