The Bloodline System - Chapter 541: Getting Rid Of The Corpse

Chapter 541: Getting Rid Of The Corpse

Chapter 541: Getting Rid Of The Corpse

While he waited, he suddenly felt a surge of energy from behind him. He turned around only to see a milky glowing blade headed for him from behind.


A weird-looking whitish forcefield-like energy suddenly appeared around him, stopping the blade from penetrating for a few moments.

"Who are you?" Just as he asked this question, he saw the arm holding onto the blade transform into a beastly muscular one pushing the blade further in.


It stabbed through his chest in the next instant as his face shone confusion and disbelief.

'How? The forcefield should be powerful enough to stop the attack of a Falcon ranked... Unless?' His eyes widened even more as he coughed out blood and fell to the back.

The forcefield disappeared completely along with Gustav's Atomic blade, which disintegrated into light particles within junior commander Dart's chest.

Gustav slowly moved towards him on the floor while slowly shapeshifting back into the look he used upon entering the city.

The commander was not dead yet. His eyes were still wide open as he stared at Gustav's transformation with utter shock and regret.

'A shapeshifter? They still exist?' This was the last thought that appeared in his mind before another milky-coloured blade came stabbing down to the left side of his chest.


His vision slowly faded as he coughed out another mouthful of blood.

Gustav pulled the atomic disintegration blade out of him and turned around to go change out of his current clothes.

He was still dressed in the tight white gown and couldn't hide how disgusted he felt at the moment.

After changing back into a male's outfit, he moved towards the corner where he stabbed junior commander Dart.

He had already breathed his last at this point and was covered in a pool of his own blood with wide-open eyes.

"You're not the worst of them. You probably would have survived, but you were just unfortunate," Gustav didn't have any shred of pity in the tone of his voice as he squatted.

He slowly took off the commander's clothes and moved them to the bathroom to get them washed.

'I'll have to find a way to mend these holes,' This was the only problem at the moment since he had torn holes through the clothes when he stabbed junior commander Dart twice.

After thinking about it for a few moments, Gustav decided not to stress about it.

'It might even be better this way... It would be more believable if I mentioned to Folan that I had rough sex with this girl which lead to the clothes turning out this way...' Gustav thought.

("Except you've never had sex, talk more of having it rough...") The system voiced.

"Shut it," Gustav responded before moving out of the bathroom.

He walked towards Junior commander Dart's body and carried it towards the bathroom as well before dropping him in front of the bathtub.

'Looks like it's time to finally test out this disintegration ability,' Gustav said internally as he placed his palms together while staring at the empty bathtub in front.

He closed his eyes for a few seconds before suddenly opening them again.

A milky glow appeared in his eyes and his palms as he slowly separated them and stretched them towards the bathtub.

[Pool Of Disintegration Has Been Activated]

[Estimated Time: 1hr]

[-1000 EP]

The bathtub suddenly started getting filled up with this milky-colored energy reaching the top in a manner of moments.

Gustav's eyes returned back to normal after this, and he stared at the tub that had been filled with milky energy.

He squatted and grabbed onto junior Commander Dart's corpse before lifting it and throwing it into the tub.

A sizzling sound rang out next as the body landed in the pool of milky energy as the smell of flesh being cooked drifted across the bathroom.

Gustav turned around at this point and headed back to the main room.

He arrived where the pool of blood was positioned and proceeded to snap his fingers, causing sprinkles of milky-colored light to fall onto the floor.

Everywhere this light touched, the blood disintegrated into light particles.

In a few moments, not even a single speck of blood could be seen on the floor. The floor was unaffected due to the lights disappearing before they made contact with it. They only made contact with the blood.

Gustav proceeded to lay on his bed and sighed in relief as he closed his eyes.

In the next one hour, he moved towards the bathroom area to check on the bathtub.

The milky-colored pool had disappeared, along with the body of junior commander Dart.

There was not even a single trace left. Nothing to be seen at all.

'Looks like my calculations were right... It would take about that long to disintegrate the body of a mixedblood of that strength completely,' Gustav thought before proceeding to take the clothes of the commander out of the washing machine as well.

He proceeded to dress in shorts and a shirt in a few moments before moving towards the mirror area.

His face and body slowly transformed as he stared at the mirror. In a few moments, his entire body features had become exactly like that of commander Dart, with no difference to be spotted.

The small beards and potbelly were also visible, along with the pair of sharp and mean eyes.

Gustav went on to a part of his room that branched off into another. This was where he had kept the lady, Cassandra.

He reached out to her unconscious body and brought her back to his main room to clothe her and return all her things back to her possession.

A few minutes later, he placed her to lay on the bed before leaving through the door.

'She'll find her way out when she comes to,' Gustav thought as he headed towards the teleportation elevator.

'Now it's time to play Dart...' Gustav said internally as he headed towards the last floor.