The Bloodline System - Chapter 538: Back On Track

Chapter 538: Back On Track

Chapter 538: Back On Track

She had several suspicions, so her plan was to make investigations on her side also.

The officer had looks of fear and confliction on his face as he turned around to head back to the room where all the criminals that orchestrated the attack were placed.


Gustav arrived back in his hotel room at this point and took off his mask.

His bracelet had only three bars at this point, which indicated he could only engage in spatial travel about six more times before it ran out of power.

At this time, it was late in the evening, and Gustav had been away for about two hours.

He proceeded to move towards a device he placed on the side of the table and tapped on it.

Earlier, when he was in the teleportation elevator, he had sneakily placed the tapping device somewhere on the last floor before he left.

The tapping device was powerful enough to cover the whole floor, so Gustav didn't have to put it in their room directly.

The only difference was when it was placed farther from the location that wanted to be observed, it was harder to get a clearer view and sound.

This was why he placed it directly in the Leader Khan's office the other time to get a clearer outline and audio.

He wasn't really worried this time because he only wanted to observe their activities and not really the sounds.

Gustav rewinds the recording as he focuses on their side of the room to sort through what had gone down so far.

All he noticed was both men freshening up to change outfits to use the pool in the balcony area.

It really seemed like a vacation to them, and just as Gustav suspected, he was right. They truly wouldn't be doing anything besides waiting for Sahil to contact them in the next two days.

Gustav fast forwards to the present time back, where he could see a bunch of beautiful ladies in the room and around the pool dressed in swimsuits.

About nine ladies in total were present in the vicinity messing around with the two male officers. At the same time, they were being served by a lounge worker bringing them drinks and all sorts of exotic meals.

The two men were really having the time of their lives pampered by these ladies while the war was going on in other regions, and people were getting killed by the minute.

Gustav shook his head, 'The ones in high places are never involved when dangerous situations break out even though they happen to be the cause. Innocents are bound to always suffer for a cause they didn't start as long as they are at the bottom,'

Gustav could imagine himself being in this scenario if this was happening in Plankton city, and he never had an encounter with the system. Weakling will forever blame their unfortunate fate, and he didn't want to ever be in a situation like that, which was why power still remained his main goal.

Especially when corrupt people who don't care about the lives of the innocent are at the top of the hierarchy.

Gustav felt the urge to commit assassination on all top officials in this city. Still, with his current state of strength, this was impossible to achieve. He might be able to pull off one or two, but there were forces on the side of the higher-ups who were stronger in hiding.

Besides, this wasn't a part of the mission. He would literally be branded as wanted if he managed to pull any of the assassinations off, which would just be throwing all his hard work to waste.

Gustav wasn't even trying to be a hero, but he found the acts of these people despicable and saw himself in the shoes of those trying to escape to keep their lives.

Anyhow he still wouldn't try and overdo anything or get involved in this crisis since it wasn't his battle to fight.

Gustav kept watching the footage, and the whole messing around went on till nightfall, where both men sent all the girls away except for the two they really wanted to spend the night with.

Gustav listened in a bit to the cracking sound of their conversations and pieced something together.

One of them was attracted to the girl he asked to stay behind and still wanted her to come over the next morning after their night enjoyment had ended.

Gustav had to shy away from the holographic display a few minutes later due to the graphic content playing out in front of him.

This wasn't a scene that he was interested in witnessing.

("Wouldn't it be better for you to watch now and practice? That's a very experienced man giving you free teaching and you're not taking opportunity of it,") The system suddenly voiced in his head as Gustav lay on the bed.

'What the hell are you talking about? I'm not interested in seeing the body of a middle aged man. That's homosexual,' Gustav responded.

("Not if it's for research purposes. I tell you, you'll disappoint Angy in the future cos you know nothing,") The system chided with a burst of light laughter.

'No, I don't wanna hear this,' Gustav said as he took the pillow and covered both ears with it subconsciously.

("I live in you,") The system reminded.

'Fuck you!' Gustav said internally with a frustrated look.

He didn't really use cuss words anymore, but the system always found a way to get it out of him.

("On a serious note, you need to get used to this because you never know what could happen when you're looking away,") The system advised.

'Why are we still talking about this?' Gustav asked.

("Are you getting dumber? I'm giving you a realistic theory here,") The system pointed out.

"Sigh. Alright I get your point but come on you can't expect me to sit through and watch all that?" Gustav said while seating up.

("If it was a murder pertaining to a case you were working on you'd watch it without battling an eye lid right?") The system asked.