The Bloodline System - Chapter 537: Completing The Last Daily Task

Chapter 537: Completing The Last Daily Task

Chapter 537: Completing The Last Daily Task

It was a full-blown disaster as everyone in that vicinity ran for their dear lives. The sounds of wailing could be heard. It seemed like some people had been physically affected by this incident.

Gustav didn't instantly sweep into action because of his current looks. He was still wearing the MBO uniform, so transforming into another face wasn't very sensible since they could check the database and find out that such a person wasn't a part of the MBO.

He quickly proceeded to take out the fox mask from his storage bracelet and charged forward with immense speed.


A burst of wind blasted across the place as Gustav arrived in the midst of the chaos.

The first thing he did was leap upwards as he spotted a massive rail line falling towards a group of people on the ground trying to get away.

He grabbed it as he ascended above and landed on a rooftop in the distance before dropping it there.

The instant Gustav finished doing these, he heard loud screams coming from above and below.

He looked up and noticed that the floating rails above that now had a disconnected part had a train coming over from the other direction at full speed.

The passengers, along with the engineman, were all screaming as they noticed the nearly hundred feet gap between both disconnected rails up ahead.

Because that part was slightly sloppy heading downwards, it wasn't noticed earlier, so the train was only a few feet away by the time the engineman proceeded to try and stop the train.

Gustav leaped away from the current building he was standing on and landed on the ground right below the disconnected rail.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Gustav started growing in size as the train arrived at the ledge.

He stretched out his enlarging palms and caught the massive train as it fell.

His body remained the same size, but his arms were almost as large as the building by the side.

The people in the train had widened eyes as they stared at the massive palms grabbing hold of their train as all the coaches moved towards the side while falling.


Gustav groaned a little as he bore the force of the train and tightly grabbed hold of its body, causing parts of the window areas to blast into pieces.

This injured some passengers within, causing Gustav to soften his grip a little.

At this point, cracks had appeared on the ground all around Gustav as he held the train up for a few moments before he slowly started to bring down his massive arms.


The train made a loud sound of collision as Gustav allowed the last couch to make contact with the street first before releasing the rest.

At this point, the entire street was baffled and filled with admiration as they wondered who Gustav was.

'He must be a prestigious MBO officer,' This was the thought in most of their minds after witnessing this feat.

However, they couldn't see Gustav's face due to his mask, neither could they recognize this stature.

He was also wearing a black MBO uniform which indicated that he was at the lowest tier, and this didn't make sense to some of them because they believed someone as strong as this should be higher.

Gustav deactivated Size Manipulation causing his arm length to slowly retract back to normal as he completely let go of the train.

[Daily Tasks Completed (3/3): Demonstrate your strength by stopping a vehicle moving at full speed ✓]

Gustav stared at the notification for a moment, scoffing internally. It was almost like the disaster that occurred was a convenient scenario for him to complete this task.

He stared in the direction where the projectile that crashed into the rail came from and noticed it was coming from the direction that led to Leoluch city.

'How powerful must it be to pass through the dome?' Gustav wondered, but then he remembered that going out of the city was easier than going in.

He internally shook his head as he turned around and dashed away.


The people in the vicinity didn't get the chance to thank him before he disappeared from the place.

All they could recall him as was the masked fox officer. Gustav had to leave because he sensed the authorities approaching the area, including the officers stationed within the forest working on the operation with him.

The authorities later arrived on the scene and helped out with the rest of the situation while questioning the survivors.

Gustav headed towards a secluded part of the city and tapped on his left wrist again.

"Time to head back," He muttered while staring at the silver bracelet, which now had three and a half blue bars.

Gustav tapped a few more times and activated the bracelet, causing a bright white light to envelope him.


He disappeared an instant later.


"They received an information about the number one best first year cadet leaving camp on a mission. They were given the cordinates of where he'd be leaving from and they made use of that information to send the war jet after him," A bald man dressed in MBO uniform said with a respective attitude while standing in front of miss Aimee.

"I see. So where exactly did this information come from?" Miss Aimee asked.

"The source is anonymous. They have no idea where it came from. They just received the information and acted on it. They didn't think they'd be caught," He explained.

"And they wouldn't have been... If I didn't act, you lots would have screwed it up," Miss Aimee chided mercilessly.

A terrorist organization getting this kind of information gave miss Aimee the impression that someone within the MBO wanted Gustav gone.

Such information could only have been leaked by an insider, but the good thing was, nobody had an idea about the mission Gustav was given, neither did they know where he was headed. They only knew the pickup point where Gustav left from.

Miss Aimee had a look of relief as she recalled picking the pilot herself. The pilot did well in destroying the jet and protecting Gustav.

"Find out who this anonymous source is," Miss Aimee instructed before walking away.

She had several suspicions, so her plan was to make investigations on her side also.