The Bloodline System - Chapter 536: Account Balance

Chapter 536: Account Balance

Chapter 536: Account Balance


In the next moment, he found himself standing in the midst of a forest.

Gustav looked around, and on the right side, he could see halved trees that depicted a part of the forest that was decimated.

Turning to look behind him, he could see hundreds of feet away, a clear space where different sizes of tents were erected.

This was the same place he arrived in on the first day, the base within one of the forests in Ruhuguy City.

"It worked... But not entirely accurate in its cordinates," Gustav muttered as he stared at where his personal tent was located.

The tent where he slept on his first day here was where he had used it as a checkpoint, yet he was teleported hundreds of feet in front.

"Maybe it's an interference from the city's dome," Gustav felt this was the only explanation that made sense.

Officer Milly Brown, who happened to be moving around at that time, turned to stare at the forest area as her eyes squinted.

After a few moments, she turned back around, "I guess it was nothing," She muttered while letting her guard down and moving away.

Gustav, who was a hundred feet away, was hiding behind a tree as he turned to the side to look in her direction.

After confirming that she was out of sight, he slowly moved forward while activating a skill.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

His presence instantly disappeared as he dashed across the forest a moment later.

Gustav travelled towards the city and arrived there in about a minute.

He didn't want to stir any drama or bring attention to himself, so he quickly moved towards the closest bus stop.

Gustav boarded the transport and headed towards the closest bank.

Arriving at the biggest bank in the city, Gustav brought out his debit card.

This was the first time he would be using it in a month. He headed towards the nearest private withdrawal booth and proceeded to check his balance first.


Ā«Name: Gustav CrimsonĀ»

Ā«Balance: 39,007,892$Ā»


Gustav's eyes widened slightly as he spotted the balance.

"It's only been about seven months... How did it get this high?" He muttered with a surprised expression.

'Looks like things are going well in Plankton City...' Gustav thought.Ā 

That was the only explanation for this. He only just created the organization and explained to them what was meant to be done. It looked like his workers had been doing well.

Gustav remembered them, along with Angy's father and his partnership with Sir Gon.

'I should try visiting them after checking up on boss Danzo...' Gustav thought.Ā 

It would be nice to see the progress of everything he started personally.

Gustav proceeded to withdraw a large sum of money and stacked his storage device with them.

This way, he wouldn't need to worry about using cash in region thirty-two since he couldn't afford to use his card. Leaving a trail or any form of connection behind was dangerous.

A few moments later, Gustav moved out of the bank and proceeded to start completing his daily routine. He had already completed one, now only two were left.

'Break into a secure facility and break out without arousing any suspicions,' Gustav read the second daily task.

'Erm did you forget that I now have quite a number of invisibility buttons with me... This can be finished easy,' Gustav said to the system as he moved away from the bank area.


Minutes later, Gustav found himself at the vault of a bank staring at a massive-looking diamond that kept oozing out energy.

"This is tempting..." Gustav said as he moved closer to the diamond.

The entire vault only had about two or three more valuable items within, but this one seemed to be the most valuable item from Gustav's analysis.

In fact, the amount of energy oozing from it made Gustav feel like absorbing it into his energy containers, but he had used God Eyes to look around the whole place.

The instant he messed with it, an alarm would be sent out, and he would fail the system's task.

'Interesting... This must be another type of energy fragment,' Gustav only studied it for a few seconds more before moving towards the entry and exit point of the place.

His looks at this point were not his original, neither was he dressed normally. He was dressed in a staff outfit, holding a keycard that gave him access in and out of the bank.

'Poor Ahmed... This one time you just have to be the scapegoat, so I can complete this task,' Gustav said this internally with a tone of pity, but his face didn't display any pity.


A few minutes later, Gustav was out of the place and back to his usual look.

[Daily Task Completed (2/3): Infiltrate a highly secure facility without arousing any suspicionsāœ“]

Mixedbloods at Gustav's level of strength couldn't even manage to pull all these kinds of stuff off, but Gustav had so many options in his arsenal, so doing this was no biggie as long as he implemented it well.

He would be a very big menace to society if he decided to turn bad at the moment.

Gustav proceeded to go complete the third task.

[Daily Task (3/3): Demonstrate your strength by stopping a vehicle moving at full force]

'What is the point of having me do this?' Gustav said while rolling his eyes.

("It's fun to see how much your strength has improved... Besides I don't set this. It's automated,") The system voiced in his head with a light chuckle.

Gustav nearly facepalmed as he walked across the street, not knowing how to go through with this one.

Just as he arrived at a particular intersection, a loud whistling sound was heard across the air.

Gustav turned to look up and noticed a projectile flying across the air.


Before anyone could react, it slammed into the floating rail towards the southeast part of the sky, hundreds of feet above the ground.


A massive explosion went off as parts of the rail fell towards the building below.


There were screams everywhere as parts of the building blasted across the place and fell towards the street.