The Bloodline System - Chapter 535: Testing Out The Spatial Device

Chapter 535: Testing Out The Spatial Device

Chapter 535: Testing Out The Spatial Device

Also, he had to get hold of the location in the next two days when Sahil contacted them again.

"Who are these two that were sent by Commander Fabian?" Gustav wondered as he stared at the projection.

He noticed that they were leaving the office with a woman who seemed to be guiding them.

Gustav quickly looked around his room. He wanted to leave and get over to that part of the region, but going through the elevators would waste time.

He moved towards the left where the balcony was located and stared at the street up ahead.

It was up to five hundred feet in height, but this was nothing Gustav hadn't handled before. In fact, he had dealt with worse.


Gustav leaped through the balcony travelling several hundred feet in mid-air as his body flew above several buildings in the process.

[Silent Advancement Has Been Activated]

As he landed on a building in front, there was barely any sound.


Dashing forward, he leaped above several buildings in a diagonal format as he travelled towards the Zalibans region base.

After a minute, he arrived before the street where the building was located and started walking forward.

He instantly spotted the two men coming out of the building with the woman in front of them, who gestured towards a luxurious-looking hovercar parked by the side.

Gustav moved to the side and kept watching them sneakily as the engine started and zoomed off across the street.

They drove at moderate speed, so Gustav was able to follow them with sprint.


He was barely visible when he moved across the street, so he didn't garner attention, especially when the streets were scanty as well.

As Gustav followed after them from a good distance while activating God Eyes, which could now pin onto targets, he noticed that they were headed in a familiar direction.

In about a minute more, everything clicked as they arrived right in front of the same location Gustav was currently residing, El Caso's place.

This was the only part of this region that was always bubbling with activity. Beautiful ladies dressed in raunchy and baiting outfits moved about the place.

As both men who were sent here to see commander Fabian got off the vehicle, some of the ladies in the vicinity started winking at them and giving them all sort of seductive looks.

The woman who was leading them stared at these ladies with disgust as she walked into the place with the two who ignored the ladies.

"Maybe we can have some fun later, this place doesn't seem bad," The one on the left said to the other one after they walked in.

"Well we have two days of freedom so yeah it won't be bad to have a little fun while we wait," The other one responded with a low tone.

The woman leading them heard their words and thought, 'Aren't they both married? Men will always be pigs...'Ā 

She arrived before the reception and conversed with one of the females at the desk while gesturing at the two males behind before receiving a gold card.

They proceeded to move towards the elevator area.

Just as they got in and moved to the side, waiting to be teleported to their floor, Gustav suddenly moved to the same elevator.

The men stared at the young man with a mustache and small beard for a moment, wondering how someone could be so bold as to enter the same elevator with a Zaliban.

Gustav nodded at them, "Good day sirs, good day ma'am," He voiced out respectfully before moving towards the side, acting like he wasn't even there.

After observing him for a few moments, they concluded that Gustav was just a clueless nobody and didn't see it as a big deal to let him stay in the same teleportation elevator with them, especially when the place was big enough.


A few moments later, they were teleported to the last floor, which happened to be the most luxurious one.

Only a few spaces were available here, but every room was like an entire house with multiple relaxation centers, and people had better services.

Room 12B was stated on the gold card, and it was just down the beautiful-looking hallway.

At this point, Gustav didn't keep following them. He moved towards a side of the hallway that led to the top of the lounge building and stood there.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

His eyes zoomed through and focused on the three headed towards the left. Normally, they would be out of sight, but God Eyes was just too powerful now.

After noting their room, Gustav moved back to his own room.

The issue now was he would be kicked out of his room by nightfall since that was when his accommodation period would expire.

He had put the first phase of his plans into motion, but to continue, he would have to remain in this place.

Gustav's hair slowly morphed back into its dirty blonde color as his face transformed as well.

His initially oblong-shaped face returned back its usual shape with his well-outlined jawline and charming young facial features along with his attractive lips.

Gustav's height reduced a little back to 5'11, with his slightly muscular frame returning as well.

He proceeded to change his clothes and back to the MBO uniform before reaching for his left wrist.

Tap! Trroooin~

A silver-colored bracelet appeared on his wrist with four blue bars.

'Time to find out if this will work,' Gustav said internally while tapping on it several times.

A circular blue, glowing icon appeared after a few moments, and Gustav proceeded to tap it.

Ā«Initiating Spatial JumpĀ»

A computerized voice rang out just before a blinding flash of light surrounded Gustav.


Gustav noticed the vicinity narrowing as he found his body being sucked into a tunnel of whitish light.


In the next moment, he found himself standing in the midst of a forest area.