The Bloodline System - Chapter 534: Slick SL

Chapter 534: Slick SL

Chapter 534: Slick SL

The secretary instantly stood to her feet and bowed in respect as this group of men arrived before her desk.

'Finally...' Gustav said internally. 

Gustav zoomed in the black and white footage on a particular one of them, who he recognized to be this region base leader.

He passed down some instructions to the secretary before moving into the office with the others. 

The office was like a living room with sofa's surrounding a luxurious-looking table.

This group of three all found places to sit the moment they moved in and began to converse with each other.

"Region leader Khan, I'm sure you know by now that we were sent by commander Fabian," The one on the left voiced out in a reminding tone.

"Of course, he mentioned to me that you are to pass a message to the arms dealer," Leader Khan, who was seating on the other end of the table, voiced out.

"Exactly we need to meet with him as soon as possible since the fate of this war mostly lies on his method of arms distribution," The one on the other side added.

"We can't have him selling to the other side," The one on the left voiced out again.

"I understand. He is truly in this region, but we have no idea where his exact location is," Leader Khan stated.

'How good must this dude's cover up be that it's hard for even the group in authority here to locate him?' Gustav said internally as he continued paying attention to their conversations.

Before the two who were sent over from Commander Fabian's place could respond to that, Leader Khan spoke.

"However, he did give us a means of contacting him," Leader Khan added before bringing out a small rectangular-shaped device.

The two visitors fixed their eyes on this device as he brought it out.

"Oh, so we can contact him and set up a meeting using this device," The one on the left voice out in understanding.

"Precisely, let's do that now," Leader Khan stated before tapping a particular button on the device.


A weird flat and long beeping sound rang out as they waited.

After a few seconds, it stopped, and the leader proceeded to tap it again.

After two more tries, it made a weird connecting sound, and a voice was heard next.

"Mr Khan, I am sure I just delivered some arms to you recently... Are you in need of more?" A deep voice with a weird accent could be heard coming from the device.

"Hahaha arms are never enough my friend but this time we need something different from you," Leader Khan responded.

"Slick SL, we were sent here by our commander to request for you to stop selling arms to the enemy side," The one on the left voiced out.

"Hmm, so you guys figured out that it was me... And I was careful enough to sell different brands and models. Where did I slip up?" The voice from the other side sounded a bit surprised as it responded.

'Looks like my theory was right...' Gustav said internally as he heard this. He was the one who informed Commander Fabian about this without any proof because this was what he suspected after analyzing a lot of things.

The two sent by commander Fabian stared at each other for an instant before turning to face the device again.

"Well, we wish for you to stop selling to the other side, so their troops can be weakened. We can easily win this war in no time," The one on the left voiced out again.

"Hahaha..." A small laugher was heard from the other end for a few seconds before the voice responded.

"Why should I? A longer period of war for me means more profit and might I remind you all that I'm a business man. I put business first," He stated.

"Slick SL might I remind you that you're in our territory. Selling to our enemies as well isn't a very nice thing to do especially to people who have treated you well," Leader Khan said with a solemn tone.

"And I really appreciate your good deeds but like I said, my business comes first," Slick SL said with a slightly appreciative tone.

"We understand you very well Mr Slick, which is why we want to have a sit down with you. We will make you a offer that is good enough to stop you from selling to the other side," The man on the left spoke again.

"Hmm an offer. Are you sure it can meet my expectations?" The voice asked from the other side.

"Very much certain... Commander Fabian never disappoints," The man on the left responded again.

"Hmm... How about two days from now," The voice on the other end proposed.

"Sounds good, location?" They asked again.

"I'll let you know on the morning of that day... I expect no foul play from your end but just in case I will bring enough protection from my side," The moment after the person finished voicing out, the communication was cut.

The three men in the office stared at each other before Leader Khan spoke.

"I suppose you two will be here for sometime then. Let me get you settled in a comfortable and safe environment," Leader Khan voiced out before proceeding to use another communication device to contact someone.

"We appreciate the gesture Region Leader Khan," Both men voiced out with an appreciative tone.

At this point, Gustav had stood to his feet and was standing by the side of the bed contemplative gaze while staring at a piece of information displayed in holographic format.

"Turns out it was truly Sahil." Gustav muttered while staring at a list.

«Alias: SL, Slick SL, Shadow Distributor...»

Sahil had different names he went by, and Slick SL just happened to be one of them.

It had only been three days, and Gustav was already on his trail. Now the next step was to implement a good plan and make sure he didn't slip from his hands.