The Bloodline System - Chapter 533: Visiting The System's Inner Space Again

Chapter 533: Visiting The System's Inner Space Again

Chapter 533: Visiting The System's Inner Space Again

It displayed the office along with the secretary as well as other people moving across the floor.

It also projected sound, so Gustav had no issue in hearing what was going on.

Now his next move was to sit and wait.

"Just who was that lady? She strikes me as someone with a kind of power," Gustav wondered as this was what his intuition told him.

He remembered seeing a picture frame of a man in the apartment. He figured he was probably a family member since Akeem was who she was in a relationship with.

("I ran a background check on the database of the Zalibans,") The system suddenly spoke.

"You can do that?" Gustav asked.

("I'm the greatest computerized-based machine in all of existence. I can do that and even more. I just chose not to most times so you can figure things out yourself dumbo,") The system voiced out.

"Fair point." Gustav stated.

("Get over here,") The system voiced out, and in the next instant, Gustav felt his mind being pulled into another realm as his vision turned completely white, and his eyes glowed crimson for a few moments.

His mind was pulled into another place, and he found himself in a wide hall.

The hall was immensely large and wide. The beginning and the end could not be seen, but there seemed to be spots that had different kinds of things placed around.

Far behind, Gustav could see pillars of different sizes.

But these pillars weren't really pillars. They were actually rectangular in shape and transparent.

Some reddish liquid was stored within these pillars. Every pillar had pints of these reddish liquids stored in a lined-up format.

To the left, Gustav could see things like shelves lined up in rows and columns.

These shelves had scroll-like objects placed within them.

He instantly recognized this place to be the system's inner space.

A short girl with a unicorn-like horn in the middle of her forehead, sporting long pinkish hair, could be seen walking towards him from up ahead.

It was the system astral body form, just as Gustav recalled.

She was clad in a long whitish glowing gown. The gown was so long that it swept across the floors as she walked forward.

She looked to be around twelve years of age with her small stature, but her eyes looked extremely sharp.

She looked extremely cute.

"Innocent-looking face, but very dirty tongue," Gustav voiced out the instant she arrived in front of him.

"Shut up twat. Hard looking guy, but still a virgin," She responded before bursting into laughter.

Gustav; "..."

Gustav could not help but get annoyed whenever the system spoke. Ninety percent of her words were always aimed at trying to discredit him in one way or the other.

In fact, staring at her right now made him feel really ticked off. His usually unbothered demeanor was nowhere to be found right now.

"Anyways, let's get to business," She said before snapping her fingers.

A projection of the lady Gustav met earlier, along with the picture he found, appeared.

"These two are father and daughter," The system began explaining.

"The father happens to be a sibling to the head of the Zalibans, so this lady, Lydia, is the nephew of the most powerful person in the Zalibans," She added.

"Oh this could have gone really bad then." Gustav muttered with a contemplative look.

"Or I can really use this to my advantage," He added with a slight look of confliction.

"You don't need to use her right now since the people commander Fabian sent over haven't arrived yet. Besides if you want to make use of her, you might have to use your body and it is even more risky when you have no information whatsoever on Akeem," The system analyzed.

"Exactly. If I'm going to make use of her it has to be in extreme situations. For now I can continue with the investigation on my own," Gustav stated.

The system showed him a few more clips before sending his mind back to his body.

Gustav sight returned back to his room, "That was a bit rough... Anyways let's continue," Gustav muttered as he stared at the black and white projection.

After some time, he decided to check out the new features for God Eyes.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav's sight instantly turned red and blue as his sight phased through the entire building.

"Wow," Gustav exclaimed as he zoomed in and noticed that he could see through the entire next three streets.

All the people moving, the internal structure of the walls, and even people having s*x on the top floors.

He quickly zoomed his eyes out as he spotted the couple making out.

"I shouldn't have seen that..." Gustav mumbled before turning to another side to continue examining the new features of God Eyes.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, and hours turned into an entire day gone by.

The office he tapped hadn't even been opened once throughout the entire day, and just like that, today would be Gustav's third day arriving here.

Gustav was starting to develop an idea of wanting to move across the region again, inspecting places while using God Eyes, but he didn't know if he might miss something while being away.

The footage being displayed was under recording, and he'd be able to rewind and check if something happened, but he felt that a situation that needed urgent response might occur, and then he'd be too late in making a move.

Gustav decided to wait for a little while and move out when it was noon.

Time went by, and in a flash, noon arrived.

Still seeing the office was empty as usual, Gustav prepared to leave his room.

Getting to the shower, he took his bath and did other necessities in less than two minutes before changing his outfit.

Just as he prepared to leave, he noticed the arrival of a group of people on that particular floor being displayed in the footage.

"Who are these guys?" Gustav noticed they were six in number and moved closer to stare at the black and white projection properly.

The secretary instantly stood to her feet and bowed in respect as this group of men arrived before her desk.

'Finally...' Gustav said internally.