The Bloodline System - Chapter 532: Unknown Lady

Chapter 532: Unknown Lady

Chapter 532: Unknown Lady


A loud voice suddenly called out to him the instant he stepped out of the building.

Gustav turned to the side with a look of confusion and spotted a beautiful-looking young woman with short green hair headed towards him from the other end of the street.

She was also dressed in a black outfit, but unlike Gustav, she had her helmet taken off.

She held it by her side as she approached Gustav.

Gustav turned to look forward and started walking.

"Akeem! Where are you going? Wait for me," She voiced out while increasing her movement speed and arrived behind Gustav before placing her hand on his shoulder from behind.

"We weren't supposed to see each other till next week. Why did you come here?" She asked while moving to Gustav's front.

"Did you miss me that much?" She asked with a seductive voice while reaching out to hug Gustav.

Gustav pulled her from his embrace and spoke, "I think you have the wrong person," He voiced out before proceeding to walk past her.

"Come on, Akeem. Are you still mad at me?" She asked while still following Gustav.

"No, I'm not... I don't even know you. You have the wrong person," Gustav responded while still walking forward.

"That's harsh," She said with a crestfallen tone but still kept following Gustav.


[New Quest Has Been Issued]

[Information: Help comfort the poor lady]


«+200,000 EXP»

«God Eyes Level Up»


Gustav suddenly paused his steps as he noticed these new notifications.

'The hell is this? How do I comfort her?' Gustav wondered as he turned to stare at the lady beside him, who also paused when he did.

"What exactly do you want from me?" Gustav asked with an intrigued tone, hoping to find some clues so as to how to finish this quest.

"Come on Akeem stop being like this and let's go somewhere private, I miss you too, your touches, your kisses... I love you," She said with shimmering eyes.

'Um... This is gonna be a problem. I think I should skip this quest,' Gustav said internally.

("Hidden punishments...") The system suddenly voiced internally with a light chuckle.

"You even changed your voice trying to trick me but you've forgotten that I patched this uniform for you right here." The young woman touched the neck area of Gustav's outfit as she spoke.

"Even though it's barely visible since you said it yourself that I'm good at this stuff, I would still recognize it anywhere... Along with your stature of course," She laughed lightly after getting to this point.

Underneath the helmet, Gustav's eyes widened with a look of understanding.

'So that's why?'

This was now a situation where he had no choice but to play along, or he'd be risking exposure. There was literally proof on the outfit that it belonged to this Akeem.

And from the looks of things, Akeem and this unknown lady were in a relationship.

Akeem was already dead since Gustav killed him a day before, but luckily Gustav remembered the face underneath the helmet and slowly started transforming to it.

It was a dark-skinned face, attractively shaped with a buzz cut.

'His voice tone...' This was the only issue Gustav had now.

He never heard this dude speak, so he had no idea how he was going to mimic it.

"I had an incident in the last mission which affected my voice... I'm not doing this on purpose," Luckily, Gustav's already made the tone of his voice raspy right from time.

"Oh my. Akeem, are you okay?" She asked with a look of concern while taking off his helmet.

Gustav had already allowed some lines of injury to appear across his face, so the instant she did that, she could see Akeem's face with a lot of injuries.

She held his face with concern and pulled him into her embrace again.

"I'll ask father to let you stay here with me. I can't bear to lose you," She voiced out before leaning in and placing her lips on Gustav's.

The people passing by had smiles on their faces as they noticed the couple kissing.

Gustav had to wing it and pretend as he kissed her back.

"Hmm Akeem, you seem more passionate than before. You used to be so bad at kissing," She voiced out after withdrawing from him.

Gustav didn't know how to respond to that. He only had his first kiss a few days back, and here he was kissing a random stranger that he was only just meeting for the first time.

[Quest Completed]

He noticed the notification appear in his line of sight.

'So you just wanted me to kiss a complete stranger huh?' Gustav voiced out internally.

("Don't pretend like you didn't enjoy it,") The system responded with a snicker.

Gustav; "..."


Minutes later, Gustav and this unknown lady found themselves in a luxurious apartment.

"I'll be right back after taking a shower." She said while winking at Gustav.

The instant she went in, Gustav bolted out the door and found his way out of the building.

He quickly moved towards the nearest restroom and changed his outfit while he transformed into the look he initially used on his first day here.

An oblong-shaped face with a mustache and small beard makes him look older.

Gustav slowly walked out of the restroom a few moments later with a look of relief while moving towards the room he had booked a night before.

He had decided never to use that uniform again and also made his stature different from Akeem.

He was sure Akeem was cursing him from the afterlife right now. Not only did he murder him, but he also kissed his girl, and they would have gone further if he didn't find his way out of there.

In a few minutes, Gustav arrived back in the room he booked and sat on the bed as he brought out some equipment.


A small disk-looking device made a weird noise as it projected a black and white x-ray-like projection of the floor where the leader was located in the Zalibans region thirty-two base.