The Bloodline System - Chapter 531: Tapping The Leader's Office

Chapter 531: Tapping The Leader's Office

Chapter 531: Tapping The Leader's Office

Gustav spent about thirty minutes giving a brief rundown of what he had encountered on his first day here. He mentioned the fight he got into but didn't explain the details, giving them the idea that it was an inescapable battle.

He mentioned getting information from one of the groups. Still, he didn't really tell them that he used anyone's identity, and he finally explained to them that he was currently within region thirty-two looking for clues.

They mentioned that region thirty was not among the suspected spots chosen. Nevertheless, Gustav explained to them what he had heard once again, which made him come check this place out.

After giving him a little advice, they ended the communication and left Gustav to do as he willed.

Everything was in his hands anyways. It's not like they could come here to take over the case themselves.

Gustav had spent the entire night channeling his bloodline even in this strange place.

Luckily he was able to complete his daily quest yesterday while on the move to this place.

Now that the next morning had arrived, it was time for him to gather information.

Gustav moved out of his room a few minutes later after taking his bath and changing clothes.

The morning on the streets of region thirty-two was quite peaceful. Almost everyone had rides moving across the place, and only very few people could be seen walking on the road.

Gustav wanted to move to a busy area beside the place he had resided for the night.

While walking on the way, he would occasionally change his identity before moving towards any place that had more activity than others.

Hours went by, and noon arrived in a bit.

Gustav had spent the last five hours moving from place to place and gathering as much information as he could.

He went around the entire region about three times, trying to see if he would notice any suspicious movements or locations.

To his disappointment, he found no such thing. The entire region was so peaceful, and it seemed like no kind of transaction was going on in seclusion.

Truly this place was void of war due to two of the eight groups managing this place.

The group Gustav had clashed with a day before was one of them that governed this region, and according to the information Gustav had gathered so far, they were on the sides of the world government.

Gustav didn't really blame any side of the groups for the war, but witnessing what had happened the day before with the family he saved, Gustav held a grudge for this group.

Since there was a possibility of Sahil hiding out in this place, Gustav realized he might have to make use of Lucius's Identity again.

He had figured out the location where the members of Zalibans were situated in this section of the city.

Gustav's next plan was to spy on them and figure out if any of their plans connected with his.

He knew Sahil wouldn't be hiding out in any of these groups' official locations within this region. Especially when it was said that whoever their dealer was also sold arms to the other side. If he was with them, Commanded Fabian wouldn't need to send any troops from over there to come and find him here.

Understanding all this, Gustav initiated his plan to infiltrate into the base of the Zalibans in this region and tap their conversations.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

Making his presence disappear, Gustav dashed across the region and arrived behind a twenty-four-storey building in a few.


He leaped upwards after checking the surroundings and arrived at the top of the building, which happened to be empty.

From there, Gustav hid at a corner of the building and changed his outfit into that of a Zaliban troop.

Asides from Luicuis's outfit, he also took a normal Zaliban troop outfit which he kept in his storage device just in case.

Lucius's uniform had a small silver star in the middle of his chest, which Gustav guessed signified authority, so he didn't put it on.

Using the normal outfit would make him look like a normal troop which wouldn't attract attention.

Gustav found his way into the building by jumping towards the side and landing on a balcony. Although it was locked up, there was a small space on the windows.

Gustav made use of size manipulation to slip in and found his way to the corridors.

This was when he found the place a bit busier than he expected.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Other people dressed just like him with the dark outfit, vest, and helmet could be seen walking around.

Gustav asked for directions to the leader's office after finding out how the rankings in this place went.

Arriving there, he was told the leader wasn't in at the moment, and he would have to come back.

Gustav already knew this, which was why he came; he decided to approach here in the first place. Asking for the restroom on this floor, Gustav moved there quickly. He made use of another invisibility chip before dashing out.

He was able to break into the leader's office by picking up the keycard placed on the secretary's table without her knowledge.

All she felt was an immense wind blowing across the place, which caused her to get disoriented as multiple pieces of paper flew across the place.

Gustav used this to his advantage opening the office door and getting in quickly to place the tapping device underneath the office chair.

It only took less than ten seconds for all this to be done, and he was out of sight by the time the winds had calmed.

The lady at the desk looked confused as she picked up the files that had fallen.

After the invisibility wore out, Gustav made his way out of the building still using the identity of the dead subordinate Lucius.


A loud voice suddenly called out to him the instant he stepped out of the building.