The Bloodline System - Chapter 530: You Deactivated The Seal Again?

Chapter 530: You Deactivated The Seal Again?

Chapter 530: You Deactivated The Seal Again?

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


He sneakily checked for directions on the gps he was given and picked a location in region thirty two to move to.

Gustav travelled half way across the region, going past several streets before he arrived in front of what seemed like a pub.

This place was the combination of a restaurant, a bar and a lounge.

It was quite massive with over twenty storeys and looking quite luxurious as well.

It was called the El caso's place and people could be seen going in and out of the place. It was very lively even though this was a period of war. This place was obviously a place to come have fun as lots of ladies dressed in raunchy outfits could be seen.

Guards were positioned at the entrance and most of the people coming in had luxurious clothing on. Big bald men with potbellies having three or more girls in their company which showed some kind of wealth.

Gustav moved towards the entrance and walked passed the guards without any issues.

They didn't stop him from going in neither did they stop anyone because no ordinary person would be in this region in the first place.

Gustav moved straight towards the reception desk and registered for a place to sleep in for the night.

Sleeping here for a night was up to a two thousand but money wasn't really an issue for Gustav. The only problem was he had limited cash stored in his storage device, which meant that after one more day he wouldn't be able to afford this again unless he made use of his debit card.

Using a debit card in this place risked exposing him so it wasn't an option. He had to think of alternative to handle the future situation.

He later moved towards room 207 which was on the seventeenth floor.


Gustav laid on his bed after arriving in the room few minutes back. It was quite large and luxurious enough but that wasn't the purpose of getting it.

Gustav checked his energy level and noticed that he had used quite a lot today.

He had only forty percent left.

It had been a very long day filled with multiple events.

He needed to recharge now so he could continue his investigation later without a hitch.

He devised his next plans while waiting for his energy to get replenished.


"You deactivated the seal again? Young miss that is another breach of contract," A middle aged looking man with multiple small diamond like shards embedded into his face voiced out with a tone of annoyance towards the young lady in front of him.

"Yeah? I completed you guys job for you again... What are you getting so worked up about old geezer, you should be thanking me,," Miss Aimee responded with an unbothered look while gesturing at the group of masked people tied together on the ground.

They were currently in a location where only convoys could be seen moving around the place along with MBO officers moving from place to place with different kinds of technological machinery walking as well.

It seemed to be an MBO base of sorts.

"You're not allowed to deactivate your seal without permission... You caused a scare all across the world. Even Mack doesn't use such amount of power when in the Earth's atmosphere," This middle aged man happened to be among the higher ups, Grand General Eizogich. His rank was before that of the great commanders.

"I don't hear appreciation... Not only did they fail to get the culprits, the culprits almost managed to launch another attack if not for my intervention. Tsk tsk the MBO had truly degraded with you air heads in position of authority," Miss Aimee chided mercilessly not minding Grand General Eizogich's status.

"How dare you? Wait till I report this blunder to the great commanders," He voiced out before stomping off.

"That's pretty much your only option since you can't do nothing about it," Miss Aimee voiced out to his hearing causing his forehead to twitch repeatedly as he moved away.

Even though he had an higher rank that she did he was among the grand Generals that put up a lot of courage before speaking to her.

They all genuinely feared her after witnessing the things she had done. The entire Sahara desert would have been blown away if she had not controlled her power when descending and the grand General knew that if she willed to the entire base would be destroyed in an instant.

So even if he was putting up a tough act because of his ego, he was also trying not to piss miss Aimee off completely especially when the only person who could go toe to toe with her was currently not in the galaxy.

Miss Aimee put a finger in her ear and rubbed it gently with a look of discomfort before she started walking away.

"So noisy... Cleaning up for you guys everytime and this is what I get in return," She muttered just before pausing in front of the group of twenty who were tied up together.

These masked men began to tremble in fear as they noticed her presence.

"So you guys really wanted to bite more than you could chew uh?" Her eyes turned dark as she voiced out.

"I'll leave it to them to get answers out of you... I just might end up slaughtering you all if I conduct the interrogation myself," Miss Aimee added before she resumed walking away.

A smile appeared on her face as she remembered something, "You're doing good kid... Let's see how you'll take care of the situation within the city," She mumbled before entering into a building on the other end.


The next morning arrived and it had officially been a day since Gustav got here.

A day spent here seemed like a week to him. It was no simple thing to be in the midst of a way. Around midnight the officers from the base in Ruhuguy City, reached out to him through the communication device to ask for a daily report.