The Bloodline System - Chapter 527: Heading To Region Thirty Two

Chapter 527: Heading To Region Thirty Two

Chapter 527: Heading To Region Thirty Two

«"Good idea, he last mentioned he was heading to region thirty-two... That greedy bastard is probably hiding somewhere there selling these weapons to the highest bidder... I'll send some troops there to make him an offer he cannot refuse using my name,"» Commander Fabian stated with a smile.

«"You're still as smart as ever, Lucius,"» He added.

Gustav bowed his head slightly in respect, "I have to go now commander... I don't want to lose the enemy's trail," He voiced out.

«"Ah yes, be careful... Ah, I was expecting some beautiful girl today, but I understand the situation now. I'll make do with the ones I have here,"» A sadistic grin appeared on Commander Fabian's face before the communication was cut.

Gustav's face turned a little dark after that as he slowly transformed back into his normal look.

("What do you think?") The system asked from within.

"I can't jump into conclusions just like that. It's a battlefield, so there will definitely be more than one arms dealer... However, this is our first and only lead so I might as well follow this one for now," Gustav analysed.

They were currently in region thirteen, which was where the whole incident with the group went down.

This easy victory was mostly achieved due to his use of Yarki, which he couldn't rely on again till it recharged completely.

Also, he now knew that there were mixedbloods who could still activate their bloodlines abilities while under the hold of Yarki. This was something Gustav didn't expect, and now he knew his Yarki still wasn't powerful enough.

His conversation with commander Fabian was done to mislead them, which was why he mentioned region twenty-one. If commander Fabian was going to send troops to check on Lucius, they would be sent to an entirely different location, so he believed that for the time being, the kids and their father would be safe.

Gustav didn't plan to remain in this get-up. He couldn't continue playing Lucius since he hardly knew anything about him.

If he had adequate information about Lucius, he would have penetrated the Zalibans clique using Lucius' identity. Still, if he decided to try it now, he would only be putting himself in harm's way since many things could blow his cover.

He was just glad to have received a new lead.

("Region thirty two is up to one thousand five hundred miles away... You won't get there till evening,") The system stated.

"Hmm, it wasn't even mentioned among the suspected regions Sahil might be hiding... I guess the best way of figuring this out would be being a part of the fighting force... That way I would be able to gather information on where the arms are coming from," Gustav mumbled while taking off his clothes.

He was currently changing back into his tattered-looking wear and putting Lucius' clothes into his storage device.

Most of these weapons were being used majorly because the troops in battle were very weak. Besides people like Lucian and the other gigantic guy Gustav fought before this, most of the other mixedbloods were below the Martial rank, and some of them had not even surpassed the Zulu rank.

This was one of the reasons Gustav was asked to stay out of battle. Those who had reached his strength level would be considered big shots, so he could attract the attention of the battling forces here, which could end up blowing his cover.

It was currently almost twelve noon, right now. Even though Gustav was very fast, it still took him at least three hours to travel a distance of close to two thousand miles unless he went at full speed and used combination in the process. This would cause him to expend a lot of energy points, and he wouldn't want that to happen since he needed to save as much energy as possible.

Using a fairly moderate pace would make him spend a long time traveling, but he would be able to save energy, and he also wouldn't attract too much attention to himself.

After changing, Gustav decided to begin his journey.

Dashing across the streets, he saw more and more demolished buildings devasted by the war.



After about two hours of traveling, Gustav found himself blitzing across a battlefield.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions occasionally went off across the surroundings as troops from opposite sides kept firing different types of artillery.


Gustav leaped upwards and landed on a nine-story building by the side. The position he leaped from erupted in flames a moment later as a projectile slammed into it.

Gustav could sense up to four hundred forces scattered across the place with his perception. Bodies were dropping every second, and even citizens living in this particular area kept running from place to place, trying to escape.

Gustav could see a massive crowd of no less than a hundred headed towards the southwest area of this region of the city.

Shrieks and cries filled the place as the crowd moved forward like their lives depended on it because it did. 

Gustav dashed forward and leaped forward away from the building he was currently standing on.

As his body travelled across the air,…


The building he had just leaped from exploded into smithereens, causing debris to be scattered all across the place.


Gustav landed on the ground and dashed forward once again, dodging projectiles sent at him since, at this point, no one knew who the enemy was.

They were random shots all across the place.

Gustav initially didn't want to pass this region when he found out that a battle was happening here, but if he decided to go around it, his journeying time would go up by almost two hours.

His goal was to arrive at region thirty-two, latest by six, so he would have enough time to observe and go around the region before finding somewhere to hide out for the night.

Right now, he had to scale through all this madness and ignore the cries of the citizens trampling upon each other in a bid to escape this region.