The Bloodline System - Chapter 526: Using Lucius's Identity

Chapter 526: Using Lucius's Identity

Chapter 526: Using Lucius's Identity

Plop! Plop! 

Both of them fell to their knees again with shocked looks as Gustav dashed forward while tightening his grip around the atomic blade.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint +Dash]


His speed was like a blur to them as he zig-zagged across the place, and before they both realized it, they saw their vision tilting.

'So this how it ends?' This was the thought on both their minds just before their vision blacked out.

Plop! Plop!

Two heads and headless bodies fell to the ground completely with blood jetting out as Gustav appeared on the far end of the street as the atomic blade in his grasp slowly began to disappear while the blood surrounding it disintegrated into thin air as well.

He retrieved his Yarki to save energy before walking towards the headless body of both Sir Lucius and the other gigantic mixedblood.

If this was seven months ago, Gustav wouldn't be able to use Yarki twice, but now he had devised a way to use it without using up the energy completely.

Right now, he could use it thrice in a day as long as he targetted a particular range that he wanted to be affected.

If he wanted to use it on a larger scale than this, he would have run out of energy completely.

He quickly moved towards the spot where the head of the leader, Sir Lucius, fell and picked it up.

Gustav removed the helmet, revealing the face of Sir Luicuis to be a fairly handsome guy who looked no older than thirty with a scruffy black beard and braided hair.

Noting the looks, Gustav started bringing all bodies of the group towards the interior area of where the broken-down house was.

At this point, citizens in the area were peeping out their windows, and some even came out after witnessing what had just happened.

They all wondered who this person with the fox mask was.

After piling the bodies, Gustav moved towards the side of where the wall of the house used to be located.

His body transformed a little, turning greenish as he bloated just before he proceeded to crouch and touch the ground.

Zzzrrgghh! Zzzrrgghh! Zzzrrgghh!

Icicle-like walls shot out from the ground and started forming a barricade around the area, turning into a small household in a few seconds.

The place became covered up, and the neighbors outside could no longer see what was going on inside.

Gustav quickly took the clothes of sir Luicuis off along with the helmet and kept it in his storage ring along with his communication device.

Gustav proceeded to bring out a small button-sized silver-colored device.


Tapping on it, he activated it and dropped it within the barricaded surrounding before starting to move towards the small opening he left above.


Gustav jumped upwards, phasing through the small opening above, and proceeded to block that as well before jumping off.

In the next few seconds...


A loud blast rang out within the barricade, causing it to vibrate intensely.

The citizens in the vicinity saw a small hole blasted within the wall on the barricade Gustav set, and all they could see was smoke.

Gustav had incinerated the bodies within.

As Gustav moved away from there, dashing towards another region, he allowed the barricade he set to collapse.

When it did, all that could be seen where the corpses initially were was only a patch of black.

Everything solid within had been completely disintegrated.

-"Just who was the fox masked man?"

-"Is he on our side?"

-"Who cares what side he is on, he saved that family,"

The people in the vicinity said amongst themselves.

Gustav found a place to hide out a few minutes later and changed his outfit.

Underground a small, nearly ruined building, Gustav was dressed in a black outfit holding a helmet.

His face slowly morphed into that of Sir Lucius as he brought out the small communication device in his storage which was currently ringing.

It was a rectangular device that displayed the name of the person currently trying to communicate.

«"Commander Fabian"»

This was the name displayed there, and from what Gustav remembered, this person should be higher up the ropes than this sir Luicuis.

Gustav pressed his neck area as he coughed twice.

His voice suddenly started changing, turning a little raspy before becoming deep and strong. This was the same way Sir Lucius sounded.

He brought out some red liquid he stored within his storage ring and wiped it all over his face.

Gustav finally answered the call a moment later.

«"Lucius, where have you been? My goodness, what happened to you?"»

A portrait-sized projection of a square-shaped face middle-aged man with sharp eyes appeared in his line of sight.

He noticed the blood smeared all over Lucius's face, which caused him to speak that way.

"There was a situation, all my men are down... We were attacked by unknown forces at the twenty first region!" Gustav reported with speed using Luicuis's identity.

«"What? Which group was responsible for this?"» The man in the projection asked with a look of fury.

"I'm still investigating that, which is why I was not able to respond in time... They had advanced weaponry just like us and came prepared to battle with five times the amount of men I had with me," Gustav kept giving a fake report.

«"Do you need backup?"» He asked.

"They are no longer in sight, but I am tailing some of their forces at the moment, so I might not show up for a while," Gustav answered.

«"Hmm... Is he also selling weapons to our enemies as well? That bastard,"»

Gustav caught this statement and stared at Commander Fabian with a suspicious gaze.

He wanted to ask who commander Fabian was referring to, but that would blow his cover since Lucius was supposed to know who this person it.

"It's most likely that he is doing just that... Is there anyway we can get to him and propose a deal so he stays clear off the enemy," Gustav asked.