The Bloodline System - Chapter 528: Hidden Quest Complete

Chapter 528: Hidden Quest Complete

Chapter 528: Hidden Quest Complete

Right now, he had to scale through all this madness and ignore the cries of the citizens trampling upon each other in a bid to escape this region.


Gustav activated dash and moved forward with speed swerving all across the place and leaping upwards to avoid the troops on the other side.

He suddenly noticed a massive mechanical piece of equipment structured to look like a panther towards the southeast side. It was robust and about ten feet tall, with lots of weaponry stationed on its being.

Fwwoop~ Fwwoop~ Fwwoop~ 

It suddenly shot out some missile-like projectiles.

As Gustav dashed forward, he noticed that four of these missile-like projectiles were headed toward the escaping citizens.

He suddenly paused his footsteps and slid forward before leaping towards the top of a tall tree by the side.

The instant he landed on a branch at the top of the tree, he was catapulted upwards with force due to the elasticity of the branch.

Ascending up to a thousand feet in the air, Gustav's head transformed into that of the serpentine mixedbreed with black scales and ram horns protruded out of his face.


A purplish beam shot out of his mouth, travelling towards the missile-like projectiles.

Gustav turned his head to the side while in mid-air to control the beam as it blasted across the sky, destroying all three missiles in one fell swoop.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It exploded in the air above the crowd escaping away. The force of the blast swept across the area, causing lots of people to be sent flying as it carried a lot of wind.

Luckily, no one was harmed.

Gustav landed back on the ground a few seconds later and found himself surrounded.

Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!

A group of ten men clad in red tight bodysuits and tight black armor on several parts of their bodies with a weird-looking black helmet had found their way to the top of the building Gustav leaped up from the other time.

They all had weapons pointed at Gustav.

"Which side are you on?" One of them voiced out as they powered their weapons.

"Our side or the Lanzi's group?" The person who seemed to be the leader of the squad voiced out.


The instant Gustav voiced this out...

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]


He leaped forward with intensity, causing a blast to spread across the place as the top of the building gave way.


Screams rang out as all four of them fell through the top of the building, while the entire building still kept vibrating and cracks continued to spread across the place.

The dust had also filled the entire rooftop at the moment. Still, Gustav's body was currently travelling across the air with speed.

Luckily, he was currently using the face of another person, so even if they had seen his face, he could change his look later on.

His body started to descend after he had crossed more than three thousand feet in the air as he flew for a few more hundred feet before landing up ahead.

At this point, he could only see a few troops on this side, and they were all running forward to the location where the battle was directly ongoing.

Gustav kept dashing forward till he was finally out of this region.

It had expended him some energy going through all that, but he felt it was worth it as a notification popped up in his line of sight.


[Hidden Quest Complete: Save at least ten citizens of Leoluch city today]


«+20 Attributes Points»

«+200,000 EXP»

«New Skill Unlocked: Hover»


"Finally, a new skill... What does this one do... Hover... Maybe it has something to do with flight,'

Gustav decided to check on the information regarding hover.



(Ability to make self or other objects float for a period of six seconds in mid-air)


'Just as I thought... This is quite a convenient skill,' Gustav said internally while a smirk appeared on his face.

At this time, it was already evening period. Gustav still had about two and a half more hours of traveling time before he reached his destination.


"The aircraft he was being transported in was attacked,"

In a small space that looked like a military base, a man in MBO uniform could be seen giving a report to a 5'7 tall lady with ash-colored hair.

"Have they figured out who orchestrated the attack?" The lady asked with a vicious-looking glare.

"It was traced to the Alheada base camping in the Sahara desert... However, when forces were sent there, the enemies were nowhere to be found," The man explained gently, not trying to piss the lady off by any means.

"Incompetent fools... Why does the MBO keep degrading everyday..." She voiced out with a cold and annoyed tone.

The other officers in the vicinity did not dare say a word even though they were being insulted. They just kept their mouths shut and focused on whatever they were doing.

"Give me the location... I'll take care of it myself," She commanded.

"But young miss, they're already gone... It would be a waste of time," The male officer tried reasoning with her.

"Give me the location now," She stated with a strong tone that left no room for arguments.

The officer had no choice but to comply and voiced out the coordinates before passing a GPS to Miss Aimee.


In a blink of an eye, Miss Aimee suddenly disappeared from the military base.

It looked like magic to them, and they didn't sense the force from the speed till after three seconds had gone by.


The breeze suddenly blasted forth across the place, causing some pieces of equipment to be sent flying along with the walls vibrating.

Initially standing in front, the officer was lucky to have braced himself for this, so he was safe laying on the ground.

"Phew that was scary... I never want to be the one to talk to her again," He muttered with a relieved look.