The Bloodline System - Chapter 525: You're Wrong

Chapter 525: You're Wrong

Chapter 525: You're Wrong

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The leader struggled to move his body as he saw this silhouette dash from place to place with a milky glowing dagger in its grasp and a weird-looking fox-like mask.

His men couldn't even scream as they had lost control of their bodies. Helmets dropped one after the other with heads within them as fountains of blood kept jetting out of the headless bodies.

Gustav arrived in front of the bulky guy who was lifting the teenage girl and stabbed him right in the left shoulder, severing his arm from his body before pulling the girl from his grip.


He dashed towards the front and dropped the girl beside her siblings.

The girl kept vomiting after witnessing the cruel scene in front while her little brothers had covered their eyes.

Gustav reached out to the father next and picked him up.

"Take this," He handed him a medicinal pill.

Which the man put in his mouth, causing his injuries to quickly begin healing.

"Take your family away from here," Gustav's voice sounded extremely deep and powerful different from his usual voice.

"Ah, thank you, thank you," The man appreciated as he quickly moved towards his kids and hurried them away from the scene.


He dashed back once again towards the rest who were still on their knees.

Only about seven of them were left, 'I have about ten seconds more,' Gustav said internally as he dashed towards the rest, activating sprint.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

The troops could only hear the sounds of whooshing air, and the next thing they knew, a whitish blur had phased past them.

It was so fast that they could see their vision turning upside down as their head fell to the floor before everything turned black completely.

In five seconds, Gustav had murdered almost everyone, and at this point, two of them were left. The leader and the one gigantic one who used the cannon-like gun the other time.

Just as Gustav dashed towards them, a massive wall suddenly ascended from the ground and surrounded both of them.

Gustav kept dashing forward and swung his blade once, causing the entire thing to be destroyed in one swing, but the instant he did that.

A mighty spear-like light was already headed towards him from the front.

It had appeared right before him that dodging seemed impossible.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

The force of gravity around him suddenly turned weird as the spear of light moved slightly towards the side while Gustav also swerved at full force.


The spear grazed his left shoulder, drawing a line on the surface that caused a drop of blood to roll down his sleeves.


Gustav arrived about a hundred feet towards the side as he took in a deep breath.

He had managed to escape that, but now the five seconds left were up.

Both men instantly jumped to their feet the moment they regained control of their bodies.


Multiple rays of light suddenly converged around him, forming hundreds of spears barely, which he sent hurling towards Gustav.

The gigantic one pulled the vest from his body and tore his upper clothes before revealing his muscular upper body.


He growled out as he increased in size, becoming about eleven feet in height, looking like a colossal being.

Thum! Thum! Thum! Thum!

His footsteps echoed as every step brought tremors to the vicinity.

Gustav was currently dodging the light spears and slashing forward at those he couldn't dodge.

The instant he managed to swerve forward, dodging all the projectiles that had destroyed a large portion of the street behind him, the colossal-looking guy was already leaping towards him from above.

Gustav quickly rolled towards the side, dodging the descent as the gigantic guy slammed into the ground, causing a massive wave of destruction to spread across the place.

The moment Gustav arrived on the other side, the leader was already stabbing towards his chest with a light spear in his grasp.

Gustav moved to the right and spun around quickly, sending his atomic blade towards the neck of the leader.


The leader quickly pulled back his spear and spun it around, hitting Gustav's right hand away, and proceeded to send a punch towards Gustav's chest.

Gustav leaned backward, dodging the punch, but just as his body was lowered, the colossal dude was pounding towards his head from behind with his two massive fists that were coated in rocky covering.

Gustav's eyes slightly widened as he placed both hands on the ground after descending to a certain height and throwing his body upwards using his hand.


Gustav turned his body towards the side as he ascended in the air slipping in between the space of the colossal's guy left and right hand.

Gustav flew above his head and threw out a punch, and sliced towards his back.


Rocks appeared on the colossal guy's back as Gustav's Atomic blade sliced across it from his neck down to his spine area.

Due to this, he had managed to avoid getting killed instantly as the blade only managed to cut three inches deep into his back after breaking through the rocky barrier he set up.

He was blasted forward as Gustav arrived behind, ready to parry the attack of the leader again.

"Who are you?" The leader asked as Gustav dodged his strike once again.

"That doesn't matter because you will be dead soon," Gustav responded while sending out a strike once again the leader was able to block.

"Haha, I've just been going easy on you... I have no idea what you did before, but I'm sure you can't do it again. Now I will stop being holding back," He voiced out as a blinding light suddenly burst forth from his figure, pushing Gustav back.

Meanwhile, the colossal dude had stabilized himself behind, ready to jump into the fight again.

"You're wrong," Gustav muttered as his eyes suddenly emitted a fiery pink glow.


Pinkish energy suddenly blasted forth from his body surrounding the entire vicinity.

Plop! Plop! 

Both of them fell to their knees again with shocked looks as Gustav dashed forward while tightening his grip around the atomic blade.


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