The Bloodline System - Chapter 521: Successful Infiltration

Chapter 521: Successful Infiltration

Chapter 521: Successful Infiltration


A small silver-colored bracelet appeared on his wrist, glowing blue light on its surface.

Four green bars appeared on them, which indicated their battery life.

This was the grade seven spatial bracelet Gustav had gotten from the base weapons vault back then.

"Time to pick another check point," Gustav said as he tapped on the screen surface of the bracelet.

A few seconds later, a small web-like blueish glow appeared in front of Gustav.

It disappeared in the next instant, and Gustav smiled.

"Two more slots left..." Gustav muttered as the bracelet turned invisible.

Originally, the grade seven spatial bracelet had four slots, so there could only be four checkpoints where Gustav could teleport to at will so long as the bracelet was charged.

This was the second checkpoint he was setting. The first was back in camp, and his plan was to set the third checkpoint in Leoluch city.

He had no idea if the barrier covering Leoluch was going to interfere with the power of the spatial bracelet or not. However, if it did work, this would make it easier for him to leave and return at any time he willed.

He still remembered Great commander Shion mentioning that a grade seven spatial bracelet was so rare that only two were available within the base weapons vault, and he happened to have taken one. He hoped that with this, there wouldn't be any issues because it would come in handy if he could escape from any unforeseen situations.


The next morning arrived in a flash as Gustav found himself awake at five am.

He was already used to this. This might also be his last night enjoying a peaceful sleep before embarking on the mission. He might not even have any sleep at all for the next few nights.

Gustav stayed in his room channeling his bloodline for about thirty minutes before he was called out.

By five-thirty, there was another short briefing within the main tent with the officers.

They handed Gustav a two-way communication device but advised him not to use it too frequently due to the city's government tracking any form of communication coming through or going out of the barrier.

They also couldn't contact him frequently due to this. There were so many risks involved.

After the briefing, Gustav and the two officers, Tron Bosko and Louis Integro had land vehicles parked by the side they used for transport.

Gustav followed them in the vehicle, and they drove off out of the forest.

About thirty minutes later, they had arrived at a small mountain pass where they had to drive by the side of the mountain.

After arriving at the end of the pass, they parked the vehicle.

Officer Louis explained that they were close to the outskirts of the western part of the city.

They had to walk because using a vehicle would attract the attention of military forces parading around the barrier from time to time.

They treaded softly at this point, and several thousand meters ahead, Gustav could already see the outline of a part of Leoluch city.

This part looked like it had already been burnt to the grounds, and the barely visible dome was centered around a few feet in front, which would most likely prevent entry.

They hid behind a huge piece of rock while observing the surroundings.

Officer Tron brought out two rectangular-shaped red devices and threw them out.

He threw one towards the far west and the other towards the east.


Both devices landed a few feet away from the dome and flashed a bright red light before disappearing.

"Let's move," Officer Louis voiced out.

They moved away from the covering of the rock towards the dome up ahead.

The instant they arrived before the dome, officer Tron brought out a large seven-foot-tall equipment from his spatial storage device.

"Stand right in front of the dome and place one of your hands an inch away from it," They instructed.

Gustav complied and stretched his right hand forward, stopping just one inch away.

Even without making contact, he could feel the energy from the dome, 'I could absorb all this in my energy containers but it would ruin the mission,' Gustav said internally, knowing that the people in authority within the city would instantly be alerted if he tried that.

Officer Tron moved the seven-foot device close to Gustav's back and asked him to remain still.

Officer Tron turned to the side and nodded to Officer Louis, "Now," 

Officer Louis stood behind Officer Tron and placed both his hands on his shoulders. In contrast, officer Tron placed both his hands on the device behind Gustav.

Suddenly Gustav felt a massive amount of energy gathering behind him.

Officer Louis's hands-on Tron's shoulder displayed an icy glow while Officer Tron's hands exuded a red glow as he retained contact with the device.

The device began to charge up, shinning a milky-coloured light.

Gustav saw his body turning a bit transparent, and he felt a little woozy.

"Go in now," Officer Tron shouted from behind while groaning like he was in pain.

Even though Gustav felt woozy, the instruction sounded clear in his head.

He proceeded to move forward, and his body phased right through the barrier, and he arrived on the other side.

The instant he got through, his body returned back to normal, and he stared at both officers through the layer of barrier in between them.

They looked a bit worn out, but he also noticed their looks of caution like something had happened.

The signalled to Gustav to keep moving as they quickly packed up the equipment hurriedly and turned around.

Gustav did as he was told and dashed straight through the decimated street.

Meanwhile, some military troops behind the dome seemed to have arrived on the scene since they sensed a weird flux of energy.

But to their surprise, they didn't find anyone there.

What they didn't notice was two barely visible outlines hiding behind a piece of rock in the distance. They couldn't see them because both Officers had made use of the gadget that turned a person invisible for ten seconds.

This allowed them to get out of the range of detection.