The Bloodline System - Chapter 522: Scouring The Region

Chapter 522: Scouring The Region

Chapter 522: Scouring The Region

What they didn't notice was two barely visible outlines hiding behind a piece of rock in the distance. They couldn't see them because both Officers had made use of the gadget that turned a person invisible for ten seconds.

This allowed them to get out of the range of detection.

The two devices Officer Tron threw out the detection devices that alerted them of the incoming troops the instant Gustav phased in.

The troops later left, allowing both officers to scurry back towards the location where the land vehicle was parked.


At this point, Gustav was still within the decimated part of the city he arrived at a few minutes back.

His clothes had longed been changed into a ragged one before their arrival here, so he would fit in.

Gustav crouched as he arrived at a part of the city where broken pieces of buildings piled upon one another.

He reached out and touched the sand before rubbing it on his face to make himself look even messier.


His face slowly morphed, making him look a bit older with an oblong-shaped face and a small mustache. He looked totally different from his original look.

Gustav moved forward slowly towards a part of the city that still looked to fairly be in shape.

Behind, he had already passed by so many destroyed buildings and a litter of corpses.

Most corpses had incomplete body parts, which depicted that they all died gruesome deaths.


"Hmm?" Gustav exclaimed with a low tone as he felt he stepped on something.

Upon looking down at his left foot, he noticed it was a piece of a cut-off arm.

Not just any arm, but from the size, it looked to be the arm of a kid.

Gustav squatted again and sighed, "War knows no age, size of person... It truly destroys all," He muttered while preparing to stand up when he noticed something.

Clutched in the grasp of the closed hand was a small round device.

Gustav grabbed hold of the arm and forcefully pried open the hand before grabbing hold of the ball.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

"Hmm... What's a kid doing with a bomb?" Gustav questioned with a contemplative expression.

He could see the same properties within this device was similar to how the internal structure of a bomb looked.

'Kida are not permitted to participate in wars... Which psycho would send a kid on this suicide mission,' Gustav muttered internally as he stood to his feet.

He was initially okay with the whole situation understanding that the kid might have been caught in the cross-fire, but now that he had seen this, he was positive that the kid must have been among the combat forces battling here.

The bomb wasn't detonated, which meant the kid had weapons in their possession.

Gustav stood up and kept the bomb in his storage device before moving forward.

He already knew what he was getting into by coming here, but it was still disappointing nevertheless.

The fact that the world government couldn't interfere and end this made things even worse.

Gustav had decided he was going to get to the bottom of everything before leaving this place.

He walked within a street that was fairly in good condition, but he still hadn't found a single living person.

The buildings that looked okay had their doors shut and windows completely covered.

Using his perception, Gustav found out that there were people who were alive in this vicinity. Still, it seemed they locked themselves indoors in fear of the brutality going on outside.

Gustav only felt they were lucky enough that the battles here didn't blast their buildings away.

However, Gustav could tell that soon enough, some of them would have to come out to source for food because whatever they had stored would eventually finish.

Gustav kept moving from place to place for up to an hour, and all that time spent was only used for marking how the places looked, while searching for a place to shelter himself for nighttime.

During the time he spent walking, he had only seen a few people come out of their homes.

They all looked tattered and dirty as well, so Gustav fit in.

This particular region was one of the locations where it was mentioned that Sahil might be hiding, but so far, Gustav hadn't even noticed anything out of the ordinary.

About an hour more later, Gustav had scoured this whole region on foot. He visited what was left of the bus stations, the nearly run-down upwards where trains used to travel over the city with floating railways.

So many spots, but nothing seems to be happening in this region as of now.

Just as Gustav was about to go round again, the sounds of fast footsteps suddenly reverberated across the environment from upfront.

Gustav noticed that several people who were on this part of the streets started running.

A middle-aged man tapped Gustav as he ran, "The Zalibans are coming," He voiced out and kept running.

He felt Gustav had no clue of the situation, which was why he alarmed him.

Gustav looked around the vicinity.

He had already found somewhere he could hide out around here, but the wall by the side had been blasted open.

Gustav turned to face the building on his right and leaped towards the second floor.


He landed in front of an empty apartment that had its back wall blasted open.

Gustav walked in through the door space, which was wider than it was supposed to be, and quickly moved towards the left area of the wall.

He bloated slightly as his body transformed into a greenish fur appeared on his body, and another head began to grow on his back.

[Activated Partial Kilapisole Transformation]

Gustav placed his hand on the wall, and smooth-looking icicle-like walls protruded out of his hands and onto the edge.

These icicle-like walls joined the wall on the left to the wall on the right, closing up the space of the broken wall behind.