The Bloodline System - Chapter 520: The Jiko Hakai Katana

Chapter 520: The Jiko Hakai Katana

Chapter 520: The Jiko Hakai Katana

"'It easily broke through my defense?' Gustav was astonished as he stood in place and stared at his hand.

"Are you alright?" Officer Milly voiced out with concern as she arrived in front of him.

"Yeah I'm good," Gustav responded while waving his right hand to get rid of the numbness.

"I wanted to tell you that using it also damages the wielder... The more destructive you want it to be, the more damage it inflicts," She stated.

"Oh... Alright," Gustav stated as he began walking towards the front again.

He suddenly stretched out his hand towards the hilt of the sword again before Officer Milly could react.

"What are you do..." Before she could complete her sentence, Gustav had already grabbed hold of the hilt.


The electric arcs appeared again, electrocuting Gustav's hand, but he was already prepared for it

unlike the last time.

He hardened his body as he forcefully picked the katana up and unsheathed it even while the electrocution was still happening.

The entire blade was up to four feet long and reddish in color, with blue arcs of electricity swimming across it with intensity.


Dashing out of the tent, Gustav arrived outside instantly and swung the katana forward with force.


A twenty-seven feet long reddish arc covered in lightning bolts travelled forward from the katana towards the forest in front.

Loud vibrations rocked the place as about seventy trees in front were instantly cleaved in half and set on fire as the arc travelled forward nonstop.


A blazing fire rose up, causing Gustav's eyes to slightly widen.

"Oh... Who knew it was this effective," He voiced out with a wry smile before sheathing the katana back and placing it in his storage ring.

The instant it disappeared into his storage ring, Gustav's arm trembled a bit from the intense electrocution his arm went through while trying to swing the katana.

"I'll take this one," Gustav said to Officer Milly, who had just walked out of the tent and witnessed what just happened.

Her eyes, along with her mouth, were still wide open.

"How is a martial ranked cadet able to swing the Jiko Hakai katana? With barely any damage for that matter. Fom the first touch he should have passed out," She couldn't wrap her head around what she had just witnessed.

The other officers had also come out at this point to see half the forest in front of them nearly burnt to the ground.

"What happened?"

"Are we under attack?" This was their first question.

Officer Milly quickly explained to them what had just gone down. They also stared at Gustav with looks of surprise, not wanting to believe he actually managed to swing the sword without being turned into a shish kebab.

Gustav was actually harmed, but his body had the regenerative function, which was why he wasn't bothered about causing self-sabotage to himself.

"He's gotta have one hell of a pain resistance or his body is so tough that such high voltage of electricity barely damages him... Like you Tron," Officer Gooseman voiced out while staring in Gustav's direction.

Officer Tron's stomach shook as he nodded, "It is very impressive for a cadet to be able to wield it and even swing the Jiko Hakai katana without getting roasted to a crisp... Even some full fledged officers would have passed out after one swing since not everyone has a great body defense," He praised.

"Why are we just watching the forest burn? Louis do something about this," Officer Gooseman instructed.

Officer Louis Integro nodded and walked forward with his massive body.

He arrived a few feet in front of the burning forest and stretched both hands sideways.

Pah! Fwwoooohhhh!

The instant he clapped both hands together, a blast of icy energy burst forth.

The environment was instantly developed with cold as ice instant covered the entire burning forest in a manner of seconds, forming icicles in spots where the fire was initially seen.

He withdrew his hand after a few seconds, and it could be seen that the forest had literally turned into the north pole.

Snow-covered the trees along with fog spreading to every part of the forest.

"Kid, maybe next time don't destroy nature... We only have a little of that left," Officer Gooseman said to Gustav.

"My bad, I didn't expect it to be this effective," Gustav explained.

'Good thing I didn't use my full strength,' He sighed internally in relief.

("The power of the Jiko Hakai katana is extremely high, but trying to use it's full power will only end up destroying the wielder,") The system voiced out in Gustav's head.

'Hmm I see, if I tried weilding it at full strength what would happen?' Gustav asked internally.

("Your arm will be blasted off... If you tried using it with transfomation while activating some of your bloodlines to give power boost, half of your body will be blasted apart and you might not survive based on your current regeneration level,") The system explained with a solemn tone.

'Oh... That's pretty dangerous...' Gustav was intrigued to see how much destruction could be created at his fully-powered swing. Still, now that the system had told him this, he had to reconsider using it beyond a certain level.

Gustav was later shown to the tent where he'd be spending the night.

Currently, it was still afternoon, so he had time to finish his daily tasks and channel his bloodline before night fell.

About two hours later, Gustav was done with his daily tasks and returned to his room to channel his bloodline.

Just now, one of his tasks involved going around Ruhuguy City, which he just did.

He was actually jumping from rooftops to rooftops across the city, which initially got people alarmed because they thought he was a burglar.

However, when they noticed him dressed in MBO uniform, they turned respectful.

Most of them were very surprised to see someone looking so young, an officer in the MBO.

The instant Gustav sat on the bed provided him in his tent, he rolled his left sleeves up and tapped a particular part of his wrist.