The Bloodline System - Chapter 519: Picking A Weapon

Chapter 519: Picking A Weapon

Chapter 519: Picking A Weapon

("Any mixedblood below that level will not be able to break through the barrier with their strength.

You're still peak level Martial rank, so you qualify. Everyone in this room besides you is Echo rank and above,")

The system explained in Gustav's mind.

'Oh, I see...' Gustav noted.

"If we have to wait for the permission of the world government to go in and calm the situation down, Sahil would be able to escape..." Officer Gooseman stated.

"I only have to find him and place a tracker on him... Seems like a simple job," Gustav stated.

"Don't underestimate the opponent, especially since this is your first mission," Officer Milly Brown stated from the side.

"Getting in is guaranteed with our input, getting out also won't be too much of an issue since the barrier is created to prevent entry not leaving, but finding Sahil himself will be the most difficult aspect," Officer Gooseman added.

"Remember it's a war kid... You can find yourself in a battle at any point in time," Officer Louis Integro voiced out from the side as well.

"There will be combattants on your level of power there as well, so don't get too cocky, this isn't the MBO camp; this is the real deal," Officer Tron Bosko voiced out.

Every time he spoke, his belly shook due to its massive size.

"I can see that..." Gustav responded with an unbothered expression.

"Tsk tsk, these kids are always so confident until they find themselves in dangerous situations and shit their pants," Officer Milly Brown added.

"I don't think that will happen with this kid, anyways moving on," Officer Gooseman continued speaking.

He explained and pointed out different parts of the city where it was suspected that Sahil would be located. Some of them happened to be the most dangerous spots in the city where occasional battles usually broke out.

"A state of emergency had long been issued within the city, so being in an household doesn't make you safe. You won't be able to sleep properly at night since danger lurks at every corner," Officer Gooseman kept speaking and then gave Gustav some ideas to keep himself safe while on the endeavor.

"At this point over two thousand deaths have been reported, but the world government are not allowed to butt in unless it reaches up to ten thousand and we can't wait that long. Also, we can't expect bodies to keep piling up for the sake of wanting to catch one person. The civil war may even end before the death toll reaches that high and all these would still lead to Sahil's escape so this mission is very crucial," Officer Gooseman advised.

Gustav nodded slightly in response as he noted these locations putting them at the back of his mind.

"When do I leave?" Gustav asked.

"Tomorrow morning by six am, Officers Louis and Tron will be accompanying you to the break in point," Officer Gooseman responded.

"In the meantime, Officer Milly will walk you through the features of every gadget you will be receiving," He added while gesturing at Officer Milly.

Officer Milly gestured for Gustav to follow her out of the main tent, which he did.

As they walked out, Gustav wondered why Miss Aimee wasn't here when Gradier Xanatus had stated that this case was linked to one she was working on.

He decided to put it at the back of his mind for now as he walked into the equipment tent with Officer Milly.

This tent was smaller compared to the previous one. Still, upon entering, Gustav could see rows and rows of different kinds of gadgets and weaponry stacked on them.

Officer Milly moved to one of the first and picked a button-sized white device.

"This is a F21, it can grant you invisibility for a ten seconds... However you can only use it a total of four times before it runs out of energy. Being in Leoluch city means you won't be able to recharge it so use it wisely," She explained.

Gustav received it from her and placed it in his storage device.

She walked over to a rack where some silver-coloured circular-shaped objects were lined up and picked up seventeen of them.

"A small detonater capable of decimating a bungalow sized building," She said while handing them over to Gustav.

Each one was the size of a pinky fingernail. They were so small, anyone would think they were harmless.

She moved on and handed Gustav some advanced smoke grenades as well as some other gadgetry that might be needed.

She finally arrived in front of a weaponry rack.

Here, several types of weapons could be seen, ranging from those that help with melee combat and long-distance combat.

Gustav could

see guns shaped in different ways, glowing with infused energy stones. H also blades and daggers looking so sharp that they could be felt without making contact.

"What kind of weapon are you skilled in welding?" She asked Gustav.

Gustav recalled training within the MBO with some weapons during combat class. Even though he seemed proficient in all, he wasn't really a gun person, so he looked around the rack.

"What does that one do," Gustav voiced out while pointing at a red-hilted katana placed by the ledge.

"Oh, that one is too powerful for you to handle chose another one," She said with a dismissive expression.

"Hmm? How do you mean?" Gustav asked.

"It has the power to cleave steel or any tougher solid metal with ease based on the wielder," She explained.

"Its powers is revealed with a swing, but you will not be able to swing it," She added.

Gustav moved over and reached out to grab it.

"No," She reached out to stop him, but it was too late.


A charge of electric current ran through Gustav's hand the moment he made contact with it, causing him to be tossed backward by a few feet.


Gustav slammed into some of the racks behind.

"Ow," He voiced out bluntly before picking himself back up with an unbothered expression and checking his hand.

Scorch marks had appeared on his skin, but right before his very eyes, the scorch marks began to disappear as he healed.

'It easily broke through my defense?' Gustav was astonished.