The Bloodline System - Chapter 518: Arriving At The Checkpoint

Chapter 518: Arriving At The Checkpoint

Chapter 518: Arriving At The Checkpoint

It was already a given that this wasn't a common occurrence with the pilot's reaction, which led Gustav to one final realization.

'This attack was directed towards me... Yung Jo maybe?' This was the only person Gustav could think of at the moment.

It was unlikely that anyone else would try this because even though he amassed quite the fame during the MBO test phases, he hadn't built enough prestige for any enemy force to truly consider him a threat.

This was his thought process, and he could only think of Yung Jo being the culprit.


About three hours later, Gustav could see the aircraft descending a little bit as they arrived at the end of a side of the Pacific ocean.

They glided past it, arriving above a massive city.

This city had different kinds of small two to three-story buildings lined up in rows and columns. They were so loosely joined that one would think there were no spaces in between.

However, it looked very beautiful and quite civilized due to the well-constructed passageways in different areas and a floating train rail connected to different city points.

"We have arrived in Ruhuguy City, a neighboring city to Leoluch City," The pilot voiced out as the aircraft began to slow down.

They kept moving for about a few hundred miles before they arrived above a small forestry area.

Within this forestry area, a visible cleared-out space could be seen upfront. It was the size of three football fields combined, and camp houses could be seen.

The aircraft descended at a clear spot by the right side amidst the stares of a group of officers who seemed to have been expecting their arrival.


The door slid open, and Gustav walked out of the aircraft with the pilot.

The group of officers in the vicinity were already walking towards them.

"Officer Crimson, welcome," The leading officer, who happened to be a tanned man with a buzz cut and buff stature, was the first to arrive in front of Gustav and offer a handshake.

Gustav responded by receiving the hand and returning the handshake. Still, after a few seconds passed, the officer didn't let go of his hand.

"I heard you're quite powerful among the cadets," He said as he tightened his grip around Gustav's hand.

"I have been deployed here as an officer and not a cadet," Gustav responded while retaining his grip on the man's hand without changing expression.

"Oh, but just how strong are you?" The officer questioned with a sharp gaze while a grin appeared on his face.

"Strong enough to get a three star mission as a debut," Gustav responded. At the same time, his grip also turned tighter without showing any form of expression.

The officers in the background stared at the two without saying a word as the atmosphere turned tenser and tenser.

All of a sudden...

"Hahaha, I'm just messing with you kid, welcome," The tanned buzz-cut officer voiced out with a playful tone as he let go of Gustav and patted his shoulder.

Gustav's expression was still the same.

"I'm officer Gooseman, the one supervising this mission. I will be in touch with you while you're carrying out your mission to share information and instructions on different occasions when needed," He explained while turning around to walk with Gustav.

"This is Officer Louis Integro, Officer Milly Brown and Officer Tron Bosko," He introduced the other three officers behind.

Who were lined up just as he had called them sequentially. A massive seven-foot-tall man with long red hair, a stunning mixed Latino-looking lady with an hourglass figure, and tied up black hair, and lastly, a fat six-foot tall bald man with a stomach similar to the size of seven balls joined together.

They all greeted Gustav, and he returned the greeting as well.

"We will be providing you with assistance as well," Officer Milly Brown voiced out.

"I'm in charge of the equipment you will need for the break in operation into Leoluch city," She added.

"Both of us will deal with helping you get in undetected," Officer Louis Integro voiced out with a deep tone next while hinting at the other officer, Tron Bosko, who nodded in response.

Gustav noted that and followed them as they headed towards the massive tent placed in the middle of the place.

The instant they walked in, Gustav felt as if he had arrived in a different place entirely.

The internal structure of the tent was just so well designed, it looked like a standard base of operation.

Several holographic monitors were stationed at different points displaying the ongoing civil war within Leoluch city.

It showed several places within the city that had nearly been completely decimated and somewhere battles were ongoing presently.

"As you can see, Leoluch city is still in a state of disarray... Since the MBO haven't been given the go ahead to infiltrate we have no way of sending in a team to catch Sahil," Officer Gooseman said while staring at the holographic monitor that displayed a picture of Sahil as well as his information.

Gustav looked around, staring at the different projections that displayed what was currently happening.

There was one where he could see the view of the city from up above.

"Is that a dome?" Gustav asked after noticing the barely visible outline of a circular barrier covering the city.

"Precisely... This is what stops anyone beyond a certain power level from going in undetected. This is why we need you, you happen to be the weakest here but not just that, according to the reports you're more suitable for the job due to your distinction within camp," Officer Gooseman stated bluntly.

Gustav expression remained unchanged even though it sounded like an insult.

("They are right... I have picked in on information regarding the dome. It detects mixedbloods from power level Echo rank and above, those are considered to be threats since they would be able to break in due to their strength.")