The Bloodline System - Chapter 517: Sudden Aerial Attack

Chapter 517: Sudden Aerial Attack

Chapter 517: Sudden Aerial Attack

The city's citizens also got involved due to the degrading situation of the city's economic state, becoming a full-blown civil war of people choosing sides.

Gustav had all the information he needed on the groups in power, so he had already planned his first steps out as they journeyed across the skies.

He could tell that things would be really chaotic, but he prepared his mind for whatever was to come.

About an hour later...


A loud whistling sound suddenly reverberated across the place as alarms started blaring within the aircraft.

The pilot's eyes widened as he quickly steered the aircraft out of the way.


A blue beam shot across the sky, passing by the side of the aircraft.

It was only inches away from grazing the aircraft, and even though there was no contact, the force from the beam rattled the plane vigorously.

Gustav was already alerted at this point as he turned to face the pilot's corner.

"What's happening?" He voiced out with a confused expression.

"We're under attack!" The pilot voiced out loudly from ahead.

Gustav had already thought of this, but he was quite shocked that this would be happening.

"From who?" Gustav asked as he prepared to unstrap himself.


The voice of an AI resounded within the aircraft as a projection of a massive black rhombus-shaped jet appeared in front of Gustav.

"What the hell is that?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of disbelief after seeing just how the jet had different weaponry strapped to it.


The pilot moved the aircraft forward at full speed and dodged to the side to avoid another incoming projectile.

This time a purplish ray blasted past them, causing the aircraft to vibrate intensely once again. Gustav lost his balance while trying to stand and nearly got blasted towards the back of the plane.

"It's an AZALON jet. One of the top ten most powerful flying weapons in the world... It doesn't need to be piloted by anyone. It only needs to be locked on to its target and it will annihilate them," The pilot explained while still flying across the sky and dodging the multiple projectiles.

"Just stay in your seat, I've got this," The pilot voiced out after noticing Gustav trying to stand once again.

Gustav stared at the pilot from behind with a contemplative expression before leaning back and strapping himself to the seat once again.

The pilot's eyes squinted as he moved his right hand away from the control wheel, piloting with just his left hand, tapping on some keys within the cockpit.

From outside, within the clouds high up, these two aircraft could be seen bolting across the sky at immense speed.

One was twice the size of the other, and it happened to be the Azalon jet.

Twwhii! Twwhhi!

It would occasionally shoot out attacks of different kinds, missiles, and bolts of energy. Still, the pilot of the MBO aircraft seemed to be very skilled.

He dodged every single projectile skillfully as three massive cannon-like weapons protruded from the sides of the aircraft.

However, no attack was shot out yet. The aircraft kept gliding through the air and dodging the projectiles from behind.


All of a sudden, the MBO aircraft accelerated into the sky and disappeared into a cloud.

The aircraft behind shot through the massive cotton of cloud and arrived on the other side. However, he was unable to see the aircraft.

It quickly decelerated and started sweeping from place to place across the sky, looking for the MBO aircraft.

This continued for about thirty seconds before the MBO aircraft suddenly appeared on its rear.

Zhooommm! Boom!

It shot out a powerful penetrative red beam that slammed into the left bottom corner of the jet.


As the jet tilted to the side after taking the damage, the MBO aircraft swerved towards the back. They shot out another beam towards a particular corner of the jet.


A loud explosion blasted across the sky as this second attack destroyed half of the jet. It started diving downwards, falling through the clouds.

"You really think having a nearly impenetrable covering makes you the intimidating, hehe..." The pilot laughed lightly within the aircraft as he moved forward with speed, ignoring the crashing jet behind.

'He's good,' Gustav had to admit that this was one good pilot.

At the start of the attack, the whole situation seemed dangerous with the pilot's expression, which was why Gustav was ready to spring into action, thinking he wouldn't be able to handle it.

It seemed the pilot was only surprised at the fact that they were getting attacked.

Gustav had witnessed the whole exchange between both aircraft through both the holographic projection in front of him and his perception that could sense outside of the aircraft.

Based on what the pilot had said, it would seem the jet was almost impenetrable. Still, he seemed to have targetted the weak spots, which he wouldn't have been able to lock onto if he didn't keep running at first and pull the disappearing trick he did earlier.

What none of them noticed was a red object that dislodged from the crashing jet, flying in the direction where their aircraft was headed.

This red object turned invisible as it bolted through the skies in the same direction the aircraft disappeared into.

"Reporting an air attack at cordinates..."

Gustav sat back with a contemplative expression as he listened to the pilot report the incident that had just happened while still gliding through the sky.

It was a wonder why anyone would try shooting them down. There weren't a lot of organizations that had the balls to attack an MBO aircraft, and even those that did wouldn't try it so as not to incur the wrath of the MBO.

This led Gustav to think of two possible theories: either these people were stupid or confident enough not to leave any tracks behind. Currently, a troop of MBO officers was heading towards the crash spot to investigate where the jet was sent out from.