The Bloodline System - Chapter 516: Moving Out Of Camp

Chapter 516: Moving Out Of Camp

Chapter 516: Moving Out Of Camp

Currently, it was close to six am, so Gustav had to find his way to the main hall quickly.

Once he moved out of the dragon residence, he spotted a silhouette in the distance.

A 5'7 tall female cadet sporting a gem-like azure-colored hair with pigtails on both sides of her head. A top-notch beauty and an extremely intense gaze that felt like it could pierce through steel.

"Elevora what are you doing here?" Gustav voiced out as they walked towards each other.

"You didn't think you'd just leave without saying goodbye did you?" Elevora voiced out before donning a calm smile.

"I won't be gone for long anyways," Gustav responded as they arrived in front of each other.

"Good... I'll be sure to take the first spot once again before you get back," Elevora said while moving forward further, standing side by side with Gustav.

"Don't keep me waiting for too long," Elevora added before she resumed walking forward, passing Gustav completely.


"Sure I won't... Hopefully you won't be too weak for me by the time I get back," Gustav responded with a smirk as he also resumed walking forward.


Gustav dashed forward a few moments later, headed in the direction of the main hall.

In a few minutes, he arrived there and moved in.

He was cleared for exit from campgrounds in no time, and Gustav was told to move towards the third massive mirror in the middle of the massive hall.

The middle mirror displayed the forest they had arrived in on their first day here. In contrast, the third one displayed a location that seemed to be in front of a massive body of water.

Gustav did as he was instructed and moved towards the third mirror.


His body completely phased through the mirror as he kept walking after arriving before it.

Gustav found himself on the other side of the mirror and noticed he was standing in the middle of a massive platform situated in the middle of the ocean.

On closer look, this wasn't a platform. Rather it was a massive ship gliding through the oceanic waters.

"Officer Crimson," Someone called out to him from up ahead.

It was another officer dressed in a different type of MBO uniform.

"I'm Officer Crone, your pilot," He said while reaching out to shake Gustav.

Gustav shook his hand back.

"Follow me," He said while guiding Gustav across the massive ship.

Multiple officers could be seen moving around, and with the size of the ship, Gustav couldn't see the end from his position without using God Eyes.

He followed the officer towards a particular part of the ship where different aircraft were parked.

They moved towards a particular silver and blue-coloured one amid the advanced-looking aircraft.


The aircraft doors instantly glided open as they approached.

"Please, come in," He said politely while moving in with Gustav following behind.

The aircraft was half the size of an old age plane but bigger than a jet; however, it looked super luxurious on the inside.

Unlike the last time when Gustav travelled with an MBO aircraft, he would be all alone in the cabin this time.

He quickly moved in and strapped himself in as the pilot started the engine.


The aircraft lifted off into the air and zoomed off into the distance.

It was from above that Gustav could see the outline of the massive ship.

It didn't really look like a ship. It seemed more like an exalted platform similar to an island floating above the ocean's surface level.

It was square-shaped and very large. The number of officers moving across it was in the hundreds.

'I wonder what the purpose of this platform is?' This was Gustav's final thought before it turned into a tiny dot and became out of sight in the next moment.

While the aircraft was in motion, Gustav decided to bring out the information device and read about the city where they were headed.

He had already done this before, but since there was nothing to do at the moment, he decided to preoccupy himself with that.

The city was literally located on the other side of the world from their current position, according to what Gustav had noticed on the map displayed within the pilot's area.

According to the map, the city had harsh dry weather, and sometimes ash fell from the sky. It would have been worse but in an age of technology, controlling the weather was an easy feat with the right equipment, which was why it was still possible for people to live there.

'Hmm civil wars still happen?' Gustav was still surprised that the city was undergoing a civil war because, based on what he knew of history, civil wars were a thing of the past.

They mostly occurred in old-time periods. He had never heard of one happening during his lifetime or in the past five hundred years.

Although, he still knew that several intense battles still occurred in places across the world due to terrorist organizations, syndicates, and all that.

Based on the reports, Leoluch city plunged into a civil war due to several powerful groups coming into a disagreement on how much influence the world government was supposed to have on the city.

Leoluch city, just like many other cities, signed treaties with the world government. Still, they had continued to remain traditional in the sharing of power within the several powerful groups that were in existence since the beginning, only giving the world government a small portion of authority.

This portion of power slowly expanded, and some of those groups noticed their authority and influence in the city reduced over the years.

The affected ones wanted to retain their control of the city and voiced out their disagreement with the world government's power expansion, while the others who seemed unaffected didn't care and chose to side with the world government.

The tension continued to escalate as these groups started to show hostile behaviors until the whole situation blew up to this extent.

The city's citizens also got involved due to the degrading situation of the city's economic state, causing a full-blown civil war of people choosing sides.