The Bloodline System - Chapter 515: Sharing A Passionate Kiss

Chapter 515: Sharing A Passionate Kiss

Chapter 515: Sharing A Passionate Kiss

"Yeah," Gustav responded with a surprised expression.

'That's quite the speed...' Gustav said Internally.

"You cheated and still lost," Angy said with an obvious tone of ridicule.

"Don't rub it in. I let you win this time," Gustav responded while folding his arms.

"Shameless," Angy voiced out before bursting out in laughter.

"You just destroyed another tree and you're laughing, now who's shameless?" Gustav stated with a tone of ridicule as well.

"Oh snap," Angy turned to look around and truly just noticed this.

Everyone in the vicinity was staring in their direction. Even some officers had arrived on the scene to see what the whole commotion was about.

A wry smile appeared on Angy's face as she slowly and awkwardly pulled Gustav away from this location along with her.

They both arrived somewhere a little more secluded than the earlier spot and leaned on another tree again.

"I hope you won't destroy this one too," Gustav stated while turning to the side to stare at Angy.

"You..." Angy couldn't find the words to refute as a pout appeared on her face.

Gustav just smiled at her expression and turned his face to stare up at the full moon in the sky.

"Close your eyes for a minute and no matter what happens do not open them," Angy suddenly voiced out.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed with a confused expression.

"I won remember. You can't refuse this demand," Angy reminded Gustav.

"Oh yeah. Dumb way of using it though," Gustav scoffed after seeing that this was what Angy wanted him to do.

"Just do it," Angy stated with a slightly flustered expression.

"Sure sure, just one minute. Easy, I'll start counting down," Gustav said before proceeding to close his eyes just as demanded.

His arms were still folded as he leaned his back against the tree. Even though his vision was dark, through his perception, he could sense everything moving in the vicinity.

He noticed Angy moving about the place, fidgeting.

'What's wrong with her?' Gustav wondered as he continued counting down.

Just when twenty seconds passed, Angy finally moved to Gustav's front and stood directly in front of him.

She pulled his folded arms downwards and closed the gap between them further.

Gustav placed his arms by the side and didn't revolt or anything since her demand was for him to remain like that, but at this point, Angy's chest was pressed to his, and their faces were only two inches apart.

Gustav was starting to get restless at this point, and only about thirty seconds were left.

Angy suddenly dislodged from him again and moved several feet away with a flustered expression.

Gustav was once again confused, but he kept counting down.

"Fifteen seconds left," Gustav voiced out as a reminder, ready to get out of the awkward situation.

Just when only ten seconds were left, Gustav was about to voice it again when Angy suddenly moved towards him again.


Before Gustav could speak, he suddenly felt his mouth enveloped by a soft and warm pair of lips.

Soft lips connecting sounds could be heard in the vicinity as Angy merged lips with Gustav and wrapped her hands around his face.

Gustav's eyes subconsciously opened for a few seconds at this point as he felt Angy's mesmerizing lips on his. He stared at her cute face as her eyes remained closed while she sucked on his lips passionately.

He closed his eyes back as he also started to savor Angy's sweet lips, interchanging from top to bottom lips while placing his hand on her waist and mashing her body against his tighter.

Angy's breathing became hurried as she melted into Gustav's embrace, feeling her mind turn numb for the next few seconds before Gustav suddenly pulled his lips from hers.

"One minute... Time up," He muttered with a slightly distressed expression.

Angy's face was extremely flushed at the moment. She quickly dislodged from him and moved back while turning her eyes away.

She couldn't even make eye contact with Gustav currently and still wondered how she was able to go through with what had just happened.



Angy suddenly turned around and dashed away with immense speed.

"Um..." Gustav, who was about to speak earlier, brought his hand down after seeing her run.

His face was also a tinge of red. He had never done that before, but natural instinct overtook him earlier, making him perform better than he thought he would win his first time.

"There goes my first time," Gustav muttered as he prepared to leave the area.

("You're still a virgin though,") The system suddenly butted in with a tone of ridicule.

Gustav; "..."

("Don't call it your first time when you've not even managed to go beyond a kiss,")

'Fuck you,' Gustav responded internally before dashing off as well.


Just like that, the night went by.

For some, it was a nice night. For others, it was mostly a sleepless one.

Angy happened to fall into the category that couldn't sleep. The scene with her and Gustav last night kept replaying in her head all night, and now she realized she shouldn't have run off like that.

Gustav will be leaving this morning, so she won't be seeing him for some time.

She could only hope for his safety and continue to train here.

Gustav was also awake all through the night, preparing himself for the next morning.

After packing everything, he felt he would be needed for the mission, he took his bath and donned his black uniform.

The black MBO uniform was the official outfit of every lower-ranked officer within the MBO.

The white uniform he had been wearing day in and out within camp was the cadet outfit.

No one within the camp was given this black outfit except for Gustav since he was the only real officer in their midst.

He grabbed hold of the MBO square-shaped officer Badge and placed it in his storage device before moving out of his residence.