The Bloodline System - Chapter 514: Winning The Race

Chapter 514: Winning The Race

Chapter 514: Winning The Race

Angy arrived there first and leaped forward the instant she stepped on a small rock.


She travelled across the air, following the waterfall dropping towards the stream below.

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]


Gustav leaped forward with immense speed after activating Super Jump.

His body travelled several hundreds of feet in the air as his body became blurry while flying over the stream below the waterfall.

Angy landed on the stream and kept running forward on the surface of the water body.

Meanwhile, Gustav's body continued travelling forward above the small stream.

Swwoooooosshh! Bang!

The instant Angy sped out of the stream, Gustav also landed on the dry land in front.

He had closed in the gap between them at this point as they started running forward in between the massive line of up mountains upfront.

Angy started to put a gap in between Gustav and herself again as the race continued on normal grounds.

At this point, it had only been a minute, but they were always halfway to finishing the race.

Angy would occasionally let Gustav catch up then speed up once again, leaving a thirty to fifty feet gap between them.

As they arrived at the last mountain in the distance, they ran across its sloppy surface.

Arriving above it in a manner of a few seconds even though it spanned for several ten thousand feet.

Gustav and Angy began to close in on the edge of the mountain top and would either have to run down its straight surface in front or jump down.

Gustav activated Super Jump again, but this time a smirk appeared on his face.

The instant Angy arrived at the edge of this seven thousand feet mountain and was about to run down it, a massive rumbling force was heard behind her.


Gustav suddenly leaped upwards with full force, causing a massive blast to spread across the place as chunks of rocks were sent flying.


The blast travelled across the place, decimating a radius of up to a thousand feet and causing the mountain to start crumbling.

Angy, who had just started dashing downwards across the surface of the mountain, was affected by the immense vibration.

As the part of the mountain she was running down blasted open, and she found herself falling through the air along with other pieces of rocks.

Gustav, at this point, was already several hundred feet in front, gliding through the air in a free fall pose.

He was way ahead at the moment.

'I told you a race wasn't only about speed,' Gustav said internally while turning to the side to stare at Angy, who was currently far behind.

As Angy fell through the air in a spiralling motion, she curled her body up to stabilize herself in mid-air before reaching out towards the massive piece of rock falling by the side.

Angy's body moved towards it, and the instant both her legs made contact, she pushed herself forward with it.


Her body travelled towards another falling piece of rock several feet away, and she proceeded to perform the same action as earlier.

Twwoossh~ Thwwwooosshh~

Angy's body travelled in a zig-zag motion downwards as she dashed from one falling piece of rock to another.

As she arrived before the last one, she leaped in the direction of the mountain wall.

The instant she got her footing, she ran down the mountain wall.


Only about a hundred feet was left, so she easily arrived at the bottom and dashed forward instantly to chase after Gustav that had gone far ahead.


A massive chunk of rock fell on the exact same spot she landed a moment ago.

Luckily she was already several hundred feet in front already.

'Cheater,' Angy said internally as she spotted Gustav's frame more than a thousand feet ahead, but she wasn't mad after recalling his statement before the race.

At this point, they were already starting to close in on the location where their race began.

The race would soon be over, and Gustav was way ahead.

'Looks like it's time to get serious,' The instant this thought appeared in Angy's mind, a third horn began to protrude from her forehead.

At the same time, she was activating this, Gustav was also activating combination.

[Sprint + Dash]

His speed almost doubled the instant he joined these two, allowing him to cross a distance of over a thousand feet in a single second.


Angy seemed to have noticed the increase in speed, but the instant, the third horn grew out completely.


She broke the speed barrier causing a loud blast to be sent forth from her position.

Her figure travelled over two thousand feet forward in an instant as whitish waves of energy began to gather around her.

The ground ripped open as she moved forward, forming a line due to the immense force of energy gathering around her.

Angy's silver hair floated upwards at this point as she closed in on Gustav.

Gustav could already see the outline of the tree they started from in the distance, but the instant he smiled, he sensed a powerful force coming from behind.


Even in his extremely fast state, Angy's speed was similar to a blur as she dashed past him the instant he turned to look at the side.

Angy arrived in front of the tree just when Gustav was a few feet away and thrust her hand forward.


The tree was instantly blasted apart as a massive gust of wind spread across the surroundings.


Gustav paused his steps sliding forward a bit and arriving beside Angy.

There were loud screams in the background as the wind spread across the place, causing the cadets in the vicinity to be on guard due to the fact that they were nearly swept away by the combined force from Angy and Gustav.

Those who had witnessed both of them arrive here were extremely astonished as they never expected that there were cadets that could move at such speed, and they were first years.

"I won," Angy said with a smile as her third horn began to withdraw back into her forehead.