The Bloodline System - Chapter 511: Mission Briefing

Chapter 511: Mission Briefing

Chapter 511: Mission Briefing

He was asked to report to the main entrance and exit hall early in the morning to receive a briefing on his first mission.

Gustav did as instructed and travelled towards the hall they arrived in on their first day here.

In a few minutes, he got there and moved towards the tasks deployment section.

"Here to receive information on my outside mission." Gustav voiced out as he arrived in front of the desk.

"Name?" The female officer on the other side of the desk asked while clacking on the holographic keyboard in front of her.

"Gustav Crimson," Gustav responded, causing her to look up.

"Oh, it's you." She voiced out with a slightly surprised look.

"Commander Cilia asked for you to see her in her office the moment you arrive," She added while gesturing towards the direction that led to commander Cilia's office.

Gustav nodded slightly in response and turned to the side before he started moving towards commander Cilia's office.

He still recalled where her office was located and arrived there with ease.

Kom! Kom!

Gustav knocked twice, and the door slid open, revealing the interior large-sized library-like office.

There were shelves of books on both sides and a particular rack with weird-looking artifacts behind Commander Cilia's desk.

"Finally, you've arrived, Gustav," Commander Cilia voiced out as Gustav walked in.

There was another male officer dressed in an orange-like MBO uniform sitting right in front of her. He also turned to the side to stare at Gustav the moment he walked in.

"Gradier Xanatus?" Gustav voiced out with a surprised expression the instant he spotted the young man's face sitting in front.

"Gustav, welcome," Gradier Xanatus smiled in response while speaking.

"Oh, you two have met. I guess that saves me the need for introduction," Commander Cilia stated with a delighted expression.

"What are you doing here?" Gustav asked after arriving in front of the desk.

"Here to brief you on your mission," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"Yes, just as he said, Gradier Xanatus came here to brief you on this," Commander Cilia stretched out her right hand to Gustav, and within it was a small square-shaped device.

Gustav reached out to grab it and activated it.


A holographic image of a slightly run-down city and a man appeared right above the device.

The man had a very rough look. Scruffy six inches long and unkempt-looking ash-coloured beards. The scar was running down his left eye with a buzz haircut.

"This man is known as Sahil Fadrolski, the right-hand man of a well-known illegal technological battle equipment distributor. He was last seen around the perimeters of Leoluch city, and reports have it that he's hiding within.

Currently, there's a civil war in Leoluch city, and the world government has yet to deploy any force to deal with the situation due to the closure of all the city's entry points. The mayor has asked to resolve the situation himself, turning down any outside help which is why we cannot send forces there.

He is bothered about the city receiving more destruction from the intervention of outside forces.

This man, Sahil, sneaked in amidst the chaos and is currently hiding out there. The MBO has been on his tail for some time, but he's managed to slip away two times, and this time he's using the whole situation as a form of protection.

Reports have also come in of how Sahil is secretly distributing advanced firearms, which is causing the situation to worsen," Gradier Xanatus paused at this point to make sure Gustav's attention was still focused on him before continuing.

"We have a way to sneak to sneak in one or two officers, but we can't send anyone there beyond a certain power level due to the lockdown of the city. If this situation lingers on any further without intervention not only would the city be in more danger of imminent destruction, but Sahil will also escape once again before we get to him," Gradier Xanatus explained.

"So, you want me to catch this guy?" Gustav voiced out.

"No, you might not be able to handle him," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"We want you to infiltrate, find him and the team he's working with in distribution of these advanced firearms and place a tracking device on Sahil. The instant he leaves the city we would be able to catch him," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"Oh, I see... Getting close to him and placing a tracking device on him is pretty much him being in my hands already are you sure you don't want me to just catch him? That would save everyone the trouble. I mean I would have already gone through all the trouble to find him, get close to him, and manage to place the tracking the device on him why not just finish it?" Gustav questioned with a look of contemplation.

"Sahil is not so easy to catch. The moment you show any malicious intent, he uses everything in his arsenal to try and escape and he's truly a pro at escaping. Placing the tracker on him would be so much easier," Gradier Xanatus explained.

"I'm pretty sure placing the tracker on him won't guarantee anything if he's the kind of person you're painting him to be. He could catch on to it and deactivate it before he leaves the city, or he could even use it to fool you lots and become more cautious after figuring it out," Gustav also explained from his point of view.

"Gustav, this is a three-star mission due to its difficulty level. A first year shouldn't be getting more than a two star mission but the higher ups believing your capable enough which is why you were given this," Commander Cilia butted in.

"If your intention is to catch him yourself, the mission difficulty level would instantly increase to five and we will have to take you off it because it's already more than you're supposed to be able to handle being a three star mission," She added.