The Bloodline System - Chapter 510: Yung Jo's Brutality

Chapter 510: Yung Jo's Brutality

Chapter 510: Yung Jo's Brutality

"Huh?" Endric voiced out with a tone of confusion.

"He came to me first. I turned him down then he went for you and instructed you to kill me," Gustav responded.

"Oh, so I was just a pawn then," Endric muttered with a crestfallen expression.

"Yes you were. He can't handle refusal and he also knows that I will be onto him for making such a suspicious proposal to me, so he tried using you to get rid of me." Gustav voiced out as his gaze turned sharp.

"A decision he'll regret making!" Gustav's tone turned extremely chill as he spat out.

"Do you have names of other officers or instructors under his command?" Gustav asked.

"I don't know any other besides the one that was taken into custody a while back. I was kept in the dark about many other cadets under him that were caught by you as well. I only knew four of them," Endric responded.

"Hmm, he was cautious enough. This will make it even harder to deal with those that are still hiding in the shadows," Gustav muttered with a contemplative expression.

"Anyways this is already good since we know who we're dealing with now. The MBO is pretty sloppy letting all this happen under their nose, but Yung is not so bad as well... Shrewd," With the way Gustav was talking it, it was hard to tell if he was praising Yung Jo or pissed with him.

Maybe it was both, but Endric could tell that Gustav was also making analysis.

"He has no idea that I only have to do one thing to get rid of all his pawns... Only problem is it's gonna be time consuming and I don't have time," Gustav muttered.

Endric could feel a kind of superior aura coming from Gustav's being.

'This must be why he's able to handle any situation. He spends time making plans on how to deal with them,' Endric felt this was a trait that he was missing because he usually just jumps into action without thinking of how to properly deal with situations.

"I still don't feel it was worth it sparing you, but let's see if you will be able to change my mind in the future," Gustav said as he started to walk forward.

He suddenly stopped and turned to the side to stare at Endric with a sharp gaze before speaking.

"But bear in mind that if you ever make any stupid actions or hurt anyone I care about, I will kill you in the most gruesome way possible after inflicting the worst kinds of pain and torture to the point where you question the significance of your existence and beg for your pitiful life to be extinguished," The bloodthirsty energy oozing from Gustav's being at this point was so heavy that even the winds around them began to howl.

Endric subconsciously took a step back after hearing that.


Gustav leaped off the icy mountain a moment later, disappearing from Endric's sight into the distance.


In a secluded office-like space, Yung Jo sat behind a desk with a dark look on his face as he stared at the group kneeling in front of him.

"You're telling me that it is no longer possible to take control of Endric's body," Yung Jo voiced out with a low but extremely cold tone.

"...Y..yes we can no longer take control of his body... The nanites have gone offline," The middle-aged-looking man who spoke was among the kneeling group of people in medial outfits on their knees.

"First, this woman catches onto the locked up parents of the kid and now this?!" Yung Jo stated before standing to his feet.

"Such incompetence!" Yung Jo slowly walked forward as he voiced out.

The group of five kneeling in front of him clad in medical outfits had looks of fright as he moved towards their position.

Yung Jo arrived in front of the group leader and placed his hand on the head of the middle-aged-looking man.

"Give me one good reason why you deserve to be spared for this disappointment," Yung Jo asked with a smile.

" it's n-n-ot my fault I pr..promise to work more efficiently next time..." The man stuttered as he pleaded with a frightful look.

"Failure, I asked you to give me a reason, but you gave me a promise instead. I see why you failed," The instant Yung Jo finished talking, he let go of the middle-aged man's head, and what came next was...


The man's entire head blasted into pieces causing brain matter and blood to fly across the small room.


The headless body fell to the ground as a fountain of blood kept spewing out of the neck area, staining the floor.


The rest of the group screamed with frightful looks after witnessing this scene happen right before them.

They started shifting backward and pleading for Yung Jo to spare their lives, but they couldn't escape because right behind them were two muscular men clad in black bodysuits.

"I hope the rest of you have better answers to my question," Yung Jo said as a smirk appeared on his face while he moved towards the rest.


Minutes later, Yung Jo was walking down a massive glass-like corridor with two bodyguards following behind him.

The walls were transparent, and massive laboratories in which experiments were being conducted could be seen by the sides.

There was a handkerchief in his grasp, which he was using to clean his hands and parts of his suit stained in thick red liquid.

"Gustav is always finding ways to ruin my plans," Yung Jo muttered.

"Good thing he leaves camp in two days.Yasria get ready to implement the elimination plan," Yung Jo added as they headed towards the exit point up ahead.

"Yes, sir Yung," One of the two men in bodysuits answered from behind.


The next day arrived, and it was the last day Gustav would be staying in camp because he would be leaving the next day.

He was asked to report to the main entrance and exit hall early in the morning to receive a briefing on his first mission.