The Bloodline System - Chapter 512: Last Night Before Mission

Chapter 512: Last Night Before Mission

Chapter 512: Last Night Before Mission

"Hmm alright then..." Gustav decided to fold since it looked like they wouldn't give in.

"So the instant I place that tracking device on him it's mission successful for me?" Gustav asked just to be clear.

"Precisely," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"This in itself will not be an easy mission to complete which is why it's a three star mission, talk more of trying to catch him without any backup. The instant he catches on to you or suspects anything it's game over," Gradier Xanatus added.

"Hmm I see," Gustav noted.

"His file and other things you need to know about him and Leoluch are all there," Gradier Xanatus pointed at the device in Gustav's hand, which was where all the information was stored.

Gustav nodded in response.

"Also this case is also linked to a bigger case which involves the one Young miss Aimee is working on. So, the success of your mission is paramount," Gradier Xanatus added.

"Oh? What case exactly is it linked to?" Gustav asked with a surprised expression.

"That is confidential... Bear in mind that you might be meeting her due to the cases being linked," A slight smile appeared on Gradier Xanatus's face as he stated this. Still, he quickly hid the smile from Commander Cilia's view.

"Oh I see," Gustav nodded.

'Is this what she meant when she said she rigged my mission?' Gustav had the urge to smirk at this point, but he had to act like he knew nothing about this whole situation.

Gradier Xanatus kept briefing Gustav about the mission for about twenty more minutes and how he would have to keep his MBO officer's badge hidden and some other things.

It was literally a covert operation that wasn't combat-based, so Gustav didn't really feel as hyped up like he did originally.

However, it was without a doubt that this would be his first MBO mission, which would be taking place in a war-based location. Gustav kept in mind that anything could happen.

Gradier Xanatus also mentioned the possibility of terrorist organizations using this opportunity to try and implement something, hiding under the guise of the ongoing chaos. So, Gustav had to be very careful and gather a lot of information before he arrived there making a move.

Minutes later, Gustav returned to his room to digest the details of his first mission and objective information.

Gradier Xanatus had mentioned that transport would be ready to get him down to the location first thing six am the next morning. So, he should be prepared and gather every he would need for the trip.

According to the briefing, Gustav would be provided with more standard-based equipment that couldn't be found in camp.

Also, it had a time duration of one month. No one knew how long the civil war would last, but according to the reports, Sahil never stayed in a place for too long to avoid getting caught.

Even the one-month duration was a stretch, but they were hoping Gustav would complete the task within the set period.

E.E and the others later arrived at Gustav's place to mess around with him again.

This was the last day they would see Gustav till whenever he was done and ready to be brought back to camp for further training.

"So long bro... We'll be here awaiting your return," Aildris voiced out as they sat in a circle.

"Yeah we'll miss your cooking," E.E said with a sigh

"Hmm... I for sure won't miss yours," Gustav responded to E.E sarcastically.

"Damn bro why you got to do me like that," E.E voiced out, causing everyone to burst out in laughter.

They all stayed and chatted with Gustav until it was late in the night before going back to their rooms. 

Gustav walked out of his room after they had gone to take a stroll around camp.

His eyes moved from place to place as he walked around the camp.

He hadn't really spent time appreciating the surroundings in the MBO, so he was just noticing that even though things were intense most times, the MBO camp still gave off a peaceful and safe vibe.

The clear and starry skies in the distance, along with the windy atmosphere, generated a kind of feeling within him.

He had spent the last six months here, so he really did get used to seeing the well-structured buildings since the MBO camp was like a city in itself.

Now that he was looking around, he could see that there were a lot of male and female cadets moving around in groups showing loving gestures to each other.

Gustav looked to the side and saw two cadets having a mouth to mouth activities behind a tree.

The MBO didn't allow sexual activities between cadets, but they were not stopped from forming romantic relationships.

They were youngsters. After all, it wasn't necessary to take life so seriously every time.

("Wanna be in their shoes?") The system suddenly voiced out in his head.

'No... This isn't necessary,' Gustav responded.

("Yeah right keep telling yourself that... I can sense your emotions so you can't lie to me,")

The system's cute girl-like voice turned thinner as it spoke.

'Shu...' Gustav was about to tell it to get lost again when someone called out to him from behind.


The soft and melodic girlish voice of the person brought him out of his reverie.

"Angy," Gustav turned around to stare at the 5'6 tall, beautiful-looking girl with silver and pink colored hair.

She was dressed in a blue crop top wrapped around her chest, bringing up the pair of buns in front and a khaki short.

"Can I join you?" She asked while standing in place.

"Sure," Gustav responded, and both of them proceeded to start walking around together.

For several minutes there was silence between them as they walked from place to place.

After a while, Gustav broke the silence, "It seems you were right," He muttered.

"Hmm?" Angy exclaimed with a confused expression.

"Endric... It looks like he's truly trying to change now," Gustav said while pausing his footsteps a few feet away from a tree in front.

"Oh..." Angy also paused her footsteps just as he did and turned to the side to face him.