The Bloodline System - Chapter 509: Endric Narrates His Ordeal

Chapter 509: Endric Narrates His Ordeal

Chapter 509: Endric Narrates His Ordeal

Gustav stared at him with an expressionless look as usual, as if he didn't have a hand in Endric's current state.

"I'm listening..." Gustav stated.

"I... I... F..." Endric repeatedly stuttered, trying to make out his first words.

Gustav was quite surprised to see Endric looking tense for the first time. The kid always had a cocky expression, but this time he was genuinely tensed.

Endric lowered his head and let go of his walking stick causing him to stagger forward.

"Hmm?" Gustav muttered as he watched Endric get closer to him.


Endric dropped to his knees right in front of Gustav with his head lowered.

"I know and understand the wrongs I have committed now. I was the worst. I truly hated and despised you for being weak. Father and mother made me think and believe, just like everyone else, that your existence was a useless one. I always got so angry when I saw you making the news, and rumors about you being very powerful were spread back then. I couldn't handle that you, who was labelled as weak and useless, was becoming better than me. I thought it was okay to feel that way.

I thought it was okay to despise weakness. I thought it was okay to look down on everyone and treat others however I felt. Miss Mag helped me see the error of my ways," Endric's voice was laced with heartfelt regret as he spoke.

"I know it would be hard to forgive my wrongdoings, but I just want you to give me the chance to make amends..." Endric added while still keeping his head down. 

"Hard? Borderline impossible," Gustav said while squatting in front of Endric.

"Not only did you do a lot of experimentation using me as your human subject to test out your abilities, you also tried killing me months back. Actually we tried killing each other, but you came for me first and you'd be dead by now if it wasn't for Angy..." Gustav said with an icy tone.

Endric gulped down saliva as he heard that and continued looking down with a disturbed expression.

"Hmm she saved your life twice now. Be grateful to her," He added.

"I really," Endric was about to speak again when Gustav cut him off.

"Skip all this bullshit. I'll never be able to trust or accept you. Even if you spent years working to show me that you have changed, it cannot change what you have done in the past," Gustav voiced out.

"Did you think you could just come here and mutter the words «I have changed,» and then I'll accept you as my little brother. Nah kid, it's not that simple. Left to me, those two you call Mum and Dad would be dead by now because they deserve to be in such a scenerio. You're lucky Miss Aimee decided to rescue them," Gustav added before standing back to his feet.

Endric remained in position, kneeling with his head down.

"I know you can no longer see them as your parents and I as your little brother, but I will still do my best to change your view of me.I willl try everyth..." Endric was still in the process of speaking when Gustav interrupted him again.

"Don't bother." Gustav cut him short and turned around, facing his back to the kneeling Endric.

"Anyways this is not why I called you here. Tell me everything about your partnership with Yung Jo," Gustav instructed.

"And I mean everything. Don't leave any detail out," He added with a cold tone.

Endric finally raised his head up to stare at Gustav's back before he began to narrate his ordeal with Yung Jo.

Gustav's facial expressions became complex as he listened to Endric's narration about the events that went down five months earlier.

He wasn't told about the whole secluded punishment, so now that he was finding out, he saw the MBO methods as pretty blunt.

What made it worse was the fact that Yung Jo could visit there anytime he wanted.

Gustav started to reevaluate Yung Jo, wondering just how much influence he held within the MBO.

Miss Aimee would most likely not be able to do something like this so covertly, even though she was just as influential.

She was not affiliated with the MBO like she used to. Whereas Yung Jo went to many meetings for his father and handled most of their company decisions on technology.

From the narration of things, it seemed like Yung Jo's influence had eaten deep into the MBO without the knowledge of the higher-ups.

This felt extremely suspicious to Gustav as he recalled Yung Jo wanted to recruit him under his wing, making some crazy promises about getting him to the top of the MBO.

As Endric got to the part of the deal about him getting fooled by the nanites Yung Jo planted, things clicked for Gustav.

Yung Jo had proven that he could take control of Endric's body against his will if he wanted. Still, he promised that it would only happen if Endric disobeyed any of his commands after his training ended in the MBO.

So Endric felt their contract was still in play even though the nanites were within him.

Yung Jo stated that they were undetectable, so Endric shouldn't try playing smart. He also mentioned that there were other pawns that he could use for his convenience within the camp for any plans that he might have.

Now that Endric thought of it, he couldn't understand why Yung Jo just didn't make use of the nanites to control his body when he disagreed with battling Gustav. He wondered why he had to resort to kidnapping both parents.

Endric also mentioned that there were more officers in camp under Yung Jo's control and cadets as well that he didn't know of.

"I see.. Seeing as he couldn't get me he decided to get you to get me instead. Looks like you really got played," Gustav voiced out with a solemn tone after listening to all of Endric's explanation.