The Bloodline System - Chapter 508: State Of Dormancy

Chapter 508: State Of Dormancy

Chapter 508: State Of Dormancy

It could change the form and state of the iro silk to whatever it wanted, and most times, it chose to make them in the form of spears similar to icicles.

All in all, it could create any size or form it desired with the iro silk, and the iro silk was tough enough to withstand almost anything.

The temperature of the river of flames wasn't high enough to melt it, even though it was hot enough to incinerate a full-grown adult human before they made contact with its surface.

Mixedbloods around Gustav level have tougher bodies, so they could last for about three to five seconds before they were incinerated completely within.

Gustav had a high defense level, so he could last for way longer, but he also would eventually be consumed completely within.

Gustav never used the power of the Kilapisole in public view because he had to partially or totally transform into the creature before he could materialize iro silk.

Doing this in public had the risk of someone recognizing the transformation to be that of an alien form, and right now, no one knew he could take on alien forms.

Everyone thought his transformation ability was only based on mixedbreeds. If alien forms were added to the mix of revealed information, Gustav could tell that it would cause an adverse effect.

After falling into the river of volcanic flames when battling Endric, Gustav instantly took the form of the Kilapisole while sinking into it.

After doing that, he wrapped his body in layers of iro silk before he was completely incinerated within.

He had already set a trap for Endric earlier by placing the gravitational energy container orb filled with mixed energy right behind him.

It was impossible to notice this due to the orb hiding within a type of gravitational field that only Gustav could see. It only revealed itself when it was ready to explode.

Gustav waited at the bottom of the river of flames till he heard and sensed the explosion.

His perception within the river of flames was at a high level, so the moment he sensed Endric being blasted across the place, he conjured spear-like iro silks, shooting them out of the river towards Endric's catapulting body.

He missed three times due to