The Bloodline System - Chapter 505: Obliteration And Torture

Chapter 505: Obliteration And Torture

Chapter 505: Obliteration And Torture

'Time up...' Endric said internally with a look of despair as he felt the energy within him shriveling up.

The telekinetic barrier surrounding him started getting ripped apart as the reddish waves of energy threatened to consume and obliterated anything in its path.

Endric tried as much as possible to keep the barriers up and create new ones while amid these destructive waves. However, in a manner of seconds, he had lost all energy within him and he could not conjure another barrier.



As the blast began to die down, a loud scream was heard from within the reddish and black waves of destruction.

The spectators witnessed a human-shaped body get blasted out from within the waves towards the far south.

The orb destroyed the surrrounding walls and caused the barriers protecting the spectators to nearly get destroyed. Later on, the waves began to shrink down.

In a few moments, it shrunk completely into a small blue dot and disappeared.

Meanwhile, a massive amount of the river of flames beneath was missing.

The level of the river of flames beneath had reduced by a lot, and all the rocks that were initially floating above the surface had been totally destroyed. Walls had crumbled, and the river of flames had increased in length due to the destruction of some of the barricades.

Everyone wasn't really focused on this at the moment because they could see Endric's body being blasted far towards the back.

Their eyes were widened because his left arm was missing along with his right foot down to the knee area.

Half his face was charred black, and blood oozed out of multiple parts of his body like a fountain. He was in such a mess that no one knew if he was conscious or not.

While he was being blasted backward and closed to reaching the other side of the nearly crumbled wall, a loud blast was suddenly heard from the river area again.

Thuuumm~ Thuuumm~ Thuumm~ Thuuumm~

Several long and thick-looking icicle-like spears shot out of several parts of the river below.


One directly shot out of the river close to the location Endric was headed for and stabbed straight into his right shoulder from underneath, hooking him in place.


The spectators gasped as they noticed Endric hanging up several hundred feet above the river with the icicle-like spear in his left shoulder area.


Everyone's eyes widened again as the river of flames blasted open once again, and a pillar that looked similar to the massive icicle-like spears shot out of it with someone standing atop it.

-"It's Gustav!!!"

Multiple shouted out at the same time.

-"He's alive?"

-"How did he survive that?"

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Voices of confusion broke out in the background as everyone watched Gustav rise along with the massive pillar he was standing on, which was shooting out of the river of flames underneath.

Those with keen eyesight noticed that the Instant his body shot out of the river of flames with the pillar, he was covered in some weird-looking layers which disappeared as he rose.

Some of them already guessed that these layers were why he didn't get incinerated within the river. Still, they had no idea what it was or how thick it was to withstand the insane high temperature from the river of flames.

Gustav arrived in front of Endric, who was hanging up in the air with the icicle-like spear stabbed into his right shoulder.

Gustav could see that half his face had been completely obliterated along with his left arm.

Gustav was also looking a bit battered, but his eyes still shone with a fierce light, his face remained cold and unbothered, and his presence grew powerful as he slowly walked forward.

The pillar that he was standing on had a large space above that covered up to fifty feet, so he had to walk forward a bit for him to be directly in front of Endric.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

The entire atmosphere turned extremely tensed as they watched Gustav take his time in walking towards Endric's elevated body.

It was only about five seconds, but it felt like five minutes because everyone could tell that the defining moment had arrived.

Gustav stood in front of Endric's body and stretched out his hand to place it on Endric's jaw before slowly lifting his head to stare at his face.

Black blood was rolling down his darkened face along with specs of tears even though his eyes were closed.

"Savor your last moments very well... They will be filled with pain," Gustav said before pulling Endric further towards him, which caused the icicle-like spear to piece into his shoulder even deeper.


Endric vomited out blood on Gustav's chest, which he ignored.

Gustav arched back his left arm and drove it forward with force, punching Endric in the gut once again.


Blood splattered all across the place because, unlike last time, Endric didn't have a telekinetic protective vest wrapped around his body anymore due to low energy.

Gustav slowly pulled his fist back, covered with blood that dripped down his wrist and fell into the river of flames below.

Everyone watching had looks of pity on their faces. Some couldn't even keep watching as they felt Gustav should just put Endric out of his misery quickly instead of torturing him like this.

Officer Mag was among the people that could no longer keep watching. She turned away with a crestfallen expression as the sounds from behind kept pounding away in her head, giving her an uncomfortable feeling in her gut.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The entire place had turned silent at this point, and all that could be heard was the sound of Gustav's fist occasionally slamming into Endric's defenseless body.

Endric spat out blood for the umpteenth time as tears rolled down his face.

"Mu-m... Da-d..." He muttered weakly causing Gustav to pause his fist that was initially driving towards Endric's face.