The Bloodline System - Chapter 504: Gustav Lost?

Chapter 504: Gustav Lost?

Chapter 504: Gustav Lost?

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

This always helped in reducing the speed at which Endric could wrap his will around his body.

Gustav's right arm turned massive as he swung it forward with force.

It continued increasing in size as it travelled towards Endric's body upfront.


Gustav suddenly felt something block his massive fist the instant it was only a few feet away from slamming into Endric.

Endric turned towards the side and stared at him.

In the next instant, Gustav's massive body was swinging towards the side once again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! 

In a manner of ten seconds, Gustav had been thrown from place to place all across the rocky walls at the edge of the fiery river over a hundred times.

It was as if he couldn't even fight against Endric's will.

Endric once again reached his hand forward and pulled Gustav out of the hole in which he buried him last after tossing him across the place repeatedly with his will.

Gustav felt his head spin a little as he found himself floating several ten feet away from Endric in mid-air.

Endric stretched both his hands outwards and began to separate them like he was pulling something apart.

This same action led to Gustav feeling a strange force wrap around his arms and began pulling them apart.

Both his arms were being pulled away from each other with force.

Endric was doing it effortlessly like he was pulling a thread. Meanwhile, Gustav felt like he was being ripped in half by the force of two mountains tied to his right and left hand.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Gustav quickly activated size manipulation, and instead of growing bigger in size, his body instantly shrunk.


His body decreased by a foot, causing him to be released from Endric's will.

Endric was taken aback by this, and just as he wanted to grab hold of Gustav's tiny frame with his telekinesis, multiple orbs suddenly appeared around him and exploded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The instant this happened, Gustav increased in size once again and stretched out his hand to grab hold of the wall by the side.

As the explosion cleared, Endric couldn't be seen in the same position anymore. He had appeared several hundred feet behind.

Gustav leaped forward once again with force as Endric also sent forth his will

only for Gustav to shrink in size again, confusing Endric. Gustav appeared in front of him before unshrinking with an uppercut travelling towards his jaw.


Endric suddenly blitzed hundreds of feet towards the side, dodging the punch.

This action shocked Gustav as his fist went through thin air.

Endric swung his palm forward, sending an invisible wall towards Gustav again.

Gustav shrunk once more and landed on a small rock in front before leaping upwards again.

His attack on Endric failed three more times due to him blitzing away like he was teleporting several times.

Endric suddenly decided he had had enough and raised his hand high up, conjuring a large invisible force above.

A strange pressure suddenly blanketed a radius of five thousand feet around them, causing fierce winds to blow across the place.

The instant Endric swung his hand down, a massive invisible palm descended with force upon the river.

Gustav was caught in the middle of this and couldn't get away, so he quickly increased in size, becoming up to a thousand feet tall, and stretched both his legs from wall to wall to prevent himself from falling into the river as the massive invisible palm descended.


Crumbling sounds reverberated across the entire environment as Gustav bore the weight of this enormous palm, which pushed down on his shoulders, causing his back to tremble.

Endric stood in place staring at him for a few moments before reaching out again and wrapping his will around Gustav.


He raised his second hand and caused another massive invisible palm to descend upon the place.


The instant it landed, Gustav lost his foot as both palms sent him crashing towards the river of flames while he decreased in size.


The entire crowd had widened eyes as they stared at Gustav falling into the river of flames.


They couldn't believe their sights as they saw his body sink into it.

Endric finally released the pressure on the vicinity and stared at the location where Gustav fell in with a look of pity.

'Ten seconds left...' He said Internally as his eyes slowly began to dim.

-"Is it over?"

-"Gustav lost?"

-"How is this possible?"

The spectators all had looks of astonishment and confusion. They had witnessed what had just happened with Endric and his sudden massive leap in strength, which made no sense to them.

-"Hey isn't that...?"

While everyone was arguing about what just went down, the shocked voice of a cadet brought them back to reality.

Everyone seemed to have noticed the reddish-brown orb cackling with purplish electricity floating behind Endric at the same time, and their eyes widened as they recognized this orb.

Endric turned around the instant he sensed it, and that was when...


It exploded with intensity.


Endric had blitz away in the last moment while quickly conjuring multiple barriers of telekinesis around him.

The instructors in the vicinity also sprung into action at the exact same moment, using their abilities to conjure protective layers around the edges of the fiery river to protect the spectators from the blast.


The brIght dark red shockwaves spread across the place, carrying immense power and pressure with it.

It covered a radius of three thousand feet in nearly an instant obliterating everything in its path.

A massive hole was being torn open within the river of flames that kept expanding as the blast also did. The walls vibrated with intensity. Meanwhile, Endric's telekinetic barrier was being torn through layer after layer.

He couldn't outrun the blast and found himself within it.

He still had kept putting more up as they were consumed because the moment he ran out of energy to conjure barriers, it would be his end.

Luck, however, did not seem to be on his side as his eyes turned dim in the next second.

'Time up...' Endric said internally with a look of despair as he felt the energy within him shriveling up.

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