The Bloodline System - Chapter 506: Stop!

Chapter 506: Stop!

Chapter 506: Stop!

"Mu-m... Da-d..." He muttered weakly, causing Gustav to pause his fist that was initially driving towards Endric's face.

"Even in this situation... You still call on the names of the people who ruined your life," Gustav voiced with a cold tone.

"...Hos-tage... I...I -I'm so-rrii th-ey goi-ng to dyye..."

Gustav heard Endric mutter gibberish causing his face to show a confused expression.

"Huh? Is this supposed to be a last-ditch attempt to milk sympathy from me...?" Gustav scoffed as he responded.

"Not gonna work kid..." Gustav added with an unbothered expression as he prepared to finish Endric once and for all.

Endric kept muttering gibberish, but Gustav had closed his ears to all that. He could tell that Endric was trying to apologize for his wrongs, but it was far too late now.

Gustav's right hand slowly transformed into that of the mutated bull, becoming massive and muscular.

He arched his hand back with intensity while tightening his fist as he amassed energy within his entire arm.

There was no way this punch wouldn't pierce straight through Endric with what everyone had witnessed so far.

E.E, Aildris, Falco, Teemee, and Ria all stared in Gustav's direction with conflicted expressions. They had already agreed with Gustav that they wouldn't butt in, so they had no choice but to watch. 


Just as Gustav drove his fist forward, a loud scream was heard.



The wind blew across Endric's face as Gustav's punch paused a few inches from his chest.

Gustav squinted his eyes as this was a voice he recognized.

He slowly turned around as he sensed a projectile headed for him from behind.

Gustav raised his hand and caught the button size device that flew towards him from the spectators' area thousands of feet in front.

As he lowered his hand after catching the device, he stared in the direction where it came from.

"Angy... What is this?" He voiced out loudly after spotting Angy's frame standing alone on the crumbled passageway in front.

"Listen to it," She responded loudly as well.

"This is not the time nor the place for..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence, Angy screamed out again.

"Please! Listen to it! Now!" 

Gustav's eyes remained squinted as he slowly lowered his head to stare at this button-sized device.

He picked it up with two fingers and placed it on the side of his head.


The instant it glued to his head, it activated, beeping with blue light.

-"What is going on?"

-"What are they doing?"

-"Why did he stop?"

-"Is that a mind recording tape on his head?"

The spectators couldn't understand what was going on right now. The instructors were just as confused with Officer Mag, who thought this was the end for Endric already.

All they could see was Gustav's face slowly changing expressions as he stood in place for the next two minutes.

Whatever he was listening to was playing in his mind so no one could eavesdrop or tell what was being said.

After two minutes, he slowly pulled the device from his forehead with a conflicted expression. He gritted his teeth a look of annoyance.

'That bastard...' Gustav said Internally as he turned around to stare at Endric.

Gustav placed his hand on the icicle-like spear and instantly broke it in two before grabbing onto Endric's nearly unconscious body before it fell off towards the river of flames below.

The broken-off part of the spear was still lodged in Endric's right shoulder, so he quickly pulled it out and placed Endric on top of the pillar beside him.

-"What's going on?"

This was the question ringing in everyone's mind as they witnessed Gustav bring out a healing pill from his storage device and feed it to Endric.

Endric was nearly out of commission at this point, so he would eventually die even if Gustav didn't end him.

However, this recovery pill brought him out of his nearly dead state after a few minutes.

Gustav squatted in front of Endric as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Forfeit the match," Gustav instructed.

"Are you not going to kill me?" Endric asked with a weak tone.

"I'll decide if you're worth staying alive on another day..." Gustav responded while standing to his feet.

"They're safe..." He added with a mysterious tone causing Endric's eyes to widen in shock.

Tears once again rolled down his eyes as he stared at Gustav's frame, which was currently moving towards the edge of the pillar.

'Why would you spare me?' Endric wondered.

"Hey, he wishes to forfeit," Gustav called out to one of the instructors.

The entire spectators watching were stunned. They still had no idea what was going on, and Gustav's current actions made them confused even more.

One of the instructors leaped towards their current position and landed right in front of Gustav.

"That's not how a death match works," He began explaining.

"Either you both battle till one person loses their lives or both of you pass out... No one can forfeit unless you both decide to call off the battle unanimously," 

Gustav turned to the side to stare at Endric, who also weakly raised his head up and nodded slightly.

"We're calling it off," Gustav voiced out.

"Do both parties agree to this?" The instructor asked.



Both of them voiced out together.

The instructor called off the death battle after this causing a huge uproar within the hall of doom.

"You owe me a lot of explanations... I will listen to what you have to say this time," Gustav voiced out while turning to the side with a serious expression.


He leaped off the massive pillar in the next instant arriving on the other end of the roundabout passageway.

Endric still laid atop the massive pillar with a missing arm and half a leg, but he was slowly starting to regain color.

Officer Mag landed in front of him a few moments after Gustav left and took him away with her to get medical attention.