The Bloodline System - Chapter 503: Spiking Strength Level

Chapter 503: Spiking Strength Level

Chapter 503: Spiking Strength Level

Endric listened to the voice coming from the communication device in front of him as he stood in the middle of his room with a red pill in his palm.

"I'm taking this one," Endric voiced out in response.

"Are you sure? It's gonna..." Before the person on the other end of the communication could complete their sentence, gulping sounds were heard in the room.

Endric had already swallowed the pill.

«"... Enhancement pills that have this kind of effect are dangerous for young mixedbloods such as yourself and also illegal, but the MBO won't be able to find out that you took such a pill. Every trace of it within you disappears the moment its activation period ends, and this one was created by our finest scientists, so the only side effect will be...»


Endric tapped the deactivation button and closed his fist.


The communication device was instantly smashed to pieces after he made that action.

"Enough of your yapping in my ears... It's time," Endric voiced out with a solemn tone as he turned around to leave his room.


In the hall of doom, Gustav still had Endric's neck in his grasp and his arm outstretched in front of the ledge of the dark hole.

Endric's battered and unconscious body hovered around seventy above the river of flames.

Gustav's fingers were slowly releasing from Endric's neck, and just as he was about to let go of Endric completely...


A strange wind suddenly started blowing across the place coming from Endric's being.

In the next instant...


Endric opened his eyes, revealing a set of blue irises and dark blue pupils that were bordering on purple.

They glowed with ominous light as he stared directly into Gustav's eyes.

Before the crowd could understand what was happening, a powerful force suddenly blasted out from Endric's being.

Shrrrrooouuuu~ Boom!

Gustav, who was hit at point-blank range by the blast, got sent crashing backward with intensity.

The entire hall vibrated due to this blast, and even some spectators were blasted backward.

The instructors quickly swooped in and protected the cadets from the energy of the blast.

Krrryyhhh! Krryyhh!

Lots of spectators had to move away from the ledge of the circular passageway due to some parts of the wall crumbling and falling into the river of flames.

As the intensity died down, everyone stared at the position where Endric was initially situated and found out that he was no longer there.

Instead, he was about two hundred feet behind, hovering above the river of flames while his eyes continued to glow the ominous light.

The immense pressure coming from him at this moment caused everyone's eyes to widen as they wondered what was going on.

This pressure was only felt when Gustav unleashed his most powerful attack back then in the display event, yet Endric was emitting this same pressure without even unleashing any attack.

Gustav, who was blasted backward earlier, pulled himself out of the new hole his body created after blasting into the end of the hole earlier.

'What was that?' Gustav asked internally with a confused expression.

("Things just got dangerous... Endric's energy level suddenly spiked... His current strength level is at the Echo rank...") The system announced.

'What? How is that possible?' Gustav asked internally with a tone of shock.

("I sensed a kind of...") Before the system could complete its statement, Gustav suddenly felt a strong tug.


It was so powerful and instantaneous that his entire being got pulled out of the hole with speed.

The instant he adjusted to what had just happened, he noticed a fist headed for his face upfront.

It wasn't actually headed for his face; his face was the one heading towards the incoming fist, which belonged to Endric.


A loud sound of collision rang out as Gustav was sent flying backward with his arms in an 'X' format.

Endric, who had just performed that attack, stretched out his hand again, causing Gustav's catapulting body to halt for a moment before pulling him towards his direction again.

Gustav was unable to react in time before he felt the tug on his body again and found himself travelling towards Endric once again.


Fists after fist were sent out as Endric continuously repeatedly this action, but Gustav was able to prevent himself from getting directly hit each time.

However, he was taking damage even though he was able to block the hits because each punch felt like a mountain was slamming into him, and he was unable to fight back because Endric's will had suddenly undergone a big transformation which was letting him control Gustav as he pleased.

Endric stopped Gustav's catapulting body and swung his hand towards the side.


Gustav repeatedly spiralled across the air before slamming into the side of a rocky wall.


Endric swung his palm again.


An invisible force crashed into Gustav's body the instant he slammed into the wall.

Endric repeated the same action.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The powerful force kept ramming into him, drilling him into the wall and causing it to crumble.

At this point, the crowd was astonished, wondering what was happening.

All this had happened in less than a minute, and it had been so quick that they could hardly follow what was happening.

Gustav felt the solid invisible wall slamming into him over and over again, causing bone-cracking sounds to ring out.

Blood oozed out of his mouth and nose as he quickly began to transform.


He quickly shot out sonic waves from his mouth to fend off the next telekinetic attack.


The collision was made as Endric's invisible force was stopped for a few seconds, but Gustav found it extremely hard to keep it up as the force kept pushing his sonic screams backward.

Gustav quickly pulled himself from the massive rectangular hole created in the wall due to Endric's force and leaped off it.


The force crashed into his initial position and caused debris to scatter all across the place.

Gustav's body that was currently in mid-air, increased in size.