The Bloodline System - Chapter 502: The End?

Chapter 502: The End?

Chapter 502: The End?

Gustav scoffed as he closed his eyes and transformed back into his normal form to reduce the weight on the platform.

'Six thousand feet distance...'

The spectators were still watching with looks of interest, wondering why Gustav closed his eyes.


"So foolish to assume I cannot get to your position just because of distance," Gustav voiced out as he opened his eyes.

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]

Gustav suddenly squatted with speed as his calves bulged with power before leaping forward.

Thooommm~ Grrhhboo~

The platform he was initially standing on blasted into pieces as his body shot forward like an asteroid flying across space.

Endric, along with the entire crowd, had shocked looks as Gustav crossed over four thousand feet in a manner of a few seconds.

Endric quickly activated his will again and sent a telekinetic force forward to knock Gustav down while in mid-air.

Gustav, at this point, already had the orbs floating around himself as he travelled forward.

He was only about five hundred feet away from Endric's position when he sensed the pressure coming from above.

Gustav controlled the orbs to surround his feet position and detonated them in the next instant.


A loud blasting sound reverberated across the place as Gustav's being was given another boost crossing the five hundred feet gap in nearly an instant.


His figure phased through the explosion behind like a phantom as he arrived in front of Endric, who was wide-eyed at this point.

Both their eyes made contact as Endric tried creating a telekinetic barrier in front of him as fast as he could while Gustav's right arm was already travelling forward.

Gustav's arm tore straight through the telekinetic barrier before it could form and grabbed hold of Endric's neck as he landed on the telekinetic board.


Endric made a loud choking sound as Gustav held him up while tightening his fist around his neck.

Before Endric could react to that, Gustav's left fist was already headed for his belly.


A loud sound reverberated across the place as bloodshot out of Endric's mouth the instant Gustav's fist drove into his gut.

Gustav pulled his arm back again and threw another punch forward while still holding onto Endric's neck.


Endric spat out blood again onto Gustav's face as he felt his internal organs getting pummeled.

Gustav wasn't even bothered about the blood as it rolled down his face.

Endric was still choking, and he was about to throw another one when he felt the telekinetic board underneath him getting unstable.

He instantly understood that dealing with Endric would cause the telekinetic board to disappear, and both of them would fall into the river of flames below.

"But I'm not done with you," Gustav muttered as he leaped off the telekinetic board with Endric still in his grasp.

He landed on a small rock in front that was floating above the river's surface of flames.


He drove another fist into Endric's chest, this time the instant he landed there before jumping off again.

His body travelled several hundred feet across the air and in the process...

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Endric received hits on his chest, face, gut, sides, and even ribs.

Gustav was finally reaching the end of the fiery river towards the south side.

He could see the rocky walls up ahead, which also extended to the top where some of the spectators were situated.

At this point, Endric's whole face was smeared with blood, along with his white uniform, which was currently blood red.

He was bleeding from almost every part of his body, including parts that Gustav didn't make contact with due to the force of Gustav's attack.

'His strength... I can't contend,' Endric had tried to break free many times and use his abilities. However, every time he tried, he was disrupted by Gustav's attack.

Every hit rocked his internal organs, making him feel immense pain.

He had almost passed out at this point and was left remembering his time with Officer Mag.

Gustav landed on another piece of a small rock. He leaped upwards with immense force while pushing Endric's body forward as they closed in on the rocky wall up ahead.

The spectators in that part of the hall quickly moved away in fright.


The entire place trembled intensely as Endric's body crashed into the wall creating a massive pit.

Gustav kept pushing him forward with the remaining force left from the leap, using his body to create a deeper hole within the wall and breaking through several hardened internal parts.

The tremors stopped after a few seconds, and everyone stared at the hole created within the wall from their positions.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The voices of the cadets could be heard in the background as they stared at the hole.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The loud sound of someone getting hit kept reverberating from the hole.

Those with great eyesight could see a little bit while others wondered what was happening now.

The instructors spectating as well all had looks of pity on their faces.

How else did anyone think this would go? Endric was smart enough to use the location to his advantage, but this was why Gustav was still known as the most powerful for a reason.

They could see Endric receiving more hits from Gustav within the hole.

Endric's eyes finally rolled to the back after vomiting a mouthful of blood once again.

Gustav threw him to the floor within the dark hole one more time and stomped his head into the ground before picking up his unconscious body.

He slowly walked towards the opening of the hole while pulling Endric by the neck.

Arriving at the ledge, he stretched out his hand in which Endric was in his grasp.

He stared at the river of liquid flames bubbling up beneath while holding Endric up a few feet in front of the ledge, ready to release him into the river of flames.


-One hour ago

«"...This pill will bring out your latent potential for two minutes, causing you to skip several levels. With this, you will be powerful enough to defeat even a senior class cadet as long as you utilize that time. However, it takes one hour to activate after consumption, and your bloodline potential will reduce by a step after this... If you don't want this one, you can also go for other options,"»

Endric listened to the voice coming from the communication device in front of him as he stood in the middle of his room with a red pill in his palm.

Creator's Thought

The battle ends in the next chapter... who do you think will come out on top?