The Bloodline System - Chapter 499: Conjuring Multiple Orbs

Chapter 499: Conjuring Multiple Orbs

Chapter 499: Conjuring Multiple Orbs

Before Gustav could think of a plan, the balls of liquid flames wrapped in Endric's will began to descend heavily from every direction.

Sweeei! Sweeei!

Each ball of liquid flames was the size of a fist and them shooting forward in multiple numbers made it even harder for them to be dodged.

Gustav started moving from place to place as he dodged the descent of these projectiles.

His body travelled in a zig-zag format as he did his best to avoid those that he could.

As Gustav jumped upwards to dodge a few, more of them arrived for him from above.

He spun severally in mid-air while stretching out his right hand with the milky-colored blade in his grasp.

Multiple balls were sliced in half as his body travelled in mid-air.

He swung the milky blade all around him with speed, clearing multiple balls of liquid flames headed towards him again.

Gustav started dashing towards the front while swinging his hand out with speed. His hand movements were blurry, so fast that in a single swing, over seven of these projectiles would be cleaved in half.

Atomic disintegration was powerful enough to make parts of the liquid flames that came into contact with it disappear.

While Gustav was making his way forward, Endric kept sending out more and more of these.

However, Gustav was so fast that even with the speed of these projectiles, he was able to see them in a slower motion and move in their midst while cutting them down.

Endric's plan was pretty smart. Knowing that he couldn't defeat Gustav in physical strength, he decided to stay as far away as he could while sending out long-range attacks to drain Gustav.

[Energy discharge has been activated]


Ripple-like energy suddenly blasted forth from Gustav's being into the surroundings, clearing the projectiles headed for him.

Gustav had a clear path in front of him at the moment and dashed forward properly.

His body transformed once again, turning dark as he grew ram horns out of his forehead with another pair of fangs.

He had added the demonic sonic bunny to his combination of transformation.


Gustav opened his mouth as he arrived back at the ledge of the platform causing sonic waves to blast out from them.

Endric quickly conjured a telekinetic barrier in front of him to block the sonic waves.


A loud blasting sound rang out as he was sent flying once again along with the barrier.

Gustav didn't stop; he continued on with the scream until Endric's telekinetic barrier shattered, and the energy knocked him flying once again after directly making contact with him.

Endric felt his head throbbing immensely as the scream not only affected his body but his mind too.

After blasting him across several hundred feet, Gustav's sonic scream was out of range, and he had to deactivate it.

Endric's body was still flying across the air as he spat out blood, and his eyes turned bloodshot.

His ears and head were ringing badly, and he was finding it hard to see due to his vision getting blurry.

As he reached the rising limit from the force of the blast, his body started descending once again.

Everyone's eyes focused on his descending body, and he could see blood dripping from his figure as he fell towards the surface of the river of flames.

The flames were so hot that his blood evaporated before even reaching the surface. Endric himself had some burn marks on his skin at the point due to nearly falling into it the other time.

And this time, it looked as if this was truly the end for him.

'I admit, you're truly more powerful than I am big brother... But I cannot let it end here,' Endric said Internally as he squinted his eyes forcefully and spread his hands.


He once again conjured another telekinetic board and fell on it.

As expected, this prevented him from falling into the river of flames.

Endric once again stood to his feet and stared at Gustav from his position far from the battle platform.

He was currently over a thousand feet away from the platform, standing in mid-air above the river of flames.

The spectators had to acknowledge Endric for doing this well so far. They thought it would be an easy battle for Gustav, especially since he could conjure an attack that could literally end everything in an instant. To their surprise, it wasn't quite so, and they didn't understand that Gustav couldn't use that attack in a battle like this because he would also be putting himself in harm's way.

"You can't get to me from here can you... This will be the end for you," Endric voiced out as he stretched both hands towards the river of flames again.

Everyone once again saw the outline of a circle on the surface of the river of flames. They instantly understood that Endric was using that powerful attack again.

Endric was right. From this position, Gustav's sonic screams couldn't reach that far, but Gustav had other alternatives, unlike what Endric thought.

Gustav raised his hand, and orbs began to appear all over the place around him.

[Gravitational Energy Container Bloodline Has Been Activated]

When everyone saw these orbs, they were first filled with shock, remembering the display event. The first thoughts that came to their minds were, 'He can create this many?' but then they noticed that this one seemed different from the one he had used on that day.

The energy orb Gustav used the other day was reddish and black in color, with purplish electric arcs swimming across its body, while the ones Gustav had just conjured were blueish and didn't look intimidating in any way.

This was because Gustav conjured a normal gravitational energy container orb that was currently empty without any energy.

Blue circles began to appear around Gustav's arms as flames appeared around his palm, which he began shooting into the balls.

These balls started storing the energy Gustav was inputting in them while Endric was also lifting the massive bowl of liquid flame from the pool underneath him.