The Bloodline System - Chapter 500: Space Cloning Will Form Projection

Chapter 500: Space Cloning Will Form Projection

Chapter 500: Space Cloning Will Form Projection

Gustav didn't waste any time. All fifty-seven orbs he conjured had both blueish and reddish colors at the moment as they floated further into the air.

Gustav raised his hand and swung it forward like a general telling his army to go forth into battle.

Endric eyes squinted even more as he saw the orbs charging towards him in mid-air.

He had raised the bowl of liquid flames several feet into the air already, but it wasn't enough.

Not wanting to be disturbed, he controlled his telekinetic board to move with his mind while still focusing on lifting the massive bowl of liquid flames.

Zwweeeeiiii! Zwweeeeiiii!

Endric moved out of the way, trying to dodge the first orb.

However, the moment it zoomed past him, what came next was an explosion.


The impact sent Endric flying towards the side as his will got disconnected from the massive bowl of liquid flames and began to fall back towards the river of flames.

The impact of the explosion of one orb only covered a radius of around fifty feet, so it wasn't powerful enough to seriously injure Endric. However, it disrupted his attack.

Endric quickly stabilized himself and conjured a telekinetic bubble-like barrier around him before stretching his hand in the direction of the massive falling bowl of flames.

"Hhhgghhh!" He groaned loudly as he wrapped his will around the liquid flames to prevent them from falling back into the river underneath.

The other orbs had arrived around him at the moment, and more explosions began to go off.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions slammed forcefully into Endric's telekinetic barrier but were unable to break through.

It was shaky on the inside, but Endric made sure to focus on lifting the massive bowl of liquid flames once again.

Veins popped out on his neck and arms as he raised them up with intensity.

He was determined to successfully drop this on the platform once again.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he made more orbs and sent them forward with speed.

They were both unrelenting.

However, in the next few seconds, Endric sensed his telekinetic bubble barrier cracking apart.

The massive ball of fiery liquid was already close to fifty feet in the air, but this still wasn't enough height.

Gustav swung his hand forward, sending about thirty more balls towards Endric's position. He made them surround Endric's barrier, covering up his vision completely.

Endric already knew that this attack would definitely cause his barrier to be destroyed, so he started activating an ability he had gained recently.

'Space cloning will form projection,' Endric closed his eyes as he said Internally.


His vision suddenly turned completely blue while his eyes were closed, and he began to see through his closed eyes.

From his line of sight, the entire environment was blue along with every living being.

His line of sight zoomed in on Gustav's position thousands of feet away. It was like having a flying camera type of vision as his line of sight arrived right behind Gustav.

At this point, Endric's barrier had been completely covered by the orbs, so within it was completely dark. It was at this moment that Gustav made them detonate once again.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Multiple explosions rang out all at once, this time destroying the barrier completely.

As the energy of the explosions cleared, Endric could be seen standing in place while closing his eyes.

Gustav swung two of his fingers forward, controlling the rest of the orbs in the vicinity to move towards the defenseless Endric.

However, at this moment, Gustav suddenly sensed something behind him.

He paused his attack as he tried moving out of the way, but he was too slow.


A blueish-colored dagger pieced into Gustav's left side in the process of trying to dodge.


The entire crowd was left shocked as they saw the glowing blue dagger lodged two inches into Gustav's side.

No one witnessed how it got there. They only saw it appear in Gustav's body.

'How didn't it go deeper?' Endric also had a look of shock on his face as he opened his eyes.

'This ability takes a lot of energy. I can't waste any time,' Endric decided not to dwell on that and continued lifting the massive bowl of flames upwards.

Gustav swung his hand as he turned around, but he didn't make contact with anything or anyone.

The bluish glowing dagger stabbed into his body disappeared into thin air in the next second, and blood flowed down, soaking that part of his uniform.

'That was quite the trick,' Gustav said Internally as he raised his guard and took a battle stance.

Suddenly he felt something a force from his right side.


As Gustav turned to the side, he got hit before he could stop it, causing his body to slide several feet backward.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he threw a kick forward, followed by a punch, and crouched down to do a leg sweep.

Even with all this, he didn't make contact with anything or anyone. It was like the force that hit him could make its presence appear and disappear at will.

It was so good that he wouldn't be able to sense it with his perception until it was only a centimeter away from making contact with him.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes to study the wave of energy in the air and use it to uncover the movement of this unknown and invisible force.

'Hmm?' Gustav was confused because all but he could see around him were glowing bluish lights that spread across the place.

Deactivated God Eyes he couldn't see these lights but activating them, he could see them everywhere around him.

He was literally basking in the glow of these blue lights, and he couldn't shake them off.

Gustav suddenly felt the strange force coming from his side again and turned around to swing forth his leg.

Knowing that he would still get hit since he decided to throw out his attack as well.

Bang! Bang!

Two sounds of collision rang out as Gustav managed to land a hit on the strange force a moment after he got hit.


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