The Bloodline System - Chapter 498: Using Terrain To Advantage

Chapter 498: Using Terrain To Advantage

Chapter 498: Using Terrain To Advantage

Gustav's body morphed as his muscles expanded, and he grew taller, with his skin tone turning red.

Red fur grew out of his skin as well, with big fangs.

He dashed forward diagonally towards Endric's position in the midst of his transformation.

Endric, who had noticed his approach, stretched apart both hands and clasped them together with force.

Gustav, who was dashing forward, halted his movement and stretched out both hands as he noticed two powerful invisible forces headed towards him from both sides.

It was like two massive walls closing in on him, looking to crush him in between.


A loud sound of collision rang out as Gustav stopped both invisible forces with his palms and started running forward once again while holding them in place.

Endric once again sent out another telekinetic attack towards Gustav, which he successfully destroyed. Suddenly, Gustav arrived in front of Endric with his fist swinging in motion.

Endric tried moving towards the side to dodge Gustav's attack, but it was too fast for him.


Gustav's large fist slammed into Endric's side, sending him flying into the air once again.


Endric felt his ribs crack as his body flew hundreds of feet backward across the air.


Everyone's eyes widened as they noticed Endric's body fly over the ledge of the battle platform and towards the red river of fire surrounding it.

His body still kept flying for several hundred feet before it started plummeting towards the burning sea of flames.

-"That was quite fast,"

-"I didn't expect the battle to be this quick,"

-"Gustav didn't even get serious yet there are a lot of transformations he hasn't used,"

-"I guess this is the end,"

The spectating cadets voiced out in the background as they watched Endric's body plummet towards the river of flames.

Endric suddenly opened his eyes just as he was ten feet away from making contact with the sea.


His eyes glowed up again as he spun in the air and stretched out his hand towards the surface of the river of flames.


Everyone's eyes widened as Endric's body paused two feet away from making contact with the flames.

His body could be seen suspended in mid-air.

Endric had made use of his telekinesis to create a floating board of will which he used to suspend himself above the river of flames.

He stood to his feet and stared at Gustav from his position atop the sea of flames.

Gustav slowly walked towards the ledge and stared back at Endric, who was about five hundred feet away, floating above the invisible board.

Endric's eyes squinted as he stretched out his hands towards the river of flames once again.


A weird sound reverberated across the place as everyone noticed a massive circle begin to form on the surface of the river of flames.

The circle outline turned deeper and deeper and continued to spread out, causing more liquid flames to flow into it.

Till it covered a span of over a thousand feet.

Endric started raising his hands.

"Hyyyaahhh," He groaned out as he lifted his hands.


The massive circle formed underneath started ascending along with the river of flames within it.

It was as if a bowl was dipped in to scoop out flames.

But in this case, the bowl was made of telekinetic energy and was so massive that the number of liquid flames being scooped up was bigger than the size of a building.

Everyone's mouth widened as they watched the river of flames being scooped up into the air by Endric's powerful will.

-"Just how powerful is his will for him to do that?"

Endric kept groaning while raising his hand, causing the massive telekinetic bowl of liquid flames to keep rising till it was hovering above, in front of the battle platform.

Everyone could feel the intense heat of the bowl of flames from their position since it was currently floating about fifty feet above the river.

The massive hole created after Endric pulled that out was slowly being filled up. 

Endric gave Gustav an intent-filled glare as he swung his hand downwards with force.


The massive bowl of flames began to descend with speed towards the platform.

It would have cast a massive shadow, but it was flaming hot and burning red, so instead, the heat surrounding the platform increased as it descended.

Gustav turned around and dashed away to avoid the wrath of the river of flames descending upon the platform.

Swwoooooosshh! Bang!

He managed to outrun it and get out of its range of collision before it slammed onto the platform.

Intense heatwave spread across the vicinity along with shock ripples causing the entire platform to vibrate intensely.

Gustav paused and turned around as he noticed the destructive ripple headed for him.

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

A three-foot-long milky-colored blade was conjured in his hand, which he swung forward with full force.


He completely cleaved the ripple in half, but the heatwaves turned his skin flaming hot.

[Heat Resistance Has Been Activated]

Gustav instantly activated Heat Resistance, causing the temperature of the surroundings to reduce for himself.


As his red skin returned to normal, he noticed the cracks that were spreading across the platform.

Endric's attack had weakened the platform significantly, and it looked as if it would split apart any minute.

Gustav hadn't even gotten time to stabilize himself from the previous attack when he noticed numerous balls of liquid flames floating in mid-air.

Zuum! Zuum! Zuum! Zuum!

Thousands and thousands of them appeared in mid-air surrounding Gustav and Endric.

Endric still had his arms raised slightly as he stared in Gustav's direction from up ahead.

'So, this is how you've decided to play it. Quite clever,' Gustav said Internally while still staring at Endric.

Endric seemed to be comfortable standing in mid-air, far from his reach.

Fwwiiihhh! Fwwhii! Fwwii!

Before Gustav could think of a plan, the balls of liquid flames wrapped in Endric's will began to descend heavily from every direction.