The Bloodline System - Chapter 497: Maybe It's Time To Get A Little More Serious

Chapter 497: Maybe It's Time To Get A Little More Serious

Chapter 497: Maybe It's Time To Get A Little More Serious

Gustav raised one of his legs and pushed it in front of the other, forcefully pushing the wave backward, which caused Endric's eyes to widen slightly in surprise.

Gustav began cutting through the waves with sheer force and arched back his left hand before throwing it forward intensely.


His fist made him cut through the waves of will completely, and he dashed forward while activating dash afterward.

Endric gnashed his teeth and swung his hands diagonally, causing more compressed fiery balls to be sent flying towards Gustav again.

Sweei! Sweei! Sweeiii 

Gustav once again dodged all incoming projectiles, leaping towards the side and upwards to make sure none of them made contact with him.

Even while dodging them, due to the immense heat, he could still feel his skin getting cooked.

Three were flying towards him from the sides and upfront at the same time. 

Endric had timed them so perfectly that dodging was nearly impossible.


The first one arrived in front of him.

Gustav leaned backward, causing his back to be only a few inches away from making contact with the battle platform.

While the first one was flying over his body due to how low he descended, the other two were already close to hitting him from the side.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

Both compressed liquid fire projectiles headed towards him from the side suddenly slowed down. He spun his body sideways and slapped his hand on the ground, causing his body to ascend upwards.


He completely spun several times in the air as he flew over the flaming projectile on the left and landed a few hundred feet in front.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]


Gustav instantly closed the gap between Endric and himself before sending a palm strike towards him as he arrived in front of him.

Endric quickly conjured a wall of will in front of himself to use as a shield.


A loud sound of collision reverberated across the entire place as Gustav's palm made contact with the telekinetic wall, which managed to stop his attack from hitting Endric.

However, even with the wall placed in front of him, Endric was still blasted backward along with the wall, causing him to slide back by over a hundred feet.

It didn't get destroyed due to the strength of Endric's will, but the force of Gustav's palm strike still caused him to be blasted backward along with it.

Gustav didn't stop there. He dashed forward once again, throwing out his palm repeatedly.

[Palm Strike Has Been Activated]

[Palm Strike Has Been Activated]

[Palm Strike Has Been Activated]

Palm strike multiplied the force of Gustav's palm collision by six times which was why it was so powerful that with every hit, an intense wind would be blasted across the surroundings from the point of impact.

Endric gritted his teeth as he noticed the cracks on his telekinetic wall and raised his hand.

Gustav suddenly felt a powerful force descending upon him from above and leaped backward.


A loud sound of collision rang out as the platform vibrated intensely. It swayed from place to place, causing hot liquid fire to be blasted forth from the river around them.

The outline of a massive palm appeared where Gustav's initial location had been.

It turned out that Endric had conjured a massive invisible palm and sent it crashing down on Gustav.

Gustav, after dodging by jumping back, dashed forward once again with speed.

This time Endric's eyes emitted a deep blue glow as he squeezed his right hand together, forming a fist, before throwing it forward.


The ground started being blasted apart in a straight line as a massive invisible fist, shaped with Endric's will, travelled forward.

Gustav could sense that it was at least the size of a small plane.

Endric arched his arm backward with full force and threw his fist forward.


Small and big forces collided, but unlike what one would expect, Gustav wasn't blasted backward. Instead, Endric's will collapsed like a fragile piece.

Endric's eyes widened once again, seeing as Gustav was overpowering his will like it was nothing.

Gustav once again dashed forward and arrived in front of Endric like before.

Endric shifted backward and stretched out his hand to wrap his will around Gustav.

'Not this time kid,' Gustav said Internally as he began increasing in size.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Gustav increasing in size made it harder for Endric to wrap his will around him and also took a long time.

Gustav's fist arrived in front of Endric at this moment, striking him square in the chest.


Endric's chest caved in as the force of Gustav's punch sent him spiraling across the air.

Gustav jumped upwards, travelling towards his spiralling body in mid-air, and somersaulted forward several times before landing on Endric's chest.

Endric's spiralling body paused in mid-air as Gustav's landing on his chest caused him to descend with speed.


Another loud collision rang out as Gustav completely pinned Endric to the platform while standing on his chest with both legs.

They were only a few feet from the ledge of the platform at the moment.


Endric suddenly screamed out, causing a wave of destructive telekinetic force to blast forth from his being.

Gustav made an 'X' sign with his arms as the force knocked him off Endric, throwing him backward by a few hundred feet.

Endric used that opportunity to quickly jump to his feet and clean the blood oozing from his nose.

He was hardly injured due to the protective layer of telekinetic armor he wore all across his body. Maintaining this armor took up energy, but it had protected him from the full force of Gustav's punches, so he knew it was useful.

He screamed out again as he stomped his feet on the ground sending another set of destructive telekinesis waves forward.

Gustav, at this time, was already prepared for it, so he leaped over five hundred feet towards the side, dodging the wave.

'Maybe it's time to get a little more serious,' Gustav said Internally as he began to transform.