The Bloodline System - Chapter 496: Gustav And Endric's Final Battle Begins

Chapter 496: Gustav And Endric's Final Battle Begins

Chapter 496: Gustav And Endric's Final Battle Begins

"He's here,"

-"Oh, my goodness he looks as dreamy as ever,"

-"See those eyes... I can't believe he will be brutally murdering his little brother today,"

All kinds of discussion could be heard from the background as Gustav walked in.

Gustav arrived inside the hall and instantly felt warmth envelope his being.

Although the outside of the hall was extremely cold, there was a massive ring of fire within.

The inside of the hall looked similar to a rocky cave. The walls and the ground were all ashy in color and rough in a rocky way.

There were pathways on the side that formed a kind of circle. The circular pathways that extended around the internal structure of the hall were not very big and had ledges.

In the middle was a massive pit of fire and lava that kept combusting.

Fwwooomm! Fhmmmm!

Occasionally pillars of fire would burst out from the pit in the middle. It was up to a hundred feet deep, and everyone could see the hot red sea of fire from their positions.

In the middle of the river of flames was a battle platform floating on top of it.

Everyone would have to watch from the circular pathways that surrounded the pit of fire, and since the pathways weren't very big, not too many people could fit in here.

This was where the heat was coming from. It was quite amazing that there was a river of fire within a pit in this cold region.

No one understood how the hall of doom was constructed.

The battle platform in the middle covered a radius of over five thousand feet, but the river of fire surrounding it was way larger.

Gustav arrived at one of the ledges and stared at the platform floating from place to place across the hot flamy river.

Everyone around kept focusing on him. The flaming lava river was extremely hot and would burn anything or anyone caught within in a manner of seconds. The platform was also floating, so the battle was looking more dangerous than ever.

However, Gustav already knew this.


He leaped from his standing position towards the platform beneath.


His body travelled downwards across the river of flames before landing directly on the floating platform.


Part of the liquid flames jumped up due to the impact, but the floating platform only moved to the side a bit.

Gustav controlled his landing properly so it wouldn't really cause any effect.

He stood in place, waiting for Endric to show up.

It was almost twelve pm at this point. Several instructors could be seen in the vicinity. They had to be here to spectate as expected.

The instant it was twelve noon, Endric arrived within the hall.

-"I thought he wasn't going to show up,"

-"This kid really signed his death warrant,"

-"Who knows he might put up a good fight,"

-"Remember he still has an unknown bloodline grade... He might be S rank and the terrain is also to his advantage,"

Endric also disregarded the discussions in the background like Gustav and leaped downwards the moment he arrived at one of the ledges.


His body travelled towards the battle platform, and when he arrived above it, his body slowly descended as he activated his telekinesis.

Endric smoothly landed on the platform and stared forward at Gustav, who was more than two hundred feet away from his position.

"Both parties have consented to this battle... There are no restrictions, no form of punishment shall be meted out for usage of styles, weapons or gadgetry..." One of the instructors voiced out from above.

"The battle ends when one of the two parties has lost their lives or if both parties pass out!" The entire vicinity became quiet at this point, as that was mentioned.

Angy stood in the midst of Glade and Matilda with a worried expression on her face. She could only hope that things would turn out well.

E.E and the others also watched from their position, but they didn't look worried in any way. Officer Mag was also present here, but she had a look of helplessness on her face because, at this point, there was no way to help the situation.

Gustav and Endric stared at each other intensely as they prepared to start the battle.


The instant the go-ahead was given, Endric stretched out both of his hands while activating his bloodline.


Chunks of flaming lava wrapped in the power of will were suddenly pulled out of the river of flames surrounding them.

Gustav dashed forward at this point as Endric raised his hand up and flung them down, sending these massive balls of flames hurling towards Gustav's approaching figure.

Fwwhii! Fwwhii! Fwwhii!

The temperature surrounding Gustav, which was already very hot, turned even more scorching hot as these balls of flames flew towards him.

Sweii! Sweeeiiii! Sweeiii!

Gustav first paused his movement and quickly swerved to the side to dodge the first one.


It made a loud sound of collision as it hit the platform, causing liquid flames to blast across the place.

At this point, Gustav was busy dodging the next ones.

He jumped to the side and spun in the air as he dodged two flame projectiles heading towards him from separate directions.

Jumping in the air, Gustav dodged three more and closed in the distance between himself and Endric by another hundred feet.

However, the instant he landed, Endric seemed to have already predicted his landing spot and sent out a compressed wave of will towards him.


Several rocks on the platform blasted apart as this wave crashed forward with immense force arriving in front of Gustav in an instant.

Gustav raised his right hand and placed it in front of him since he was unable to dodge it at point blank.


A loud sound of collision rang out as Gustav was pushed back with his clothes ripping from his body while cracked lines appeared underneath his feet due to getting shifted backward forcefully.

Gustav suddenly smirked as he raised one leg up and forcefully stomped it downwards.

The instant this action was made, the compressed waves came to a stop.

Gustav raised one of his legs and pushed it in front of the other, forcefully pushing the wave backward, which caused Endric's eyes to widen slightly in surprise.