The Bloodline System - Chapter 495: Receiving A Package

Chapter 495: Receiving A Package

Chapter 495: Receiving A Package

'Almost 10% for the past three weeks?? Just how powerful is that dude,' Gustav felt like progress had been really sluggish recently due to this.

Even though he could still feel the improvement of his strength with every training, achieving 10% had been an impossible task for the last three weeks.

He closed the system interface and continued on with his training.

Days went by, and the tension created by Gustav's and Endric's incoming battle still hadn't reduced. Instead, the hype increased daily.

After hearing about it, Officer Mag had tried speaking to Endric several times, but he didn't give her a chance. Same as Angy, the both of them could feel like there was something wrong somewhere.

Instructors and officers sent by the higher-ups to try and prevent the battle between the two ended up failing as well.

The MBO was not willing to lose any of these two because they both had the highest potential among all other first-year cadets.

They could more or less already predict the outcome of the battle since Gustav was currently number one. 

Endric was only twelve years old, yet he was among the most powerful special class cadets. By the time he had achieved the same age as the current first years, they could only guess how powerful he would be then.

This would only happen if he lived long enough, but right now, it wasn't looking that way. They couldn't really do anything about it since Gustav and Endric had refused to listen to reason.

The only way out now is if both of them passed out in the middle of and the chances of that situation playing out is less than ten percent.


During the week, Gustav received a package from the outside world.

The officer that brought it to his door had a respectful gaze and bowed slightly when passing it along to him.

Gustav slowly opened the box and found a stack of paper prints within.

However, there was a letter above the stack of paper prints.

The instant Gustav spotted the name on the letter, a broad smile appeared on his face.

"Miss Aimee... Finally," Gustav muttered underneath his breath with a joyful look.

He first took the letter out of the box and moved towards one of the sofas to take a seat.

«"Hey kid, I won't ask how you're doing because I already heard of the ruckus you've caused in camp.

Good one, make sure you deal with nuisances mercilessly.

I compiled a report from several outer planetary officers about the planet Humbad in the Trixtan galaxy.

The delay was due to the situation with the T67 device. A lot of crazy stuff has happened in the last six months, but I won't mention them in this letter. I'm still on the investigation, but there has been a lot of revelations.

Red shadow is working with me for now. You can meet up with him when you're out of camp for your first mission.

I rigged your mission so expect to see me soon. 

If you have an important message to pass along to me, use the device in the box."


Gustav read the entire message with a smile on his face.

'The T67 device... Looks like they're still on that case and she rigged my first mission? Does this mean I might get sent to deal with the case she's working on? But didn't the inspectors say my first mission is going to be low ranked?' Gustav was still confused about that particular sentence.

There was no way the MBO would send a first-year cadet on a mission with pros that were practically dealing with a very difficult mission.

Since he couldn't wrap his head around it, Gustav decided not to overthink for now.

He stood back up and moved towards the box to take out the stacks of paper prints.

There were at least three hundred papers stacked upon each other in two places.

Gustav brought them both out and stared at the bottom of the box, which was almost empty.

A small square-shaped blue device could be seen at the corner of the bottom.

This was the same device Miss Aimee was referring to that Gustav could use in sending a message to her.

Gustav could immediately tell that this device was powerful enough to send a message that would be transmitted outside of camp.

He turned around to move back to the seating area in a bid to ignore the device.

But he suddenly stopped as a thought appeared in his mind.

Gustav turned around again and reached out to grab the device from the box.

He immediately tapped the activation button afterward and started speaking, "Miss Aimee..."


-One week later

Just like that, a week went by, and the day for Gustav's and Endric's deathmatch finally arrived.

Their battle had been scheduled to hold at twelve pm, so there would still be normal training activities.

The entire camp was in an uproar because this was a battle they couldn't miss.

However, the hall of doom was a place that couldn't accommodate everyone, so only those who arrived early would be able to witness the battle on a closer scale.

The training sessions went by in a flash like time was moving two times quicker today.

Gustav was accompanied by E.E, Aildris, and the rest when it was close to twelve pm.

E.E just opened a vortex up for them, and they instantly arrived in front of the hall of doom.

The hall of doom was located in a secluded part of the MBO camp where only snowy lands could be seen.

It was an ice-cold region with lots of snowy mountains and white trees.

The hall of doom just happened to be located at the top of a massive glacier.

It looked like a tower with the way it extended upwards.

Many cadets were trooping towards the location, and some had already arrived inside.

The entrance was currently crowded, but the instant Gustav was spotted, the crowd made way for him.