The Bloodline System - Chapter 494: Certified Death Match

Chapter 494: Certified Death Match

Chapter 494: Certified Death Match

«"These men, after beating up both your parents half-dead, will also rape your mother thirty-seven times each... After taking those turns, they will gut them both and watch them bleed out... Oh, and mind you, all these will be recorded and sent to you. I hope you enjoy watching gory movies..."»

After saying this, Yung Jo disappeared as the holographic footage turned dark.

At this point, Endric was seething with so much rage that the room walls began to vibrate. The objects in the room all started floating upwards along with his bed.

"YUNG JO! I'LL KILL YOU!" Endric voiced out with a voice full of killing intent as his eyes turned completely blue.

As Endric started to get consumed by rage, the footage suddenly came back up.

«"Of course, all these can be prevented if you accept Gustav's death challenge... If you're scared of losing, I will provide you with the best cheat mechanism which will ensure you kill Gustav once and for all,»

After saying this, the footage displayed his parents again from every angle before disappearing.

This time the holographic message had ended for real.

Endric's mind was in a state of confusion at the moment. He remembered Officer Mag's words about how his parents were mostly the cause of his bad personality and Gustav's pain.

He had come to this realization already...

'But they are still my parents... I can't let them suffer this fate,'


The next day arrived, and as usual, the cadets went for their morning routine.

Only two weeks remained before Gustav left for his first mission at this point.

Which meant he only had this week and a few days from the next before his death match with Endric would either be cancelled or held.

At this point, even though it was still being gossiped about, everyone already pushed it aside because they knew without Endric's acceptance, the battle couldn't hold.

Gustav had decided that he would have a discussion with Endric after today's morning routine.

He was still finding it hard to believe that Endric was changing, but he wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt due to what he had seen the past week.

After the morning routine ended, Gustav walked over to Endric as planned.

"Let's talk," Gustav demanded while turning around with the intention to head to somewhere private.

"There's no need... We have nothing to say to each other," Endric suddenly voiced out from behind.

"Hmm?" Gustav's face showed confusion as he turned around.

"What do you mean? You said you have something to say to me, I'm giving you the chance to do that now," He added with a strong tone.

"Not anymore I don't..." Endric responded with a strong tone as well.

Both of them stared at each other with intensity. At this point, everyone around was focusing on them both once again.

Gustav was wondering what Endric was playing at as he scrutinized him with a suspicious gaze.

"I have accepted your challenge, we will have our death battle next week as intended," Endric stated before turning to the side and walking away.

"Are you sure?" Gustav asked, causing him to pause his footsteps.

"Isn't this what you wanted? Don't tell me you're chickening out now Gustav?" A sadistic grin appeared on Endric's face as he turned to the side and spoke.

"Looks like you finally decided to drop the act... I guess it was too tiring for a little kid to keep up a facade," Gustav smirked while turning around.

"You can count on getting destroyed next week," Endric voiced out before resuming walking.

Gustav totally ignored his last statement and started walking towards his room.

'Almost fell for it... At least now I won't feel any form of uncertainty when tearing you to pieces with my own hands,' Gustav said internally as he moved towards his room.

No one noticed the slight look of pain on Endric's face as he walked away.

The entire issue got blown up again, causing an uproar all across camp.

The cadets were all talking about how the number of special class cadets would go down by one in a week from now.

Most of them wondered what Endric was smoking for him to challenge Gustav, who was currently number one and was being compared to seniors.

Angy, who had witnessed what happened, had a look of confusion on her face.

She had a chat with Endric last week, and Endric told her he had no intentions of accepting the deathmatch challenge.

This had made her calm down, but now Endric was admitting to accepting it and seemed to have so much animosity towards Gustav once again.

She decided to go after Endric to confront him about the decision, but there was literally no way out now that both parties had accepted the challenge.

Gustav later got feedback about the challenge from the challenge hall, which confirmed that Endric had truly accepted.

Their deathmatch would be held a week from now.

Gustav was not even bothered in the slightest about how the match was going to turn out. He couldn't see any way through which Endric could defeat him.

("Don't be too cocky... You know that kid definitely wouldn't just accept the challenge without having anything up his sleeves. No one just walks to their own death, you better be careful,") The system voiced out when Gustav was channeling his bloodline.

'Sure I will... But no matter what he has up his sleeves I will end him this time for good,' Gustav responded internally with a cold look.

After channeling his bloodline for two hours, he decided to check his five years quest progress.



[Locate Dimension six in planet Humbad]


[Five years]

[Time Elapsed: Seven Months]

[Progress: 0.12/100%]


[Become The Most Powerful Mixedblood On Earth]


[Five years]

[Time Elapsed: Seven months]

[Progress: 9.9/100%]



He was sorely focusing on his progress on becoming the most powerful mixedblood on earth right now.

'Almost 10% for the past three weeks... Just how powerful is that dude?' Gustav felt like progress had been really sluggish recently due to this.